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3-time NHRA champion, Larry Dixon, will race alongside Rapisarda Autosport International team-mates, Damien Harris and Wayne Newby, at the 50th anniversary Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway.
“Anytime you get a phone call from Santo to race for the family team is an honour and privilege," said Dixon, who last raced for RAI at Sydney Dragway in November 2016. “Santo has assembled a great team with all the right equipment and crew, as well as having Lee Beard on board to tune the car for the meeting. I’m also excited to be returning to race at Willowbank.”
With RAI star Wayne Newby needing only to qualify to win the 2016-17 400 Thunder Championship, the team travels to Willowbank Raceway with three goals in mind. To claim the 400T title, take out back-to-back Winternationals titles and be the first team in Australian drag racing history to run under the 4.50 second barrier.
The current record of 4.503 was set by Dixon at Willowbank Raceway in 2012.
“We’ve been knocking on the door for the last 12 months and I think the Winternationals could see the record broken and the first pass under 4.50 seconds,” according to team-owner Santo Rapisarda. “To many involved in the sport it’s the next frontier in Top Fuel and I think that all the teams entered for the Winters would want to be the first into the record book. I’m quietly confident that one of our cars could break the barrier. Who it will be? I don’t know. All three of our cars are capable, as well as Darren Morgan and Kelly Bettes in the Lamattina entry. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Firstly we want to win the Winternationals and having Larry in the third car, our hopes have received a major boost.”
A sub 4.50 sec. run holds great significance for Dixon who made NHRA history when he became the first driver to crack the barrier running a 4.486 at Houston in 1999.
“A 4.40 run is in our sights,” said Dixon. “All three Rapisarda tuners - Santo Junior, Santino and Lee - would all love to run under the current record and dip into the 4.40 zone. If the conditions are right, and that means an air temperature around 20C and track temperature in the vicinity of 21C-27C, then you could see history made.”

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BISHOP SHOWS PROMISE PRIOR TO WINTERNATIONALS http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/bishop-shows-promise-prior-to-winternationals

Designing and manufacturing Jewellery by day and tinkering with his Supercharged V8 Pro Slammer at night, it is a balancing act for CEO of Wallace Bishop Jewellers, Stuart Bishop as he prepares for this year’s 50th Winternationals sponsored by Gulf Western Oils and Ipswich City Council.


Stuart Bishop Racing is revving up the new immaculate Camaro Pro Slammer in preparation for this year’s Winternationals hosted at Willowbank Raceway on June 8-11, piloted by Mr. Bishop himself it will be an exciting event to see not only a celebration of 50 years of drag racing but also to see what Bishop and his new car is capable of on the Willowbank track.


"I can’t wait to hit the track in the new Pro Slammer, it’s a whole new setup and learning curve but we are not racing to come second” Mr. Bishop said. 


The car is a work of art with carbon fibre every which way you look and even the little things manufactured in house by head crew chief Daniel Reed son of the famous Steve Reed and grandson of one of the innovators in Drag Racing Jim Reed. "If it needs to be made or we want to try something new Daniel designs it and make it happen, hopefully giving us that little edge we are all chasing for" said Bishop.


Being the big Five-O it is a chance to celebrate what is known as the jewel in the Australian drag racing calendar, the Winternationals. Over the 4 days, 500 racers will take part in the festivities with thousands of drag racing fans traveling from all over the country and also from around the globe to see what is the biggest drag racing event outside of North America.


For full information on the event head to www.willowbankraceway.com.au


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Up Close And Personal - Kelly Bettes http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/up-close-and-personal---kelly-bettes

Street machine sits down with Australia's newest top fuel pilot. 


Full interveiw here : https://www.streetmachine.com.au/street-machine-tv/1705/kelly-bettes-to-race-for-lamattina-top-fuel-video

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Summerland 10 Spot http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/summerland-10-spot

sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) Summerland airstrip andra casino drag racing rural http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/summerland-10-spot Sun, 22 Jun 2014 12:05:16 GMT
THE 47th WINTERNATIONALS http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/the-47th-winternationals

sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) 47th Doorslammer Fuchs Fuel Queensland Top Winternationals andra willowbank http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/the-47th-winternationals Mon, 09 Jun 2014 12:50:05 GMT
X CHAMPS PHOTO BLOG http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/5/x-champs-photo-blog

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SANTOS SUPER 3 THE PEOPLE http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-the-people

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SANTOS SUPER 3 10 POST SAT http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-10-post-sat

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SANTOS SUPER 3 10 - POST http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-10---post

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APSA SHOOTOUT TESTING 10 - SPOT http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/apsa-shootout-testing-10---spot A huge day of testing out at Willowbank raceway in preparation for tomorrow's Australian Pro Street Association Shootout. On track from 10am racing from 2:30pm into the evening. This is one event not to miss out on.. Make sure your trackside!!     

sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) 10.5 APSA Nos Shootout Turbo Willowbank http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/apsa-shootout-testing-10---spot Fri, 21 Mar 2014 11:22:30 GMT
JAMBOREE SYDNEY 10 - SPOT http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jamboree-sydney-10---spot

sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) Jamboree blog drag photos sydney turbo wsid http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jamboree-sydney-10---spot Mon, 17 Mar 2014 08:10:17 GMT
PISTON V ROTARY BATTLE SET TO HEAT UP AT SYDNEY JAMBOREE THIS WEEKEND http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/piston-v-rotary-battle-set-to-heat-up-at-sydney-jamboree-this-weekend
When the Sydney Jamboree hits Sydney Dragway this Saturday 15 March it will play host to the first stanza of a growing piston versus rotary battle courtesy of the Factory Xtreme bracket, which will be sponsored at the Jamboree by Precision Turbo and Engine.
Hitting the track will be Collin Willshire, George Rehayem, Jason Both, Mark Jacobsen, Milos Paviovic, Scott Porter, Joe Signorelli, Archie Kajewski and Zoran Gajic aboard state-of-the-art drag racing machines which epitomise the latest in technology and development. 
Factory Xtreme Committee Member Willshire said this weekend’s Sydney Jamboree is set to a ‘fast and furious’ battle for racers and spectators alike.
“Everyone loves a good rivalry – it builds excitement and virtually guarantees on-track action,” said Willshire.
“The Factory Xtreme class is all about excitement, bringing the ultimate in drag racing technology in the cars loved by today’s generation together with committed and talented racers to create edge of your seat battles.
“With everything from Nissan GTRs and Toyota Celicas to Mazda 6s and Mitsubishi Eclipses, Factory Xtreme is guaranteed to thrill at the Sydney Jamboree this weekend.” 
As round one of the 2014 Factory Xtreme Series, the Sydney Jamboree represents the first ‘full flight’ competitive hit-out for Brisbane racer Jacobsen and his new Nissan GTR Twin Turbo V6 VR 38 engine combination.
“About five months ago we hit the track for the final round of Factory Xtreme as part of the APSA event, the numbers were good but we didn’t want to push it that early on,” said the 43 year old who is the owner of Godzilla Motorsport.
“When we get underway this Saturday I am pretty confident the bugs will be all shook out so we can really push ahead with the car and chase some results. 
“As far as the piston versus rotary rivalry goes, it is a great thing for the sport as it creates some excitement and that is what this class is all about – for me, I want to win whether I am racing a rotary or a piston, so at the end of the day I am just going to go for it!” 
The Precision Turbo and Engine Factory Xtreme action will kick off at the Sydney Jamboree on Saturday 15 March with two rounds of qualifying at 10.00am and 12.00pm ahead of three rounds of racing from 3.00pm and finals from 8.30pm. For more information including entry lists and event schedules, please visit www.jamboree.com.au or www.factoryxtreme.com.au 
Factory Xtreme is a Sport Compact Drag Racing category open to post-2000 full chassis drag vehicles with a maximum wheelbase of 115 inches powered by a 4-cyl, 6-cyl, two-rotor or three-rotor engine. Representing the ultimate in drag racing technology and development both in terms of horsepower and application, the category boasts several national and world record holders and is steadily growing. 
In 2014 the Factory Xtreme Series will be held over five rounds, commencing this weekend at the Sydney Jamboree before journeying on to Willowbank Raceway for the FUCHS Winternationals (5-8 June) and the Brisbane Jamboree (30 August) and Calder Park Raceway (11 October) before returning to Sydney for the finale during November. For the latest on the Series, please visit www.factoryxtreme.com.au 
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‘THE HOF’ TO MAKE FLYING VISIT FOR QDRC OUTLAWS OPENER THIS WEEKEND http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/-the-hof-to-make-flying-visit-for-qdrc-outlaws-opener-this-weekend The commitment of drag racer Chris ‘The Hof’ Van’t Hof will be without question this weekend, with the Roma hotel owner set to knock-off work at around 4.00am Saturday before hopping on a plane to compete that same day at Willowbank Raceway’s round two of the QLD Drag Racing Championship.
The Saturday 15 March event will be the first outing for the new-for-2014 Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket in which ‘The Hof’ – owner of Roma’s Club Hotel Motel and The Zone nightclub - will contest his striking Team M2 ’63 Corvette
Unfortunately for the 42 year old, the event coincides with a large event in The Zone Nightclub at his hotel, requiring the former President of Roma’s Ironbark Raceway to stay on until the wee hours before flying down to Ipswich to indulge his passion. 
“While I live in Roma, this year we have relocated the M2 team to be ten minutes away from Willowbank Raceway with a commitment to really getting behind the local events and especially the QLD Drag Racing Series,” said ‘The Hof’, who was runner-up to team-mate Luke Marsden in his rookie year of the ANDRA Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Series in 2013 (Supercharged Outlaws bracket). 
“Unfortunately it seems that almost all the QDRC dates for my race bracket coincide with major events on my business calendar, but I won’t be letting that get in the way of being on track if I can help it.
“My awesome team of Luke Marsden and Toby Rice at M2 will be heading to the track early to get everything set-up so I can fly in that morning, catch some quick ‘Zs’ and then hop in the car for what I am betting is going to be a great day at the track.”
The event will be the first for the new-for-2014 Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws class, which allows turbocharged and nitrous-powered vehicles to join supercharged vehicles in one action-packed bracket.
“The new format presents, in my opinion, a fantastic opportunity for the sport of drag racing and racers like me to really start to grow again with new challenges and increased competition meaning interesting action for racers and spectators,” said the long-time racer who will compete alongside team-mate Luke Marsden in the bracket this Saturday.
“My team and I will be doing everything we can to support the new bracket as we really want to see it prosper and develop with more and more cars and spectators turning up at the track to see a great show.”
While QDRC Outlaws is a core-focus the M2 team currently, there are some big plans on the horizon.
“I have been in and around the sport of drag racing for something like 15 years, and last year Luke Marsden and I made a commitment to the ANDRA sportsman national series and after travelling to every round some 31,000 kilometres later we were able to come away with the top two spots – for me in my rookie year in the Outlaws bracket to snatch that second place was pretty amazing,” said ‘The Hof’, who was quick to attribute his success so far to the dedication of Marsden and Rice as well as the support of sponsors like Club Hotel Motel Roma, The Zone Nightclub and Roma Tilt Trays and his family, including wife Deb and father Nik. 
“My line of work can be extremely high pressure and stressful, so people often think it’s funny that the way I relax is to go and climb into a very high-pressure race vehicle and barrel down the track at more than 220 miles per hour, but for me it is a valuable way to relax and switch off from the demands of my business. 
“I am very privileged to be able to do what I do and to race with guys like Luke Marsden and Toby Rice, we only want to be very professional in what we do and we do it right, or not at all. 
“Together we are set on getting out there and getting great results while having a ball of fun, and at the same time we always have our eye on the next step-up for the team.
“Currently we are focusing on a planned step-up to Top Doorslammer for myself in 2015, with the goal to have both myself and Luke competing in the professional group one ranks in the near future while also keeping up our involvement in the Outlaws scene. 
“While that is the long-term goal, for now we are focusing on getting to as many Willowbank Raceway events as possible and doing the absolute best we can to win events and set down good times – Luke has just finished fixing my gear box after I tore it up in the final of the recent Nostalgia Drags event and with that all sorted I am pretty confident I can run some quick times this weekend.” 
Joining Van’t Hof and his fellow Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws competitors on track for this Saturday’s  QDRC round will be competitors across the QDRC SuperComp, QDRC Comp Bike, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas categories. Gates will open at 9.00am with qualifying from 1.00pm to 5.00pm and all racing from 5.00pm.
Entries are available online at www.willowbankraceway.com.au and will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 March 2014, while spectator entry is available at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, and children aged 13 and under gain free entry. For full event information, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au 
This weekend’s QDRC event will be the second of four events being held at Willowbank Raceway during the month of March, with the ever-popular Australian Pro Street Association’s Pro Street Shootout (22 March 2014) and round three of the Street Series (29 March) still yet to come. 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
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JETT RACING PRIVATE HIRE 10 - SPOT http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jett-racing-private-hire-10---spot

sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) extreme factory hire jamboree jett march private racing turbo willowbank http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jett-racing-private-hire-10---spot Thu, 06 Mar 2014 00:03:40 GMT
PRO STREET POWER TO DRIVE MAD MARCH AT WILLOWBANK RACEWAY http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/pro-street-power-to-drive-mad-march-at-willowbank-raceway
With round two of the Street Series run and won at Queensland’s premier drag racing facility at the weekend, ‘mad March’ at Willowbank Raceway is well and truly underway.
The month of March will host no less than four events at the Ipswich venue, with two rounds of the Street Series (1 March and 29 March), and back-to-back events with round two of the Queensland Drag Racing Championship (QDRC – 15 March) and the ever-popular Pro Street Shootout (22 March), while in the background preparations continue for the return of Easter’s Top Fuel and Top Alcohol racing spectacular, set to hit the track across Good Friday and Easter Saturday (April 18 and 19).
Set to turn heads on 22 March will be the all-out Pro Street war promised by the Australian Pro Street Association, with a wide variety of impressive vehicles and racers set to go head to head.
“The Pro Street Shootout will bring the toughest 10.5 Outlaw, Pro Street, True Street and Pro Bikes in Australia together to battle it out ‘old school’ across the Willowbank Raceway drag strip on 22 March,” said APSA event director Johnny Habib.
“Points and egos are on the line, with fast and furious battles virtually guaranteed – from turbo versus nitrous versus blown to Holden versus Ford, Compak versus V8 and racer versus racer, fierce rivalries are the name of the game.
“All the while, these amazing machines are almost all ‘street cars’, having at one stage of their life rolled off a car production line with years of innovation and modifications transforming them into the grossly overpowered show cars you see today with times and speeds to rival the best purpose-built drag cars. 
“Big burnouts, giant wheelstands and competitive racing are what it is all about, and that is why this form of racing is fast becoming a drag racing forum of choice around Australia for racers and spectators alike.” 
Before the Pro Street Shootout hits the track however, round two of the 2014 QDRC will be taking to the Ipswich quarter-mile, including the debut performance of the new for 2014 QDRC Outlaws bracket which will pit supercharged vehicles against turbo and nitrous powered machines for the first time. 
“The QDRC is all about celebrating our local heroes and with a number of changes introduced following recent racer consultation meetings, February’s opening round really delivered for racers and spectators alike,” said Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson.
“Now as we look down the barrel of round two which will host the debut of the new Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket the excitement is palpable – pitting a range of forced induction machines against each other, this bracket has huge potential to increase excitement, competition and diversity which can only mean great things, and I for one can’t wait to see them on track come March 15.” 
For more on the Pro Street Shootout, QDRC or the Street Series, go to www.willowbankraceway.com.au 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Racing from QDRC SuperComp, QDRC CompBike, Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Super Gas
Gates open 9.00am
Qualifying from 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Racing from 5.00pm
Please note times are subject to change dependent on number of entries
Adults - $20.00
Students with ID -$18.00
Children 13 and under gain free entry
Featuring racing from: Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Extreme, Pro Street Blown, Pro Street Unblown, Mod Street Blown, Mod Street Unblown, Radial Outlaw, X275, True Street, Pro Street Bike, DYO
Gates Open 7.00am
Qualifying from 10.00am
Racing from 2.30pm
Adults: $25.00
Students with ID: $20.00
Children 13 and under gain free entry
What to expect: 
True Street Cars: ‘full steel’ cars which are mostly street registered and must be driven back to the pits (rather than towed) after completing their pass. Most of these cars run the quarter-mile in the nine second bracket.
X275 and Radial Outlaw: Over-powered street configured cars running huge power with no wheelie bars and running on street tyres only.
Pro Street Bike: Street configured bikes pushing the limits with gorgeous paint, chrome, extended swing arms, fat tyres and incredible power, using highly modified production engines and power adders such as nitrous, superchargers and turbos.
Modified Street Cars: This class boasts standard chassis and standard suspension cars but with enormous horsepower, running in the low seven second range over the quarter mile at close to 300kph. Ever wondered how far you can push a production configured car? Mod Street is all about testing those limits.
Pro Street Cars: Gorgeous ‘tubbed’ 2500HP three quarter chassis monsters. Big tyres, gorgeous paint work and awesome launches.
10.5 Outlaw Cars: No rules ‘Outlaws’, these mad men want to put as much horsepower as possible through a 10.5 inch tyred animal, many boast more than 3000 horsepower and run into the six second bracket. 
Outlaw Extreme: this new exhibition class is a ‘no bars held’ class with minimal rules being swinging doors and no Nitro fuel, including blown doorslammers, turbo pro mods and anything else with swinging doors
Winners from The Weekends Street Series Below
sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) pro series street willowbank http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/pro-street-power-to-drive-mad-march-at-willowbank-raceway Mon, 03 Mar 2014 01:59:09 GMT
MORGAN SECURES FIRST WIN OF 2014 , GREGORINI FIRST WIN OF CAREER http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/morgan-secures-first-win-of-2014-gregorini-first-win-of-career Westernationals - Perth MotorplexWesternationals - Perth MotorplexShot at the Westernationals at the Perth Motorplex

Darren Morgan made his debut on Saturday as a runner up to Phil Lamattina. He finished his weekend as a winner on Sunday night to shake up the ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel standings.
DMR did what they always do, get quicker with each pass running 4.758 in qualifying, 4.712 during eliminations and 4.695 in the A Final from Allan Dosbon’s 4.717.
Morgan said the car has new clutch disconnects, blowers and injector but the team is very happy with the set up.
“We’re really happy with the changes (to the car), it’s perfect,” he said. “Everything is just mint, it goes faster and faster every time we tell it to.”
“The next time we have a good track we’ll run low 60s or high 50s.”
Lamattina went quickest again in qualifying on a pulsating 4.693 pass from Damien Harris’ 4.803 during qualifying while Allan Dobson went side by side with Morgan posting a 4.748. Martin Stamatis also went into the fours despite a pop and haze at 1000ft on a 4.868 against Mark Sheehan stepping out just shy of 1000ft.
During eliminations, a red light for the first time since 2012 ended Lamattina’s dream run out west meaning Dobson would go quickest and reach the A Final against DMR on a 4.687 from Stamatis (5.091). Mark Sheehan reached the B Final thanks to an ET of 4.879. He would take the honours for third position with a run of 4.695.
Daniel Gregorini posted consecutive PBs in Top Doorslammer surging first to a 5.921 in eliminations as Victor Bray shut down early in the opposite lane, while Gary Phillips posted the second quickest time of the round to make the A Final on a 5.928.
Unfortunately Phillips would not make the start due to a damaged main rear bearing on the previous pass leaving Gregorini to take a solo 5.914 in his first ever final and lift his first ever ANDRA Christmas tree of any colour, never mind gold.
Gregorini said he had clutch issues in Round 2 on Saturday meaning the team had to make changes and revert to old data in Round 3 on Sunday.
“I did a short shifting pass on the 6.08 but then did 5.92 and 5.91 to back it up. That last pass I had to short shift again as it got a bit skatey out there.”
“I’ve got posters from when Zap first started when I was seven years old and I’ve been following him since. That was the dream and I finally got here and did it, it’s awesome.”
Earlier Gregorini’s childhood hero John Zappia was back in a big way qualifying first with a 5.863. Andrew Sutton slotted into second running 5.868 from Gary Phillips in third with 5.923. From there it was a string of sixes led by Marty Dack (6.004) and Pat Carbone (6.008) in fourth and fifth.
Surprisingly Zappia’s night would end in the elimination round on a holeshot as Peter Kapiris got the win on a 6.139 thanks to an RT of .084 from Zap’s 6.036 and .196.
Ben Bray overcame his recent teething problems with a new auto and converter to reach the B Final on a 6.045 pass against Bishop (6.337). Pino Priolo’s 6.069 defeated the engine popping Andrew Sutton to join him.
Ben Bray’s difficulties resurfaced however laying fluid and shutting down after the burnout leaving Priolo to take the B Final solo in a pedalling 6.459.
Top Fuel now moves onto Willowbank Raceway for Rounds 5 and 6 at the Super 3 on April 18-19 while Top Doorslammer is back in action for Round 4 at Calder Park Raceway April 4-5.
Pic Phil Luyer
sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) fuel perth top http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/morgan-secures-first-win-of-2014-gregorini-first-win-of-career Mon, 03 Mar 2014 01:13:33 GMT
ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR LAMATTINA AND MORGAN !! http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/all-systems-go-for-lamattina-and-morgan
Four times ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel champion Darren Morgan and current series leader Phil Lamattina are crossing the Nullabor to put on a show and come away with the first ANDRA Gold Christmas Tree of the season at the 43rd Westernationals this weekend.
Lamattina said he was excited to go racing in his first Westernationals particularly against his old sparring partner Darren Morgan and stiff competition from the likes of Mark Sheehan, Damien Harris, Allan Dobson and 2010 champ Martin Stamatis.
“Darren (Morgan) is the defending champion and it’s always good to have the toughest cars there. He’s one tough competitor,” said Lamattina. “One thing we’ve got is a few runs under our belt already. We know we can beat Darren and he knows he can beat us."
“The conditions over there are going to be a little bit different and won’t be quite 1230as hot as last time. If the weather and the track come around I think we’re going to see some pretty special times and speeds.”
Lamattina expects to run somewhere in the low 4.60s but doesn’t think he’ll be alone.
“I’m pretty confident every car there can run in that low 60 range and more importantly I think if we can keep the races tight, that’s better than running the big times and speeds especially with that three round format. That’s pretty exciting for the crowd.”
One of those fast cars fans at the Perth Motorplex are excited to see on the track is that of Darren Morgan making his 2014 season debut.
Although DMR have not yet raced, Morgan is confident he can shake up the championship standings.
“It’s always difficult (coming into an event with limited testing), said Morgan. “We’ve got new superchargers and new injectors. We knew we had the championship going into the last race in Sydney last year so we put in 9 stand and 8 stand clutches to test those for this year.”
“But we wouldn’t go if we didn’t think we didn’t have a shot at it.”
“We’ll do our best with what we’ve got. Without the support of Top Fuel Australia and K-Trans we wouldn’t be going and we really want to put on a show for our West Australian fans.”
The Top Fuel candles will light up the 43rd Westernationals from 6:00pm Saturday March 1 and Sunday March 2 this weekend at Perth Motorplex.
Qualifying for the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship commences from 6:00pm Friday February 28.
Photos Phil Luyer and Andra
sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) fuel lamittina morgan perth top westernationals http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/all-systems-go-for-lamattina-and-morgan Wed, 26 Feb 2014 03:42:10 GMT
O'CONNOR TO TAKE TOP QUALIFYING FORM TO WESTERNATIONALS http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/oconnor-to-take-top-qualifying-form-to-westernationals
O’Connor to take top qualifying form to Westernationals
West Australian drag racing star Murray O’Connor is looking to take his team’s good form in ANDRA Top Doorslammer to the biggest drag racing event on the Perth Calendar – the Westernationals.
After topping the qualifying at the recent Pro Showdown held at the Perth Motorplex, Murray and the team are confident that once again the carbon-bodied XM Falcon is good enough to go all the way.
Qualifying at the first event of the ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship for 2014, the second session saw the O’Connor team get the XM Falcon down the quarter for a stellar 5.90 pass and straight into the number one position.
“We feel like we had more up out sleeve but the weather threw us a curveball and with just missed the sweet spot,” explained O’Connor.
“Even then we were at the top of the time sheets so we couldn’t really complain.
The field also contained some of the most competitive cars in the country, with a field of 19 vehicles all battling it out for just eight spots.
“Now we have to repeat it and go a little better,” laughed O’Connor.
“This is the event we all want to win and no one wants it more than I do.”
43rd Westernationals
March 1 and 2
Top Doorslammer passes – 5:50pm, 7:50pm and 9:50pm both days
More details at – motorplex.com.au
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WILLOWBANK INTRODUCES NEW OUTLAW CLASS !! http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/willowbank-introduces-new-outlaw-class
Following racer consultation meetings held in January and February, the board of Willowbank Raceway has announced the introduction of a new racing class – Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws.
The new bracket will replace Supercharged Outlaws in the Queensland Drag Racing Championship (QDRC) series and pits turbocharged, nitrous-powered and supercharged V8s against each other. 
The bracket is a local class only (not eligible for the ANDRA national championship) and will be contested at select rounds of the QDRC across 2014. Its first appearance will be on 15 March 2014, as part of the second round of the QDRC, with entries open now at www.willowbankraceway.com.au until 5.00pm (QLD) Wednesday 12 March 2014. 
Throwing his early support behind the bracket is Donnelly Blasting Services boss and DBS Motorsport team principal Jason Donnelly, who has chosen to sponsor the bracket and provide additional prize money for bracket winners as part of a long-running association with the Raceway. 
“The Donnelly family has a long involvement with Willowbank Raceway, through not only sponsorship but also through active participation with my sons Daniel (20) and Jake (18) both racing and myself taking the wheel as often as work commitments permit,” said Donnelly, who previously sponsored the Junior Dragster bracket and will watch on as his son Jake takes part in the first outing for QDRC Outlaws on 15 March 2014 while Daniel races in Super Sedan. 
“When we heard about this new bracket we just had to get behind it – we think the inclusion of not only blown cars but also turbo and nitrous cars will bring an exciting mix to the sport for not only racers but also spectators, with close and exciting racing.
“These kinds of supercharging are definitely seen as the way of the future for a lot of people, DBS included, so we are excited to be supporting this new venture and to get in amongst it ourselves across the year – along the way hopefully we can pick up some good results to thank our hard working crew and friends who help us out regularly at the track.”
Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson said the new Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket would encourage fierce competition by pitting different kinds of forced induction cars up against each other for the first time.
“By introducing this new race bracket we are hoping to answer the call by racers and spectators to pit these kinds of cars against each other – encouraging increased competition and excitement for racers and spectators alike while creating a home for all kinds of forced induction race cars right here at Willowbank Raceway,” said Manson.
“Under the new regulations you will see everything from funny cars to dragsters to altereds and sedans running down the track side-by-side, with edge of your seat action virtually guaranteed by virtue of these machines’ prowess.
"We encourage racers and spectators to come along and be a part of this exciting new development here at Willowbank Raceway.”
For more information on the new Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket – set to debut on 15 March 2014 at Willowbank Raceway - including category specification and entry details - http://www.vision6.com.au/ch/38732/1cjfx/1744285/662eby3s0.html
Joining the Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws on track for the 15 March 2014 QDRC round will be competitors across the QDRC SuperComp, QDRC Comp Bike, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas categories. Gates will open at 9.00am with qualifying from 1.00pm to 5.00pm and all racing from 5.00pm.
Entries are available online at www.willowbankraceway.com.au and will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 March 2014, while spectator entry is available at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, and children aged 13 and under gain free entry. For full event information, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Racing from QDRC SuperComp, QDRC CompBike, Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Super Gas
sales@dragphotos.com.au (Dragphotos.com.au) 2014 outlaw qdrc willowbank http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/willowbank-introduces-new-outlaw-class Wed, 26 Feb 2014 00:44:30 GMT
O'ROURKE AND PRIOLO ONES TO WATCH AT WESTERNATIONALS !! http://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/orourke-and-priolo-ones-to-watch-at-westernationals Pro Showdown @ Perth MotorplexPro Showdown @ Perth MotorplexPro Showdown at Perth Motorplex
All 20 Top Doorslammers entered are capable of doing something special but keep an eye on West Australian Pino Priolo and WA ex-pat Grant O’Rourke at the 43rd Westernationals this weekend.
Earlier this month, Priolo broke through for his first ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Doorslammer championship final taking out Murray O’Connor and Marty Dack before eventually going down to first time winner Stuart Bishop in the final.
Returning to his hometown, Grant O’Rourke defeated John Zappia in a match up reminiscent of their early 2000s rivalry in Top Comp and Top Doorslammer before Bishop would take their semi-final pairing on the way to his historic win.
For both teams, the Pro Showdown was vindication. For Priolo who made the jump from Sprintcars and O’Rourke who returned to Top Doorslammer in 2013 after an eight year hiatus from the cockpit.
“We were extremely happy with running the car in Perth, achieving a five (5.990) on its first full pass” said O’Rourke. “We knew we were going to be up against it, but thanks to K Trans WA, we were able to give it a go in my hometown; and it paid off.”
“As far as this weekend goes, we hope to carry on where we left off, fine tuning a few things - it's a tough field and every little thing counts.”
“This year looks like it will be a lot closer qualifying field as seen at the first round; I'm looking forward to it.”
Meanwhile Priolo feels the Team Budget Forklifts Chevy is now in a position to be competitive on a regular basis.
“It has been a long time coming with the 37 Chev but my son Michael Priolo has done an amazing job making sure we had a safe race car and were not a danger to other competitors,” said Priolo. “We have seen many new cars destroyed.”
“I think the time has come that we are going to be competitive. I had my chances to run a five second pass in the finals (at the Pro Showdown), both times I looked to the side and there was no race car so I short shifted, settled the car and won the race. After all winning rounds is what it’s all about.”
Despite finishing runner up behind Stuart Bishop in Round 1, Priolo was visibly happy for the Queenslander but next time he promises a different outcome.
“Stuart is a great person and I was happy for him to win but I can tell you next time is going to be different.”
“We are looking forward to the Westerns, after all, what a great format. The crowd are actually going to see 20 cars race both nights not just eight on night two.”
“We are not getting ahead of ourselves but the whole team is in good spirits and as long as I have been racing, I never go to a race track thinking that I cannot win. My job now is to be competitive and with good people around you I think we can do it. Remember there is no ‘I’ in team. 
The 43rd Westernationals get under way this weekend at Perth Motorplex with Top Doorslammer action commencing at 5:30pm Saturday March 1st and Sunday March 2nd
Image credit Phil Luyer / High Octane Photos
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