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The Rodfather Comes To The Mountain


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (August 2, 2018):  Three generations of the New York-based Caruso family are headed to the WSOPM on the mountain in Denver (August 10 & 11) with only one thing on their minds.  Winning!

Family Patriarch Joe will watch over his son Marc and granddaughter Camrie when the family racing team head to the Bandimere Speedway Denver CO this month. 

Marc has recently stepped up his Pro Mod program in the PDRA Pro Boost category with the purchase of an Ex-Todd Tutterow '69 Camaro, and the fitment of an Al Billes' fed Noonan 4.9. The switch to Billes Superchargers & Fuel Systems and the revolutionary 4.9 Noonan Race Engineering Hemi came about after the Noonan brains-trust assisted with getting both of the family's hotrods to the PDRA Firecracker Nationals PDRA race in June.

"Noonan Race Engineering, Renee & Jamie Noonan and Lee White went above and beyond to assist our team to get back on track for the VMP round of PDRA. With Jamie and Lee working on both cars at the track, their service and assistance is second-to-none, both on and off the race track.  They truly are good people."

The presence of Al at the races was also a determining factor in the switch to a Billes Blower and Fuel System. "Al is a great guy and very knowledgeable. Working with this awesome group is what we believe we need to do to move to the front-of-the-pack in the very competitive world of PDRA Pro Boost." explains Marc. "The ability for our long time crew-chief Angelo Aceto to bounce ideas off him in real time face to face is a win win for us moving forward."

Taking on the Bandimere Speedway 1/4 Mile and the Mountain for the first time is not something that Marc and the team decided upon lightly. As much as Marc has confidence in his ability to mix it with the best Pro Mod drivers in the world, he hasn't been to the mountain nor driven a Pro Mod over the 1/4 mile. "Lee White's confidence in our ability to go there and make an impact was a key determining factor in us accepting Wes Buck's invitation to come and represent not only ourselves, but the PDRA Pro Boost Fraternity at The Biggest, Richest Pro Mod Drag Race in the History of the Known Universe!"

When asked what the approach to this event will be Marc explained, "We will take advantage of the test sessions available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday to get a baseline tune and build on that. We've never been to the Mountain so we will be feeling our way early. The fact that we were invited to come and race with the best 1/4 Mile Pro Mods and Drivers in the world made it an easy decision when Wes called. We are headed to Bandimere with the intentions to have fun.  But make no mistake we are coming to represent ourselves and PDRA at the highest level possible. Considering the company we will be rubbing shoulders with, it will be a tough deal, but we aren't hauling out to Colorado with the plan to come second!"

Caruso Family Racing race with support from- Hoosier, Lucas Oil, DRE Engine Diapers, VP Fuels & Simpson.

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AUS RECORD HOLDER TO DEBUT NEW CAR AT JAMBOREE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/8/aus-record-holder-to-debut-new-car-at-jamboree AUS RECORD HOLDER TO DEBUT NEW CAR AT JAMBOREE


Australian record holder Steve Barnett will begin his pursuit for a world record by debuting a new car at the upcoming Honeywell Garrett Jamboree, presented by Link ECU and Tuners Edge (August 25 and 26, Willowbank Raceway).

After becoming the first in the country to run a ‘six second’ 13B-turbo-powered pass in 2016 in his RX3 Coupe, Barnett has taken the Pac Performance Billet 13B engine from his RX3 and put together a never-before-seen combination in a re-born Pac Performance Mazda 6.

“We had a lot of success with the RX3 but at the end of the day it had probably reached its limit. I had built it to run a six second pass and we did that, so to try and get it to go faster we would have had to do some pretty drastic changes to it and it seemed a shame to rip it apart after having so much success with it,” explained Barnett, who is no stranger to high-achievement on and off the track, having claimed a bronze medal in diving at the 2004 Athens Olympics.  

“The RX3 was basically a ’72 Mazda road car which we had converted to go racing, and now we are moving to something that is purpose-built for what we are trying to achieve.

“I have purchased a well-known Mazda 6 which was previously owned and raced by Pac Performance. The car was crashed by Rocky Rehayem a few years back and then sold to someone else who had started rebuilding it but ran out of motivation. I have been slowly working away on it and over the past six months we have really stepped up the build.

“We have taken the Pac Performance Billet engine from my RX3 and combined that with some new technology with a Quick Drive Transmission – this is something that has never been done before, combining this kind of engine with this kind of transmission. With this combination you don’t have a clutch, you have a stall converter like what you have with an automatic-style gearbox but my gearbox is manually shifted,” explained Barnett, who thanks Microtech for the supply of his ECU as well as Pac Performance for all of their support.

So what exactly does Barnett expect from his new car’s debut at what is Australia’s premier sport compact racing and car culture event, which is also the site of his 2016 record?

“I am really enthusiastic about what we are doing and really keen to see it all come together but you have to be realistic as well. It is a brand new car with a brand new set-up and brand new everything really. We are really hopeful about how we are going to go out there, but we are probably going to have a lot of bugs to sort out as well,” Barnett said.

“It is safe to say we aren’t expecting to set the world on fire with ETs or speeds or anything. At the end of the day the technology in this car is through the roof and no one has put this transmission with this kind of engine before, so what we are doing is really a brand new thing.

“I can say for sure that I expect it to be very, very fast, and a world record is definitely what we will be focusing on in the future.

“In the meantime, I don’t think a win at Brisbane Jamboree is out of the question – we would certainly like to win, this event is probably the biggest sport compact even of the year and I always look forward to it with its big fields and the best cars in Australia all turning out.”

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SADEK STEPS UP IN THE GODFATHER’S CHARIOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/7/sadek-steps-up-in-the-godfather-s-chariot SADEK STEPS UP IN THE GODFATHER’S CHARIOT

After eclipsing the previous ‘PB’ of the 20B-powered Sadek Motor Group BOSS RX3 Coupe of his dad, Sam ‘The Godfather’ Sadek, 20-year-old Jay Sadek is getting ready to race the car for the first time at the upcoming Honeywell Garrett Brisbane Jamboree presented by Link ECU and Tuners Edge.

In his first-ever full-track pass in his dad’s car, Sadek Junior set a 6.938s pass at 310km (193 mph) – besting his dad’s personal best in the car of 7.03 seconds at 312kph (194mph). It is believed that by setting this pass, Jay is quite possibly the youngest ever in the world to run a ‘six second’ quarter-mile ET in a rotary-powered car.

With testing now complete, the Camden-based racer is getting ready to step up to the Pro Turbo category of what is Australia’s premier sport compact drag racing and car culture event, being held at Willowbank Raceway across August 25-26.
“It was really different stepping into dad’s car for the first time – it is so different to what I used to race, you are on the other side of the car, it has a bigger engine, everything happens a lot quicker, you have to really be on-point,” Jay explained.

“It was really exciting as well – I wasn’t really feeling any pressure, I more just wanted to really push myself to beat his time. I didn’t expect to do it on my first full pass though!

“I was pretty thrilled when I got out of the car – I didn’t believe it until I saw the actual printed time card, I thought everyone was lying to me when they told me I had run a ‘six’.”

When the son eclipses the father, some would assume the father might feel put-out. But that is far from the case when it comes to the Sadeks, a very well-respected racing family in Australia’s sport compact scene. 


“When I saw the numbers come up on the timing boards it was just a feeling of ‘wow’. I was watching him closely making sure he was slowing down and that the parachutes opened, and once they did, what he had done hit me like a tonne of bricks – all I could think was that I don’t know of any 20-year-old that has ever run a time like that in a rotary,” Sam explained.

With the first test completed so successfully, the competitive debut for Jay in this car is hotly anticipated. However, Jay says he and the Pac Performance team won’t be looking to ‘rotate the earth’ straight out of the gate.

“We won’t be in a rush for world records at this stage, we will just be taking things one step at a time,” Jay explained.

“Bit by bit we will add boost. We are on base power at the moment, but as I get more comfortable in the car we will add more boost and go from there.

“We will be happy if the car is reliable on the day. Aside from that we don’t have any expectations – to be honest I go to Jamboree to enjoy myself. If you go there thinking like a winner, if you lose you come home disappointed, that is how I think of it anyway.”

While he might not be eyeing off an event victory, Jay certainly has winning form under the Jamboree format.

“In 2017 I won in the modified compact class at both the Sydney Jamboree and the Brisbane Jamboree, where I also took out the Best Wheelie Award! We were certainly happy with those results,” Jay said.

“We will be stepping up to the Pro Turbo class this year which is exciting. As a kid I watched these bigger classes and always dreamed of racing in them. I am really looking forward to racing the bigger cars and pushing myself to see how good of a driver I am against the rest of the Pro Turbo guys.

“No matter what happens, it should be a great event. I have to say a big thank you to Pac Performance and the crew for building a beast of a car and for always supporting me – I have known them since I was born and they are not just my mechanics, they always have my back.

“I have to say the biggest thank you to my dad for giving me the opportunities I have had – not many kids my age get to do what I do and I am very thankful for all he has done for me.”

The Honeywell Garrett Brisbane Jamboree presented by Link ECU and Tuners Edge is Australia’s premier sport compact drag racing and car culture event. It will hit Willowbank Raceway across August 25-26 with hundreds of incredible vehicles on display and competing for the most coveted award in sport compact drag racing, the fabled ‘Billet J’ trophy. Across both days there will be action aplenty both on and off the track, with not only plenty of intense racing taking place across the quarter-mile but also plenty to see and do around the venue including a Shannons Show-N-Shine, Sound Off, Dyno and Drift Exhibitions, Babe and Bikini Comps, Trader Stalls, Kids’ rides and lots more.

The Brisbane Jamboree is proudly supported by the following Partners – Honeywell Garrett, Link ECU, Tuners Edge, Oceania College of Technology, Microtech Engine Management Systems, Shannons, PWR Performance Products, Precision Turbo & Engine, MTQ Engine Systems Australia, RCE Performance Warehouse, McKern, Pro Maz Racing, Freight Management Australia, NAPA Auto Super Store, Turbosmart, Castrol EDGE, Fuel Tech Engine Management Systems, Mainline Dyno, Haltech Engine Management Systems, EXEDY Clutches, Speedflow, Drag News Magazine. & Rotary Compression Tester.com

For more information, visit www.jamboree.com.au

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WINTERNATS WIN FOR TEAM BRAY RACING https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/6/winternats-win-for-team-bray-racing WINTERNATS WIN FOR TEAM BRAY RACING​


Ben Bray has taken the Factory Xtreme victory at the Gulf Western Oil 51st Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway this weekend while his father and drag racing legend Victor Bray made a very popular comeback.

TBR principal Victor made his return to Pro Slammer racing this weekend after a 13 month absence following a courageous battle against an aggressive form of skin cancer.

The six-time national champion joined with his son Ben and TBR team-mate Frankie Taylor to mount a three-strong attack on the Pro Slammer competition at this weekend’s event, and while a record bump-stop (5.804s) saw only Ben (5.777s) make it through to race day, the smiles could not be wiped off the faces of all at the Gulf Western Oil-supported team following Victor’s triumphant return.

The capacity crowd were just as happy, welcoming Victor’s first foray on-track – which included a three-quarter track burnout in the second qualifier – with a foot-stamping standing ovation.  

“That moment was really good,” Victor said. “I was a bit nervous on Friday, I felt much better on Saturday. I love the fans and I really enjoyed being back signing autographs and chatting to everyone – I really didn’t want anyone to miss out!

“Then while working on the car to get it ready, I was feeling a bit crook. I felt really comfortable though when it was time to get in the car – it didn’t bother me that we didn’t make it out for the earlier session, when I finally got in the car, strapped my belts and settled in, I felt right at home again. It is just what we do as racers.

“A big thanks has to go to Ben for working lots of late nights to get my car ready, and to David ‘Sully’ Sullivan, our crew chief of 20 years. A big thanks to the fans too for all of their unwavering support, they sure made a lot of noise for me and it was really greatly appreciated.”

From the sidelines on Sunday, Victor and the rest of Gulf Western Oil TBR watched on as Ben took on eventual semi-final winner Paul Mouhayet in the first round of Pro Slammer, before taking on Rod Harvey for the win in the first round of the Factory Xtreme eliminations. He would then impress in the semi-final with a new personal best of 6.639s at 209.39mph to see his Gulf Western Oil Toyota Solara now the quickest 1FZ powered car in the country. From there, the Factory Xtreme final called with the three-time national champion taking on and defeating Gina Bullians for the event victory in cold conditions, despite a very slippery top end.

“What a weekend – to take the victory in Factory Xtreme is brilliant but how good is it to see dad back where he belongs, in the seat of his Gulf Western Oil Pro Slammer,” grinned Ben.

“A Gulf Western Oil Winternationals win, a new PB and Australian record, and dad back in black: this is a weekend all at TBR will remember for a long time!

“We also saw Kelly Bettes win her Top Fuel semi-final and take out the Top Fuel championship, making her the first female ever to win a professional drag racing category in Australia and only the third female in the world to win a Top Fuel championship. Our congratulations go to Kelly on her massive achievement this weekend.

“And I have to mention the crowd – what a crowd we had this weekend! The place was bursting, we were overwhelmed all weekend with well-wishers, and there just aren’t words to properly describe the noise and the atmosphere after dad’s burnout on that first pass. They sure were happy to see him back and made no secret of it!”

Team Bray Racing will next be on-track for the upcoming Nitro Up North event, to be held at Hidden Valley Drag Strip across July 13-14, the first round of the 2018/2019 400 Thunder Championship.

To keep up to date with all of the latest news from TBR, visit www.teambrayracing.com, follow the team on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teambrayracing, or interact with them on instagram (#teambrayracing).

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RAPISARDA AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL PART OF HISTORY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/6/rapisarda-autosport-international-part-of-history RAPISARDA AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL PART OF HISTORY 


Rapisarda Autosport International were part of history when Queenslander Kelly Bettes became the first women in Australia to win a Top Fuel championship. The 33 year old Queenslander won the title by a minuscule 2 points over RAI star Damien Harris.

There was redemption for RAI when Harris won  the  Gulf Western Oil Winternationals, the most prestigious event on the domestic calendar, plus setting a new Australian record for the1000 foot race distance  along with strong performances from his team mates Wayne Newby and Ashley Sanford. 

In Qualifying Harris headed the field with a world class run of 3.78//524 km/h to earn a first round bye then faced off against Sanford who earlier in the day had easily defeated Victorian racer Rachelle Splatt. 

There were no team orders from within the RAI camp with Harris, needing to defeat Sanford to keep his title hopes alive.

Both cars stepped off the line in unison. Harris edged to the front and hung on to  with a new Oz record of 3.78/526 km/h to Sanford’s 3.89/509 km/h.

In the other semi -final Bettes needed victory to secure her championship while Newby was on a mission to win and give team mate Harris the chance to win his second 400 Thunder title. Both cars launched hard and set sail to the end zone. Bettes prevailed and took the win in a photo finish to claim the 400T title.


The T/F final was a brutal affair. Harris nailed the green light and with a full candle pass of 3.77/527 km/h defeated Bettes smashing his Australian record and grabbing the prized Winternationals championship much to the delight of the near capacity crowd.

“In the final we went for broke. Junior gave the car a bit of a tickle and it went straight down the track. It was a great result for our team and for Santo who was the backbone of the series this season running three cars.” Damien Harris.

“In the lead up to the meeting I wasn’t happy with the consistency of the car and I decided to change the clutch program a little bit. Dad also gave us a rev up because we weren’t doing as well as we should. That helped as well.” Santo Rapisarda Jnr. 

 “Running my fastest time ever in Australia, a 3.83 was a great way to end the season with the Rapisarda family. When we went up against Damien in the semi final we were out to win. We gave it all we had and he deserved the win. Then for him and Santo junior to win the Winters and set again a new Australian record was a great result for all the Rapisarda teams.” Ashley Sanford.   

“This is a very humbling sport and earlier in the weekend we had electrical issues. Just when your down, you go out there and suddenly it all comes together and we ran a 3.83 That’s very satisfying and gives the team the confidence that your on the right track.” Rob Cavagnino, tuner of the Ashley Sanford car.


“There was a lot of pressure across all the cars in the Rapisarda team. Santino and his crew gave me an awesome car and we gave it our best shot. Santo put three cars on the track and speaking to fans over the weekend they really appreciate what he has done for the sport this season.” Wayne Newby.

“We may have missed out on winning the Winternationals but I think we can be proud of how we performed over the weekend.  Our crew gave 100 percent and  for a Rapisarda car to walk away with another Winternationals win and Australian record is something  we can all build on in the off season.” Santino Rapisarda.


“Congratulations to Kelly Bettes and the Lamattina boys on winning the championship. To see a women win a Top Fuel championship is a real milestone  for the sport. I’ve very proud of my boys. When we struggled a few rounds ago they never gave up. They put their heads down, went to work and bounced back over this weekend. A Winternationals win is always special and too see a 3.77 run is something I don’t expect to see this season. Maybe in a couple of years time but not this year.”  Santo Rapisarda. END  

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) fuel rai rapisarda top winternationals https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/6/rapisarda-autosport-international-part-of-history Wed, 13 Jun 2018 02:29:41 GMT
First female Top Fuel champion crowned at Winternationals for LTFR https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/6/first-female-top-fuel-champion-crowned-at-winternationals-for-ltfr
Lamattina Top Fuel Racing has celebrated an amazing national 2017/2018 Top Fuel season in the best
possible way - a championship win!

Arguably the best driver of the season, Kelly Bettes secured the very first Top Fuel Championship for a female
driver in Australia.

Kelly was elated to record a first for the sport and deliver a championship in her rookie season with the team.

“I am so grateful to the Lamattina family for giving me this opportunity but I always wanted to do more than
drive the car – I wanted to win for them and for me!”

“To be able to reward the crew and the team plus our team sponsors such as Fuchs, is just the most amazing

“Phil (Lamattina, team boss) was nervous over the weekend but I told him to trust in our entire team, we have
been working so well all year and I knew that it would continue at this event.

“Our head tuner, Aaron Hambridge, had the car set to run very low 3.80s and we did that and made the rounds
that we needed to secure the title. I knew we had a good package and I had to just do my job as a driver.

“We really went after it for the final run against Damien Harris and we went a little too aggressive but that’s
how it goes. We wanted to see what we could learn for next season.”

The LTFR team had an ongoing battle with the nitro front runners, RAI Autosport, who fielded an impressive
three car line-up throughout the season.

Phil Lamattina added, “To race against the Rapisarda guys so competitively this year made it even better, we
know that we have to be on our game every time we hit the track.

“They have some great cars and great drivers and that’s what has raised the level not just for us, but for the
entire Top Fuel field.

“Some people thought we took a chance when we appointed Kelly to the driver’s seat – I always thought we
took a chance if we let someone else get her – I’m glad that on this occasion I was right!”

The team now prepares to head to Darwin’s Hidden Valley for a non-championship round.
Kelly added, “Now we have the championship we have some other goals in mind – bring on the quarter mile in
Nitro Up North – 13-14 July 2018
Hidden Valley Dragway
Featuring Top Fuel Motorcycle, Top Doorslammer & Top Fuel Exhibition

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TBR READY FOR WINTER WONDER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/6/tbr-ready-for-winter-wonder TBR READY FOR WINTER WONDER


Team Bray Racing is set for a huge Gulf Western Oil Winternationals at its home-track of Willowbank Raceway this weekend.

TBR’s Ben Bray will undertake double duty by competing in both the Pro Slammer and Factory Xtreme brackets at the 51st running of the event, while Frankie Taylor is back from the US and on a mission to beat Bray to a 5.6s ET.

At the same time, the TBR compound at the June 7-10 event will host many of the cars sponsored by team supporter and event sponsor, Gulf Western Oil, including four Pro Slammers, two Sport Compact cars, two Modified Dragsters, one Nitro Harley and one Junior Dragster alongside a bustling corporate guest area.

“The Gulf Western Oil Winternationals is always a huge event for Team Bray Racing, but this year is just on another level altogether,” Ben enthused.

“I will be doing double duty, podium positions in the Pro Slammer championship are on the line, and we will have a host of amazing racing vehicles as well as plenty of GWO corporate guests calling the TBR compound home during the event


“It is really exciting for us too to race at yet another event sponsored by our own partners, Gulf Western Oil. GWO is the biggest sponsors in Australian drag racing at the moment I believe, backing not only ourselves but some great events, Top Fuel racers, Sportsman racers and more. Hopefully, we can bring home a great result for them at the Winternats.

“We won’t be the only ones chasing winning results though - with 498 racers lined up for the event that everyone wants to win, you can expect to see racers putting it all on the line in the pursuit of victory.”

One racer excited to take in all the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals festivities is Texan Frankie Taylor.

“The Gulf Western Oil Winternationals is a huge event with four huge days of both on and off-track entertainment scheduled, it is one not to be missed. I can’t wait to see it all unfold and to be a part of what will be a very big and busy event for Team Bray Racing,” Taylor said.

“When it comes to the racing, the championship positions are certainly on our mind but at the same time, Ben’s PB is a 5.700s while mine is 5.703s (in Australia), so the race is on to see who can be the first to run a ‘five-six’!”

Heading to the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals? Remember to tag your Team Bray Racing captures with #teambrayracing and #gulfwesternoil for a chance to be featured on the TBR Instagram account (Instagram.com/teambrayracing).

To keep up to date with all of the latest news from TBR, visit www.teambrayracing.com, follow the team on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teambrayracing, or interact with them on instagram (#teambrayracing).

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Volunteer manpower behind the horsepower https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/volunteer-manpower-behind-the-horsepower Volunteer manpower behind the horsepower for Winternationals.


The Gulf Western Oil Winternationals is a world-class event, where over 500 race teams gather across four days in front of over 30,000 spectators to take part in the largest drag racing festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

The logistics behind producing an event of that scale are complex and would be next to impossible to manage without the valued contributions of some 140 volunteers who will be looking after everything from directing spectators in the car park to activating the green light for a pair of 500kmh Top Fuel dragsters.

Some volunteers have been with Willowbank Raceway since it opened, others will be new for the event. But in total they will all contribute around 1700 hours of effort into making the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals the greatest drag racing event in Australia.

The Gold Coast's Dale Wong volunteers in the high pressure area between the staging lanes and the track, where pairings of vehicles are formed and the 'fire up' signal is given. Timing and communication between race control and track safety officials are vital with Wong giving the command for vehicles with up to 10,000 horsepower to come to life.

“Volunteering at the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals gives you the greatest feeling of euphoria just from knowing that you have played a part in one of the greatest motorsport events in the country,” Wong said.

“I enjoy the challenge of being able to keep the event moving forward, particularly when things start to go in different directions and you might have delays.

“During the running of the event it can be hard to gauge how the public and racers are finding it but when you speak to these people and they praise how awesome the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals are or were, the sense of pride is almost overpowering.”

One of Wong's favourite moments is the Officials' Parade, which takes place on Sunday morning before the opening ceremonies.

“When the crowd is cheering the whole team of volunteers it gives you the biggest feeling of achievement,” he said.

While Wong's role will be virtually invisible when performed smoothly, Yamanto's Mark Allan will be heard by almost everyone attending the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals as one of the commentary team.

Allan splits his time between racing and commentary, enabling him to give back to the event while still enjoying it on the track.

“I’m very fortunate to have the role that I have,” he said. “I get to call the racing from the best seat in the house. I’m invested in every race that I announce. I feel the jubilation of a record breaking run to the heartbreak of a team not qualifying in that final session. I like to think that way of calling a race engages the spectator to have some of their own personal emotional investment into each run from the stands as well.

“The Gulf Western Oil Winternationals is the pinnacle of the sport and to contribute that tiny bit towards such a large event is rewarding.”

Mark is not the only member of the Allan family to be involved, with cousin Kristie greeting racers at the front gate. As a former racer herself, the role allowed Kristie to keep meeting more teams.

“When I finished racing Junior Dragsters in 2010 I was a little lost on what I could do,” she said. “I had always spent a lot of time with the officials at the track and always loved giving them a hand. So when I was asked if I could volunteer on the front gate I was a tad excited!

“At the time I was only 17 and I thought it was an opportunity to learn new things; it was a totally different approach to customer service than what I was used to.”
The position is unique, with Allan getting to see racers with all their pre-event excitement and nerves.

“I always find the Gulf Western Oils Winternationals an exciting time of year. For me personally I think it has this amazing feeling, the atmosphere is just something you can’t explain. Everyone is so upbeat and ready to kick butt.

“Coming from a racing background I love seeing the racers and the crew, having a chat and a joke with them all. It’s also great to see the spectators coming in and having a chat to them, so many of them travel from overseas.”

The Gulf Western Oil Winternationals run from June 7 to 10 at Willowbank Raceway. For more information head to www.willowbankraceway.com.au.

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GOUWS FAMILY LOOKS TO MAKE IT 2 FROM 2. https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/gouws-family-looks-to-make-it-2-from-2 GOUWS FAMILY LOOKS TO MAKE IT 2 FROM 2.


SCG Racing will soon be heading out to the biggest drag racing event outside of U.S.A with the 51st running of the Gulf Western Winternationals. With more than 500 competitors racing over 4 days, it will certainly be jammed packed full of action with Stephan and Liezel looking to take bragging rights!

Stephan Gouws Jnr who is competing in a strong 52 car modified field with his SCG Electrical and Lucky Bling dragster is looking to defend his current national title, currently sitting in 2nd position only 30 points adrift.

“It has been an amazing season with lots of ups and downs while learning the new car and what conditions it likes and doesn’t like” said Stephan Jnr.
Stephan has shown signs of why he is the reigning national champion by recently putting together ‘0.00’ packages at the Queensland Championship event, where he was undefeated for the day with 3 out of 3 wins racing Chicago Shootout format.

“I think the car and I are starting to become one. I’ve started to learn where I can push myself and when it is time to back off. Certainly, getting a perfect (0.000) reaction and a 0.001 in our recent Sydney trip is testimony to how I can push the car”.


Modified is one of the toughest racing brackets in the Australian drag racing scheme and though there are higher accoladed racers with multiple national and track championship, Stephan is prepared to take it all head on.

Liezel Gouws, the other family member of SCG Racing is looking for her first Junior Dragster National crown. Running for SCG Racing Parts, Liezel is the current points leader after a solid performance at the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder. Making it all the way to the Semi-Finals, the crew was thrown a curve ball by the sudden weather change which ended their day.

“It was great going rounds at a major event before the Winters” said Liezel.

“I have started to believe in myself more and more in my car after we did an engine and clutch swap. Having the B/JD in my car was a huge boost and certainly showing.”

Liezel also has to contend with a 54 car Junior Dragster field and with only having a 20-point lead needs to be on her game if she is going to hold off the other competitors chasing her.

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Rod’s racing turbo charged by power duo sponsorship https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/rod-s-racing-turbo-charged-by-power-duo-sponsorship Rod Harvey may drive a Toyota Celica but there is nothing pedestrian about this sports compact drag car: it is, in fact, the fastest import car in the southern hemisphere and the fifth quickest in the world.

The Kiwi driver, who holds more than 20 tracks records, national records and event wins across Australia and New Zealand, splits his time between his homeland and Kallangur, Brisbane to compete in the Australian racing circuit season.

Rod’s best race to date was at last year’s Willowbank Raceway Winternationals where he reached 253.1 miles per hour. In June he will again take to Willowbank for the Winternationals and is stopping in at Battery World Ipswich on Tuesday (June 5) at 10.30am with his car to meet with fans who can get up and close to the car.

In 2017, his car was the first ever Factory Extreme/Sport Compact car to run a five-second pass in Australasia at the Gulf Western Oil Winter Nationals and the third fastest in the world for mile per hour at 253 mph.


It is nothing for this driver to reach speeds as fast, and faster than some competition door slammers: full-bodied racing sedans with V8 supercharged engines fuelled by methanol.

“To qualify for door slammer, at the last Winternationals you needed to reach a 5.90: that’s covering a quarter of a mile in 5.9 seconds, or faster,” Rod says. “What makes me passionate about this machine is we have been able to do that and faster. So, to be able to get this much power out of this engine is something pretty special. They say you’ve got to drive these cars like you just stole it.”

Rod and his small team are hitting the 51st Gulf Western Oil Winternationals this year thanks to a joint sponsorship by Battery World Australia and Century Yuasa.

“Sponsorship is critical in racing,” he said. “The duo of Battery World and Century Yuasa is a great fit for us and it is great to support an Australian-made manufacturer. There is a standard joke on how you make a million dollars in racing – you start with 10 because it quickly whittles down. I was always attracted to racing cars from motorbikes and streetcars: racing V8s until 2000, when I switched to sport compact, but I also have a trade. My dad made sure I would have something to fall back on if racing didn’t pan out.”


While hitting speeds of over 407km per hour is all in a day’s work for the 46-year-old builder his 10-year-old daughter Shavaun, who races alongside him in the junior categories, and is also sponsored by Century Yuasa, is only allowed to reach speeds of 100km or 11.9 over an eighth of a mile.

“Shavaun says she can’t wait until she can race as fast as me,” Rod says. “And her younger brother Carlos, 6, also can’t wait for the day when he can get his junior dragster. It’s definitely a family affair with my wife Natalie down on the track with us. She is the one talking to us through our headsets keeping us calm and she is also our chief ‘strapper-inner’: she won’t let either of us drive unless she has made sure the seatbelts are safe and secure and only she can do it. She is also in the tow vehicle that brings the cars back in.”

To keep up to date with all of the latest news from Rod Harvey, visit https://www.facebook.com/rodharveyracing

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NZ TOP DOORSLAMMER CHAMP TO FULFIL AUSTRALIAN RACING AMBITIONS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/nz-top-doorslammer-champ-to-fulfil-australian-racing-ambitions



Trevor Smith’s 75 Holden Statesman won the IHRA Nationals Top Doorslammer title at Meremere in March with Rod Harvey at the wheel. 
Beachlands drag racer Trevor Smith has re-powered his 365km/h family heirloom in the quest for another performance step, and to fulfil his long-held ambition of racing at Australia’s Winternationals.

Smith has shipped his 75 Holden Statesman — the winning Top Doorslammer at the IHRA New Zealand Nationals back in March — to Brisbane for next month’s Winternationals, but in an upgraded specification that has never seen the track in New Zealand.

The big Holden has been re-powered, with its big block Chevrolet engine replaced by the supercharged Chrysler Hemi from the Lodge family Top Alcohol dragster. Smith will benefit from the knowledge of Australian drag racing stalwarts Victor and Ben Bray in the lead-up to the 51st annual Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway near Ipswich on June 7-10.

“We got to know Victor and Ben Bray a few years ago through Rod Harvey,” said Smith.

“They have offered several times over the years to help us if we wanted to race in Australia.

“I’ve shied away from it until now but this time the offer was too good to refuse.

“So the day after winning the Nationals, the Chev came out of the car and we started work on fitting the Hemi. The car is over at Team Bray Racing now getting set up to run in Pro Slammer.”

The switch to Hemi power is the latest step in the ongoing development of the big Holden that, to date, has achieved a best quarter-mile pass of 6.261secs at Meremere Dragway.

“It started life as my father’s daily driver and it became my race car and we’ve developed it ever since. My son [Trevor Junior] will get to race the car soon, so it will have three generations in the family. The goal is one day to race Doorslammers side-by-side against my son.”

Smith missed most of the 2017-18 local season while recovering from shoulder surgery. He called on Rod Harvey to take over driving duties and the pairing clinched the IHRA New Zealand Nationals victory at Meremere.

“We’ve got a great group of sponsors with P&I Pascoe Transport and B&T Earthmovers so, rather than miss last season, we ran the car with Rod driving and won the Nationals.”

Winning isn’t part of the plan for the Australian campaign.

“It’s a big experiment and an experience for us,” said Smith.

“They run into the 5.60s over there. Our goal is to get the car sorted with the Hemi in it, using the help and knowledge of the Bray team, and be ready for when the season starts here next summer.

“I’ve been to watch the Winternationals a few times and to race there has been on my bucket list for a long time.”

The Winternationals is the final round of Australia’s 400 Thunder national series. With 500 entries, it’s considered the largest and most prestigious drag racing event outside of the US.

The Pro Slammer class has 17 entries and Smith will get an up-close view of a final round title fight that sees 10-time ‘Slammer champion John Zappia (Holden HQ Monaro) leading outstanding series rookie Paul Mouhayet (68 Ford Mustang) by just 16 points.

Smith’s entry makes it a quartet of Kiwi racers set for this year’s Winternationals.

Rod Harvey is a regular on the Australian scene in his Yuasa Batteries Toyota Celica Factory Xtreme contender and his daughter Shavaun has been racing at recent Australian events in the Junior Dragster category.

Pukekohe’s Lee Sherwin has based his V8-powered Mk 1 Ford Escort in Brisbane for the past two years, commuting across to compete, and was the runner-up in the Super Sedan division in last year’s Queensland series.

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AEROFLOW OUTLAW NITRO FUNNY CARS SHAKE UP WILLOWBANK RACEWAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-cars-shake-up-willowbank-raceway AEROFLOW OUTLAW  NITRO FUNNY CARS SHAKE UP WILLOWBANK RACEWAY

By Dragphotos.com.au


Terminator AONFC Flames Up Willowbank RacewayPhoto - Dragphotos.com.au

The weather gods played nice for the AONFC round at Willowbank Raceway on the 12th May 2018, with fans rocking up early to check out the cars up close and in person, including meeting the drivers and event Captain America!!!


Willowbank Raceway and AONFC put on a party in the pits to entertain the little ones with jumping castles, rides and entertainment leaving the kids with smiles from here to the Winternationals on most faces !!


Combining the event with the local track championship it was going to always be a full day of action on the black stuff and once the afternoon sun started to set it was nitro time !!!


The battles over the night are always close and keep the crowd on their toes with the good old battle of the track and the power leading to a very happy winner!!


Or in Rick Gaucci case both with a new record in the Nitro Express 57 punching it out the back door with celebrations all round !!!


The series puts on a great show with close racing for everyone and is a family-friendly event well worth putting on the calendar for the next one !!!



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A FIVE THIRTY SEVEN FROM THE ’57 SEALS WILLOWBANK WIN https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/a-five-thirty-seven-from-the-57-seals-willowbank-win A FIVE THIRTY SEVEN FROM THE ’57 SEALS WILLOWBANK WIN


Nitro Express Shatters The Record With New PBNitro Express - New PB at Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars at Willowbank Raceway - Photo Dragphotos.com.au

An eager crowd, a party in the pits, blazing fast passes and close racing made the Willowbank Raceway round of Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars on May 12 one of the best yet.


After the crowd were treated to a “Party in the Pits” with drivers and crew, as well as entertainment and rides for the kids, round one of racing started with almost every car in the field recording a pass in the 5-second range.

Chelsea Leahy Warms Up The Sheriff Chelsea Leahy Warms Up The Sheriff for the fans in the Pit Party


Rick Gauci’s Nitro Express went quickest of all the cars but the real highlight was both Donnelly brothers recording wins in their respective match-ups and also recording near identical 5.67-second elapsed times!


Josh Leahy drove The Bandit to wins in both the first two rounds with scorching runs, which meant Leahy would head to the final run of the night to matchup against Gauci in Nitro Express for overall event win honours. One Bad Kiwi and Morice McMillin returned to form in the second round, with a stout 5.65 second pass and Bumble Bee would also enter the final on the maximum six points, after recording another win.


The final matchups saw Bumble Bee take on One Bad Kiwi and it was local-boy Donnelly who took Bumble Bee to the win and maximum 9 points.


That meant Gauci or Leahy were the only two racers who could take the top spot away from Bumble Bee – all hinging on the final run of the night.

Gaucci In The Zone Ready To BattleRick Gauci ( Nitro Express ) brings home the gold and a new PB


Josh Leahy blasted The Bandit to a super-quick 5.58-second pass but even that wasn’t enough with Gauci recording an outright record for the class with a 5.37-second pass at a massive 271mph!


That result meant Gauci took top honours with Jake Donnelly in second and Josh Leahy third.


Gauci explained “We knew we had to step it up for the final, Josh and The Bandit were running hard for the whole meeting and he’s quick on the lights too!


“GC (Crew Chief, Graeme Cowin) put a strong tune-up in Nitro Express for that last pass and what can I say, I had to hold on!


“I have to give a massive thanks to the whole crew and well done to Jake Donnelly and Josh Leahy on their podiums, it’s so close between the cars, we are having to step it up every time we go out.


“I can’t wait for the next one!” laughed Gauci.


Fans Checking Out The Huge Wheels Up Action of SheriffSheriff wheelstander up on 2 wheels showing off to the crowd with Chelsea Leahy behind the wheel.


The next event for the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars will be at Springmount Raceway, near Cairns in Queensland.



Full Gallery from the event can be found here - OFFICIAL GALLERY HERE

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XIBERRAS LAMENTS LOST CHAMPIONSHIP OPPORTUNITY FOLLOWING CRASH https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/xiberras-laments-lost-championship-opportunity-following-crash  


Top fuel pilot Peter Xiberras had his challenge for the 400 Thunder Top Fuel Title well and truly underway at the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event at the weekend, reducing the gap between he and title leader Damien Harris with a round one victory.

Unfortunately, a race two incident which saw Xiberras hit the left-hand wall in his PremiAir Racing dragster now sees his championship hopes in tatters.

“The weekend started out really positive for us – we came to Sydney third on the ladder, 20 points shy of second-placed Kelly Bettes and 22 away from the leader, Damien Harris,” Xiberras explained.

“We had our eyes on closing that gap right up, and with a race one win we were on our way to that goal, reducing the gap to Harris to just 16 points with two more races ahead of us for the event.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. In the second race, we were in the right-hand lane and early in the run the dragster shook the tyres very hard, with the car turning to the left and making contact with the left-hand wall.

“Thankfully, we didn’t make contact with Wayne Newby who was racing in the left-hand lane and I was able to extract myself from the car on my own and walk over to see the ambulance, which took me over to the hospital to be checked out.


“Unfortunately, when they have run a CT scan they have found some spinal fractures which will mean I will be in hospital for a couple of weeks. At this stage we are hopeful of avoiding surgery and a MRI tomorrowwill give us some more information on whether we will be lucky in that regard.

“It isn’t the news you want of course but I am going to be a-okay, and that is the main thing. The fact that my injuries aren’t worse is a real testament to the safety of these cars. Unfortunately, while I will make a full recovery, I will be missing out on the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals so our championship title for this season is well and truly over.

“We will just have to come back next season bigger and better to make up for it,”


“In the meantime, I would like to send my thanks to all of the track staff and officials at Sydney Dragway as well as the medical staff who are looking after me, the racers that have checked in with me, to my sponsors, and to all of the fans and supporters who have been sending their well wishes – all of your support is very much appreciated.”

For more information on PremiAir Racing, please visit http://premiairhire.com.au/ or follow the team on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PremiAirRacing/

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TBR FINDS PBs IN SYDNEY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2018/5/tbr-finds-pbs-in-sydney TBR FINDS PBs IN SYDNEY

Frankie Taylor set not one but two personal best ETs across the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event at Sydney Dragway at the weekend, while between them Taylor and stable-mate Ben Bray claimed three race wins for the GWO-supported Team Bray Racing.

While the blisteringly cold weather for Friday’s two test sessions saw the majority of the Pro Slammer field unable to set representative times, come Saturday’s test run US-star Taylor was able to lay down a 5.744s pass at 239.44mph – a personal best for the Texan in Australia.  

When it came time for the three-round ‘all run’ racing format, Taylor would go on to better that personal best ET to 5.703s at 255mph in his second round redemption win over Steven Ham. That PB effort followed on from a first-round loss against Steven Ham and preceded a third-round victory over the Moits Racing Mustang.

“We may not have won the meeting outright – our congratulations go to John Zappia on his victory – but for me to walk away with two race wins and having reset and then bettered my personal best here in Australia is something I am very happy about,” Taylor said.

“It was also really great to see the fans at the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder – I am told the crowd was the biggest it has been in years and that is always great to see.”

For Bray, a 5.716 @251.85MPH round one win over Michelle Davies preceded some more difficult racing in rounds two and three.

“In round one we had a great run to the finish against Michelle to take the opening win in the Gulf Western Oil TBR Pro Slammer,” Ben said.

“In round two we looked set to do it again, however, unfortunately we had a gear brake at the 1000-foot mark which gave Emilio Spinozzi the chance to drive around me right on the finish line!

“For round three, Mark Belleri broke his car on the start line, but as I was running down the track I, unfortunately, got out of the groove and crossed the centre line which saw the win handed back to Mark.

“While things might not have gone to plan for me, it was great to see Frankie putting out some really strong times and for TBR to have the chance to put on a show in our Pro Slammers and also the burnout car for such a huge crowd – it was the biggest I have seen at Sydney Dragway in 10 years I think!”

Following the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event, which was the penultimate round of the 400 Thunder Pro Slammer championship, the battle for third place will continue to the Gulf Western Oil Winternationals in June with Taylor (fourth – 362 points) and Bray (fifth – 347 points) still hot on the heels of third-placed Belleri (390 points).

Before TBR heads to that event, to be held at their home-track of Willowbank Raceway, they will first visit the Ipswich (Queensland) facility this coming Saturday (May 12) for the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car event where Ben will compete in the Top Sportsman bracket in his Gulf Western Oil Toyota Solara.

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DIXON TO RACE AT WINTERNATIONALS FOR RAPISARDA AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/dixon-to-race-at-winternationals-for-rapisarda-autosport-international DIXON TO RACE AT WINTERNATIONALS FOR RAPISARDA AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL

3-time NHRA champion, Larry Dixon, will race alongside Rapisarda Autosport International team-mates, Damien Harris and Wayne Newby, at the 50th anniversary Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway.
“Anytime you get a phone call from Santo to race for the family team is an honour and privilege," said Dixon, who last raced for RAI at Sydney Dragway in November 2016. “Santo has assembled a great team with all the right equipment and crew, as well as having Lee Beard on board to tune the car for the meeting. I’m also excited to be returning to race at Willowbank.”
With RAI star Wayne Newby needing only to qualify to win the 2016-17 400 Thunder Championship, the team travels to Willowbank Raceway with three goals in mind. To claim the 400T title, take out back-to-back Winternationals titles and be the first team in Australian drag racing history to run under the 4.50 second barrier.
The current record of 4.503 was set by Dixon at Willowbank Raceway in 2012.
“We’ve been knocking on the door for the last 12 months and I think the Winternationals could see the record broken and the first pass under 4.50 seconds,” according to team-owner Santo Rapisarda. “To many involved in the sport it’s the next frontier in Top Fuel and I think that all the teams entered for the Winters would want to be the first into the record book. I’m quietly confident that one of our cars could break the barrier. Who it will be? I don’t know. All three of our cars are capable, as well as Darren Morgan and Kelly Bettes in the Lamattina entry. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Firstly we want to win the Winternationals and having Larry in the third car, our hopes have received a major boost.”
A sub 4.50 sec. run holds great significance for Dixon who made NHRA history when he became the first driver to crack the barrier running a 4.486 at Houston in 1999.
“A 4.40 run is in our sights,” said Dixon. “All three Rapisarda tuners - Santo Junior, Santino and Lee - would all love to run under the current record and dip into the 4.40 zone. If the conditions are right, and that means an air temperature around 20C and track temperature in the vicinity of 21C-27C, then you could see history made.”

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/dixon-to-race-at-winternationals-for-rapisarda-autosport-international Mon, 29 May 2017 11:57:20 GMT
BISHOP SHOWS PROMISE PRIOR TO WINTERNATIONALS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/bishop-shows-promise-prior-to-winternationals

Designing and manufacturing Jewellery by day and tinkering with his Supercharged V8 Pro Slammer at night, it is a balancing act for CEO of Wallace Bishop Jewellers, Stuart Bishop as he prepares for this year’s 50th Winternationals sponsored by Gulf Western Oils and Ipswich City Council.


Stuart Bishop Racing is revving up the new immaculate Camaro Pro Slammer in preparation for this year’s Winternationals hosted at Willowbank Raceway on June 8-11, piloted by Mr. Bishop himself it will be an exciting event to see not only a celebration of 50 years of drag racing but also to see what Bishop and his new car is capable of on the Willowbank track.


"I can’t wait to hit the track in the new Pro Slammer, it’s a whole new setup and learning curve but we are not racing to come second” Mr. Bishop said. 


The car is a work of art with carbon fibre every which way you look and even the little things manufactured in house by head crew chief Daniel Reed son of the famous Steve Reed and grandson of one of the innovators in Drag Racing Jim Reed. "If it needs to be made or we want to try something new Daniel designs it and make it happen, hopefully giving us that little edge we are all chasing for" said Bishop.


Being the big Five-O it is a chance to celebrate what is known as the jewel in the Australian drag racing calendar, the Winternationals. Over the 4 days, 500 racers will take part in the festivities with thousands of drag racing fans traveling from all over the country and also from around the globe to see what is the biggest drag racing event outside of North America.


For full information on the event head to www.willowbankraceway.com.au


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) doorslammer media onpoint point proslammer sbr solutions willowbank winternationals.on winters https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/bishop-shows-promise-prior-to-winternationals Tue, 23 May 2017 12:58:53 GMT
Up Close And Personal - Kelly Bettes https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/up-close-and-personal---kelly-bettes

Street machine sits down with Australia's newest top fuel pilot. 


Full interveiw here : https://www.streetmachine.com.au/street-machine-tv/1705/kelly-bettes-to-race-for-lamattina-top-fuel-video

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) bettes fuel kelly lamittina news raceway top willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2017/5/up-close-and-personal---kelly-bettes Mon, 22 May 2017 11:12:50 GMT
Summerland 10 Spot https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/summerland-10-spot

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Summerland airstrip andra casino drag racing rural https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/summerland-10-spot Sun, 22 Jun 2014 12:05:16 GMT
THE 47th WINTERNATIONALS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/the-47th-winternationals

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 47th Doorslammer Fuchs Fuel Queensland Top Winternationals andra willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/6/the-47th-winternationals Mon, 09 Jun 2014 12:50:05 GMT
X CHAMPS PHOTO BLOG https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/5/x-champs-photo-blog

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) andra champs doorslammer fuel sydney top wsid x https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/5/x-champs-photo-blog Mon, 05 May 2014 10:58:26 GMT
SANTOS SUPER 3 THE PEOPLE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-the-people

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) alcohol andra fuel people santos top willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-the-people Sun, 20 Apr 2014 07:48:32 GMT
SANTOS SUPER 3 10 POST SAT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-10-post-sat

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) alcohol andra bike doorslammer easter fuel santos top willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-10-post-sat Sun, 20 Apr 2014 00:20:42 GMT
SANTOS SUPER 3 10 - POST https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-10---post

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) alcohol andra bike doorslammer fuel rapisarda santos top willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/4/santos-super-3-10---post Fri, 18 Apr 2014 23:11:24 GMT
APSA SHOOTOUT TESTING 10 - SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/apsa-shootout-testing-10---spot A huge day of testing out at Willowbank raceway in preparation for tomorrow's Australian Pro Street Association Shootout. On track from 10am racing from 2:30pm into the evening. This is one event not to miss out on.. Make sure your trackside!!     

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 10.5 APSA Nos Shootout Turbo Willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/apsa-shootout-testing-10---spot Fri, 21 Mar 2014 11:22:30 GMT
JAMBOREE SYDNEY 10 - SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jamboree-sydney-10---spot

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Jamboree blog drag photos sydney turbo wsid https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jamboree-sydney-10---spot Mon, 17 Mar 2014 08:10:17 GMT
PISTON V ROTARY BATTLE SET TO HEAT UP AT SYDNEY JAMBOREE THIS WEEKEND https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/piston-v-rotary-battle-set-to-heat-up-at-sydney-jamboree-this-weekend
When the Sydney Jamboree hits Sydney Dragway this Saturday 15 March it will play host to the first stanza of a growing piston versus rotary battle courtesy of the Factory Xtreme bracket, which will be sponsored at the Jamboree by Precision Turbo and Engine.
Hitting the track will be Collin Willshire, George Rehayem, Jason Both, Mark Jacobsen, Milos Paviovic, Scott Porter, Joe Signorelli, Archie Kajewski and Zoran Gajic aboard state-of-the-art drag racing machines which epitomise the latest in technology and development. 
Factory Xtreme Committee Member Willshire said this weekend’s Sydney Jamboree is set to a ‘fast and furious’ battle for racers and spectators alike.
“Everyone loves a good rivalry – it builds excitement and virtually guarantees on-track action,” said Willshire.
“The Factory Xtreme class is all about excitement, bringing the ultimate in drag racing technology in the cars loved by today’s generation together with committed and talented racers to create edge of your seat battles.
“With everything from Nissan GTRs and Toyota Celicas to Mazda 6s and Mitsubishi Eclipses, Factory Xtreme is guaranteed to thrill at the Sydney Jamboree this weekend.” 
As round one of the 2014 Factory Xtreme Series, the Sydney Jamboree represents the first ‘full flight’ competitive hit-out for Brisbane racer Jacobsen and his new Nissan GTR Twin Turbo V6 VR 38 engine combination.
“About five months ago we hit the track for the final round of Factory Xtreme as part of the APSA event, the numbers were good but we didn’t want to push it that early on,” said the 43 year old who is the owner of Godzilla Motorsport.
“When we get underway this Saturday I am pretty confident the bugs will be all shook out so we can really push ahead with the car and chase some results. 
“As far as the piston versus rotary rivalry goes, it is a great thing for the sport as it creates some excitement and that is what this class is all about – for me, I want to win whether I am racing a rotary or a piston, so at the end of the day I am just going to go for it!” 
The Precision Turbo and Engine Factory Xtreme action will kick off at the Sydney Jamboree on Saturday 15 March with two rounds of qualifying at 10.00am and 12.00pm ahead of three rounds of racing from 3.00pm and finals from 8.30pm. For more information including entry lists and event schedules, please visit www.jamboree.com.au or www.factoryxtreme.com.au 
Factory Xtreme is a Sport Compact Drag Racing category open to post-2000 full chassis drag vehicles with a maximum wheelbase of 115 inches powered by a 4-cyl, 6-cyl, two-rotor or three-rotor engine. Representing the ultimate in drag racing technology and development both in terms of horsepower and application, the category boasts several national and world record holders and is steadily growing. 
In 2014 the Factory Xtreme Series will be held over five rounds, commencing this weekend at the Sydney Jamboree before journeying on to Willowbank Raceway for the FUCHS Winternationals (5-8 June) and the Brisbane Jamboree (30 August) and Calder Park Raceway (11 October) before returning to Sydney for the finale during November. For the latest on the Series, please visit www.factoryxtreme.com.au 
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‘THE HOF’ TO MAKE FLYING VISIT FOR QDRC OUTLAWS OPENER THIS WEEKEND https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/-the-hof-to-make-flying-visit-for-qdrc-outlaws-opener-this-weekend The commitment of drag racer Chris ‘The Hof’ Van’t Hof will be without question this weekend, with the Roma hotel owner set to knock-off work at around 4.00am Saturday before hopping on a plane to compete that same day at Willowbank Raceway’s round two of the QLD Drag Racing Championship.
The Saturday 15 March event will be the first outing for the new-for-2014 Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket in which ‘The Hof’ – owner of Roma’s Club Hotel Motel and The Zone nightclub - will contest his striking Team M2 ’63 Corvette
Unfortunately for the 42 year old, the event coincides with a large event in The Zone Nightclub at his hotel, requiring the former President of Roma’s Ironbark Raceway to stay on until the wee hours before flying down to Ipswich to indulge his passion. 
“While I live in Roma, this year we have relocated the M2 team to be ten minutes away from Willowbank Raceway with a commitment to really getting behind the local events and especially the QLD Drag Racing Series,” said ‘The Hof’, who was runner-up to team-mate Luke Marsden in his rookie year of the ANDRA Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Series in 2013 (Supercharged Outlaws bracket). 
“Unfortunately it seems that almost all the QDRC dates for my race bracket coincide with major events on my business calendar, but I won’t be letting that get in the way of being on track if I can help it.
“My awesome team of Luke Marsden and Toby Rice at M2 will be heading to the track early to get everything set-up so I can fly in that morning, catch some quick ‘Zs’ and then hop in the car for what I am betting is going to be a great day at the track.”
The event will be the first for the new-for-2014 Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws class, which allows turbocharged and nitrous-powered vehicles to join supercharged vehicles in one action-packed bracket.
“The new format presents, in my opinion, a fantastic opportunity for the sport of drag racing and racers like me to really start to grow again with new challenges and increased competition meaning interesting action for racers and spectators,” said the long-time racer who will compete alongside team-mate Luke Marsden in the bracket this Saturday.
“My team and I will be doing everything we can to support the new bracket as we really want to see it prosper and develop with more and more cars and spectators turning up at the track to see a great show.”
While QDRC Outlaws is a core-focus the M2 team currently, there are some big plans on the horizon.
“I have been in and around the sport of drag racing for something like 15 years, and last year Luke Marsden and I made a commitment to the ANDRA sportsman national series and after travelling to every round some 31,000 kilometres later we were able to come away with the top two spots – for me in my rookie year in the Outlaws bracket to snatch that second place was pretty amazing,” said ‘The Hof’, who was quick to attribute his success so far to the dedication of Marsden and Rice as well as the support of sponsors like Club Hotel Motel Roma, The Zone Nightclub and Roma Tilt Trays and his family, including wife Deb and father Nik. 
“My line of work can be extremely high pressure and stressful, so people often think it’s funny that the way I relax is to go and climb into a very high-pressure race vehicle and barrel down the track at more than 220 miles per hour, but for me it is a valuable way to relax and switch off from the demands of my business. 
“I am very privileged to be able to do what I do and to race with guys like Luke Marsden and Toby Rice, we only want to be very professional in what we do and we do it right, or not at all. 
“Together we are set on getting out there and getting great results while having a ball of fun, and at the same time we always have our eye on the next step-up for the team.
“Currently we are focusing on a planned step-up to Top Doorslammer for myself in 2015, with the goal to have both myself and Luke competing in the professional group one ranks in the near future while also keeping up our involvement in the Outlaws scene. 
“While that is the long-term goal, for now we are focusing on getting to as many Willowbank Raceway events as possible and doing the absolute best we can to win events and set down good times – Luke has just finished fixing my gear box after I tore it up in the final of the recent Nostalgia Drags event and with that all sorted I am pretty confident I can run some quick times this weekend.” 
Joining Van’t Hof and his fellow Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws competitors on track for this Saturday’s  QDRC round will be competitors across the QDRC SuperComp, QDRC Comp Bike, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas categories. Gates will open at 9.00am with qualifying from 1.00pm to 5.00pm and all racing from 5.00pm.
Entries are available online at www.willowbankraceway.com.au and will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 March 2014, while spectator entry is available at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, and children aged 13 and under gain free entry. For full event information, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au 
This weekend’s QDRC event will be the second of four events being held at Willowbank Raceway during the month of March, with the ever-popular Australian Pro Street Association’s Pro Street Shootout (22 March 2014) and round three of the Street Series (29 March) still yet to come. 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
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JETT RACING PRIVATE HIRE 10 - SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jett-racing-private-hire-10---spot

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) extreme factory hire jamboree jett march private racing turbo willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/jett-racing-private-hire-10---spot Thu, 06 Mar 2014 00:03:40 GMT
PRO STREET POWER TO DRIVE MAD MARCH AT WILLOWBANK RACEWAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/pro-street-power-to-drive-mad-march-at-willowbank-raceway
With round two of the Street Series run and won at Queensland’s premier drag racing facility at the weekend, ‘mad March’ at Willowbank Raceway is well and truly underway.
The month of March will host no less than four events at the Ipswich venue, with two rounds of the Street Series (1 March and 29 March), and back-to-back events with round two of the Queensland Drag Racing Championship (QDRC – 15 March) and the ever-popular Pro Street Shootout (22 March), while in the background preparations continue for the return of Easter’s Top Fuel and Top Alcohol racing spectacular, set to hit the track across Good Friday and Easter Saturday (April 18 and 19).
Set to turn heads on 22 March will be the all-out Pro Street war promised by the Australian Pro Street Association, with a wide variety of impressive vehicles and racers set to go head to head.
“The Pro Street Shootout will bring the toughest 10.5 Outlaw, Pro Street, True Street and Pro Bikes in Australia together to battle it out ‘old school’ across the Willowbank Raceway drag strip on 22 March,” said APSA event director Johnny Habib.
“Points and egos are on the line, with fast and furious battles virtually guaranteed – from turbo versus nitrous versus blown to Holden versus Ford, Compak versus V8 and racer versus racer, fierce rivalries are the name of the game.
“All the while, these amazing machines are almost all ‘street cars’, having at one stage of their life rolled off a car production line with years of innovation and modifications transforming them into the grossly overpowered show cars you see today with times and speeds to rival the best purpose-built drag cars. 
“Big burnouts, giant wheelstands and competitive racing are what it is all about, and that is why this form of racing is fast becoming a drag racing forum of choice around Australia for racers and spectators alike.” 
Before the Pro Street Shootout hits the track however, round two of the 2014 QDRC will be taking to the Ipswich quarter-mile, including the debut performance of the new for 2014 QDRC Outlaws bracket which will pit supercharged vehicles against turbo and nitrous powered machines for the first time. 
“The QDRC is all about celebrating our local heroes and with a number of changes introduced following recent racer consultation meetings, February’s opening round really delivered for racers and spectators alike,” said Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson.
“Now as we look down the barrel of round two which will host the debut of the new Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket the excitement is palpable – pitting a range of forced induction machines against each other, this bracket has huge potential to increase excitement, competition and diversity which can only mean great things, and I for one can’t wait to see them on track come March 15.” 
For more on the Pro Street Shootout, QDRC or the Street Series, go to www.willowbankraceway.com.au 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Racing from QDRC SuperComp, QDRC CompBike, Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Super Gas
Gates open 9.00am
Qualifying from 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Racing from 5.00pm
Please note times are subject to change dependent on number of entries
Adults - $20.00
Students with ID -$18.00
Children 13 and under gain free entry
Featuring racing from: Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Extreme, Pro Street Blown, Pro Street Unblown, Mod Street Blown, Mod Street Unblown, Radial Outlaw, X275, True Street, Pro Street Bike, DYO
Gates Open 7.00am
Qualifying from 10.00am
Racing from 2.30pm
Adults: $25.00
Students with ID: $20.00
Children 13 and under gain free entry
What to expect: 
True Street Cars: ‘full steel’ cars which are mostly street registered and must be driven back to the pits (rather than towed) after completing their pass. Most of these cars run the quarter-mile in the nine second bracket.
X275 and Radial Outlaw: Over-powered street configured cars running huge power with no wheelie bars and running on street tyres only.
Pro Street Bike: Street configured bikes pushing the limits with gorgeous paint, chrome, extended swing arms, fat tyres and incredible power, using highly modified production engines and power adders such as nitrous, superchargers and turbos.
Modified Street Cars: This class boasts standard chassis and standard suspension cars but with enormous horsepower, running in the low seven second range over the quarter mile at close to 300kph. Ever wondered how far you can push a production configured car? Mod Street is all about testing those limits.
Pro Street Cars: Gorgeous ‘tubbed’ 2500HP three quarter chassis monsters. Big tyres, gorgeous paint work and awesome launches.
10.5 Outlaw Cars: No rules ‘Outlaws’, these mad men want to put as much horsepower as possible through a 10.5 inch tyred animal, many boast more than 3000 horsepower and run into the six second bracket. 
Outlaw Extreme: this new exhibition class is a ‘no bars held’ class with minimal rules being swinging doors and no Nitro fuel, including blown doorslammers, turbo pro mods and anything else with swinging doors
Winners from The Weekends Street Series Below
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MORGAN SECURES FIRST WIN OF 2014 , GREGORINI FIRST WIN OF CAREER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/3/morgan-secures-first-win-of-2014-gregorini-first-win-of-career Westernationals - Perth MotorplexWesternationals - Perth MotorplexShot at the Westernationals at the Perth Motorplex

Darren Morgan made his debut on Saturday as a runner up to Phil Lamattina. He finished his weekend as a winner on Sunday night to shake up the ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel standings.
DMR did what they always do, get quicker with each pass running 4.758 in qualifying, 4.712 during eliminations and 4.695 in the A Final from Allan Dosbon’s 4.717.
Morgan said the car has new clutch disconnects, blowers and injector but the team is very happy with the set up.
“We’re really happy with the changes (to the car), it’s perfect,” he said. “Everything is just mint, it goes faster and faster every time we tell it to.”
“The next time we have a good track we’ll run low 60s or high 50s.”
Lamattina went quickest again in qualifying on a pulsating 4.693 pass from Damien Harris’ 4.803 during qualifying while Allan Dobson went side by side with Morgan posting a 4.748. Martin Stamatis also went into the fours despite a pop and haze at 1000ft on a 4.868 against Mark Sheehan stepping out just shy of 1000ft.
During eliminations, a red light for the first time since 2012 ended Lamattina’s dream run out west meaning Dobson would go quickest and reach the A Final against DMR on a 4.687 from Stamatis (5.091). Mark Sheehan reached the B Final thanks to an ET of 4.879. He would take the honours for third position with a run of 4.695.
Daniel Gregorini posted consecutive PBs in Top Doorslammer surging first to a 5.921 in eliminations as Victor Bray shut down early in the opposite lane, while Gary Phillips posted the second quickest time of the round to make the A Final on a 5.928.
Unfortunately Phillips would not make the start due to a damaged main rear bearing on the previous pass leaving Gregorini to take a solo 5.914 in his first ever final and lift his first ever ANDRA Christmas tree of any colour, never mind gold.
Gregorini said he had clutch issues in Round 2 on Saturday meaning the team had to make changes and revert to old data in Round 3 on Sunday.
“I did a short shifting pass on the 6.08 but then did 5.92 and 5.91 to back it up. That last pass I had to short shift again as it got a bit skatey out there.”
“I’ve got posters from when Zap first started when I was seven years old and I’ve been following him since. That was the dream and I finally got here and did it, it’s awesome.”
Earlier Gregorini’s childhood hero John Zappia was back in a big way qualifying first with a 5.863. Andrew Sutton slotted into second running 5.868 from Gary Phillips in third with 5.923. From there it was a string of sixes led by Marty Dack (6.004) and Pat Carbone (6.008) in fourth and fifth.
Surprisingly Zappia’s night would end in the elimination round on a holeshot as Peter Kapiris got the win on a 6.139 thanks to an RT of .084 from Zap’s 6.036 and .196.
Ben Bray overcame his recent teething problems with a new auto and converter to reach the B Final on a 6.045 pass against Bishop (6.337). Pino Priolo’s 6.069 defeated the engine popping Andrew Sutton to join him.
Ben Bray’s difficulties resurfaced however laying fluid and shutting down after the burnout leaving Priolo to take the B Final solo in a pedalling 6.459.
Top Fuel now moves onto Willowbank Raceway for Rounds 5 and 6 at the Super 3 on April 18-19 while Top Doorslammer is back in action for Round 4 at Calder Park Raceway April 4-5.
Pic Phil Luyer
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ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR LAMATTINA AND MORGAN !! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/all-systems-go-for-lamattina-and-morgan
Four times ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel champion Darren Morgan and current series leader Phil Lamattina are crossing the Nullabor to put on a show and come away with the first ANDRA Gold Christmas Tree of the season at the 43rd Westernationals this weekend.
Lamattina said he was excited to go racing in his first Westernationals particularly against his old sparring partner Darren Morgan and stiff competition from the likes of Mark Sheehan, Damien Harris, Allan Dobson and 2010 champ Martin Stamatis.
“Darren (Morgan) is the defending champion and it’s always good to have the toughest cars there. He’s one tough competitor,” said Lamattina. “One thing we’ve got is a few runs under our belt already. We know we can beat Darren and he knows he can beat us."
“The conditions over there are going to be a little bit different and won’t be quite 1230as hot as last time. If the weather and the track come around I think we’re going to see some pretty special times and speeds.”
Lamattina expects to run somewhere in the low 4.60s but doesn’t think he’ll be alone.
“I’m pretty confident every car there can run in that low 60 range and more importantly I think if we can keep the races tight, that’s better than running the big times and speeds especially with that three round format. That’s pretty exciting for the crowd.”
One of those fast cars fans at the Perth Motorplex are excited to see on the track is that of Darren Morgan making his 2014 season debut.
Although DMR have not yet raced, Morgan is confident he can shake up the championship standings.
“It’s always difficult (coming into an event with limited testing), said Morgan. “We’ve got new superchargers and new injectors. We knew we had the championship going into the last race in Sydney last year so we put in 9 stand and 8 stand clutches to test those for this year.”
“But we wouldn’t go if we didn’t think we didn’t have a shot at it.”
“We’ll do our best with what we’ve got. Without the support of Top Fuel Australia and K-Trans we wouldn’t be going and we really want to put on a show for our West Australian fans.”
The Top Fuel candles will light up the 43rd Westernationals from 6:00pm Saturday March 1 and Sunday March 2 this weekend at Perth Motorplex.
Qualifying for the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship commences from 6:00pm Friday February 28.
Photos Phil Luyer and Andra
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O'CONNOR TO TAKE TOP QUALIFYING FORM TO WESTERNATIONALS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/oconnor-to-take-top-qualifying-form-to-westernationals
O’Connor to take top qualifying form to Westernationals
West Australian drag racing star Murray O’Connor is looking to take his team’s good form in ANDRA Top Doorslammer to the biggest drag racing event on the Perth Calendar – the Westernationals.
After topping the qualifying at the recent Pro Showdown held at the Perth Motorplex, Murray and the team are confident that once again the carbon-bodied XM Falcon is good enough to go all the way.
Qualifying at the first event of the ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship for 2014, the second session saw the O’Connor team get the XM Falcon down the quarter for a stellar 5.90 pass and straight into the number one position.
“We feel like we had more up out sleeve but the weather threw us a curveball and with just missed the sweet spot,” explained O’Connor.
“Even then we were at the top of the time sheets so we couldn’t really complain.
The field also contained some of the most competitive cars in the country, with a field of 19 vehicles all battling it out for just eight spots.
“Now we have to repeat it and go a little better,” laughed O’Connor.
“This is the event we all want to win and no one wants it more than I do.”
43rd Westernationals
March 1 and 2
Top Doorslammer passes – 5:50pm, 7:50pm and 9:50pm both days
More details at – motorplex.com.au
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WILLOWBANK INTRODUCES NEW OUTLAW CLASS !! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/willowbank-introduces-new-outlaw-class
Following racer consultation meetings held in January and February, the board of Willowbank Raceway has announced the introduction of a new racing class – Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws.
The new bracket will replace Supercharged Outlaws in the Queensland Drag Racing Championship (QDRC) series and pits turbocharged, nitrous-powered and supercharged V8s against each other. 
The bracket is a local class only (not eligible for the ANDRA national championship) and will be contested at select rounds of the QDRC across 2014. Its first appearance will be on 15 March 2014, as part of the second round of the QDRC, with entries open now at www.willowbankraceway.com.au until 5.00pm (QLD) Wednesday 12 March 2014. 
Throwing his early support behind the bracket is Donnelly Blasting Services boss and DBS Motorsport team principal Jason Donnelly, who has chosen to sponsor the bracket and provide additional prize money for bracket winners as part of a long-running association with the Raceway. 
“The Donnelly family has a long involvement with Willowbank Raceway, through not only sponsorship but also through active participation with my sons Daniel (20) and Jake (18) both racing and myself taking the wheel as often as work commitments permit,” said Donnelly, who previously sponsored the Junior Dragster bracket and will watch on as his son Jake takes part in the first outing for QDRC Outlaws on 15 March 2014 while Daniel races in Super Sedan. 
“When we heard about this new bracket we just had to get behind it – we think the inclusion of not only blown cars but also turbo and nitrous cars will bring an exciting mix to the sport for not only racers but also spectators, with close and exciting racing.
“These kinds of supercharging are definitely seen as the way of the future for a lot of people, DBS included, so we are excited to be supporting this new venture and to get in amongst it ourselves across the year – along the way hopefully we can pick up some good results to thank our hard working crew and friends who help us out regularly at the track.”
Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson said the new Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket would encourage fierce competition by pitting different kinds of forced induction cars up against each other for the first time.
“By introducing this new race bracket we are hoping to answer the call by racers and spectators to pit these kinds of cars against each other – encouraging increased competition and excitement for racers and spectators alike while creating a home for all kinds of forced induction race cars right here at Willowbank Raceway,” said Manson.
“Under the new regulations you will see everything from funny cars to dragsters to altereds and sedans running down the track side-by-side, with edge of your seat action virtually guaranteed by virtue of these machines’ prowess.
"We encourage racers and spectators to come along and be a part of this exciting new development here at Willowbank Raceway.”
For more information on the new Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws bracket – set to debut on 15 March 2014 at Willowbank Raceway - including category specification and entry details - http://www.vision6.com.au/ch/38732/1cjfx/1744285/662eby3s0.html
Joining the Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws on track for the 15 March 2014 QDRC round will be competitors across the QDRC SuperComp, QDRC Comp Bike, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas categories. Gates will open at 9.00am with qualifying from 1.00pm to 5.00pm and all racing from 5.00pm.
Entries are available online at www.willowbankraceway.com.au and will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 March 2014, while spectator entry is available at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, and children aged 13 and under gain free entry. For full event information, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Racing from QDRC SuperComp, QDRC CompBike, Donnelly Blasting Services QDRC Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Super Gas
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 2014 outlaw qdrc willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/willowbank-introduces-new-outlaw-class Wed, 26 Feb 2014 00:44:30 GMT
O'ROURKE AND PRIOLO ONES TO WATCH AT WESTERNATIONALS !! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/orourke-and-priolo-ones-to-watch-at-westernationals Pro Showdown @ Perth MotorplexPro Showdown @ Perth MotorplexPro Showdown at Perth Motorplex
All 20 Top Doorslammers entered are capable of doing something special but keep an eye on West Australian Pino Priolo and WA ex-pat Grant O’Rourke at the 43rd Westernationals this weekend.
Earlier this month, Priolo broke through for his first ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Doorslammer championship final taking out Murray O’Connor and Marty Dack before eventually going down to first time winner Stuart Bishop in the final.
Returning to his hometown, Grant O’Rourke defeated John Zappia in a match up reminiscent of their early 2000s rivalry in Top Comp and Top Doorslammer before Bishop would take their semi-final pairing on the way to his historic win.
For both teams, the Pro Showdown was vindication. For Priolo who made the jump from Sprintcars and O’Rourke who returned to Top Doorslammer in 2013 after an eight year hiatus from the cockpit.
“We were extremely happy with running the car in Perth, achieving a five (5.990) on its first full pass” said O’Rourke. “We knew we were going to be up against it, but thanks to K Trans WA, we were able to give it a go in my hometown; and it paid off.”
“As far as this weekend goes, we hope to carry on where we left off, fine tuning a few things - it's a tough field and every little thing counts.”
“This year looks like it will be a lot closer qualifying field as seen at the first round; I'm looking forward to it.”
Meanwhile Priolo feels the Team Budget Forklifts Chevy is now in a position to be competitive on a regular basis.
“It has been a long time coming with the 37 Chev but my son Michael Priolo has done an amazing job making sure we had a safe race car and were not a danger to other competitors,” said Priolo. “We have seen many new cars destroyed.”
“I think the time has come that we are going to be competitive. I had my chances to run a five second pass in the finals (at the Pro Showdown), both times I looked to the side and there was no race car so I short shifted, settled the car and won the race. After all winning rounds is what it’s all about.”
Despite finishing runner up behind Stuart Bishop in Round 1, Priolo was visibly happy for the Queenslander but next time he promises a different outcome.
“Stuart is a great person and I was happy for him to win but I can tell you next time is going to be different.”
“We are looking forward to the Westerns, after all, what a great format. The crowd are actually going to see 20 cars race both nights not just eight on night two.”
“We are not getting ahead of ourselves but the whole team is in good spirits and as long as I have been racing, I never go to a race track thinking that I cannot win. My job now is to be competitive and with good people around you I think we can do it. Remember there is no ‘I’ in team. 
The 43rd Westernationals get under way this weekend at Perth Motorplex with Top Doorslammer action commencing at 5:30pm Saturday March 1st and Sunday March 2nd
Image credit Phil Luyer / High Octane Photos
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TEAM BRAY TO CELEBRATE IN PERTH https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/team-bray-to-celebrate-in-perth

Team Bray Racing is guaranteed to have at least one reason to celebrate at the Perth Motorplex’s 43rd Westernationals this weekend (28 February to 2 March), with Benny ‘The Kid’ Bray turning the ‘big 3-0’on Sunday.
The Queenslanders will head west this week for rounds 2 and 3 of the ANDRA Top Doorslammer chase, with Ben and his father Victor just two of 20 Top Doorslammers entered for the weekend’s festivities.
While birthday cake may be a given, the team will be looking to boost those celebrations with some strong results as they continue to come to grips with the new converter set-ups now found in both TBR Doorslammers.
“We still have a long way to go with the converter set-up, it is a complicated beast and there is so much more to it than just flipping a button to launch the car,” said Ben Bray, pilot of the Sidchrome Monaro Top Doorslammer.
“From the driver’s perspective there is a lot to adapt to when you implement a set-up like this – for instance there is no clutch pedal, how you put the car into reverse is completely different, how you stage the car has to change and so on, so there is a lot to come to grips with even before you are looking at getting good results. 
“Discussions with other racers who have been down this path lead us to believe we will be looking at around 20 passes before we have it under control. I currently have nine full passes under my belt so we are certainly on our way.
“Given this, for us success this weekend might be more about making progress towards consistent passes and strong results than an event win, but that doesn’t mean we will be putting in anything less than 110% when we hit the track.”
The 43rdWesternationals will host not one but two rounds for the 2014 ANDRA Top Doorslammer championship, with both Saturday and Sunday to each host their own stand-alone championship points battles utilising the emerging three-round racing format. For more on this format, go to http://teambrayracing.com/3-round-format.html
“Perth is certainly a happy hunting ground for TBR, it is the place where I set the world speed record in 2003 which stood for five and a half years (245.23 miles per hour) and also where I broke through for my first ever ‘five second’ pass,” said six-time back-to-back Top Doorslammer champion Victor Bray, who steers the Sidchrome 1957 Chev Top Doorslammer.
“We will certainly be up against it this weekend as there is a heck of a lot for us to learn with the new converter set-up, and with Ben having nine full passes under his belt after the opening round in Perth plus some extra testing data, it will certainly be a case of the ‘master’ leaning on the ‘apprentice’ this weekend.”
Also on-track at the 43rdWesternationals this weekend will be the brand-new ANDRA activation trailer, which will be appearing around Perth this week for pre-event promotion activities before setting up on-site at the Motorplex for during event merchandising and promotion as well as a ‘home away from home’ for ANDRA officials.
The on-track Top Doorslammer action at the Westernationals will get underway from 5.30pm on Saturday 1 March and Sunday 2 March 2014. For event information including event schedules, entry lists and results , please visit
http://teambrayracing.com/western-1-results.html for Saturday.
http://teambrayracing.com/western-2-results.html for Sunday.
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HARD-FOUGHT BATTLES SEE CARPENTER TAKE THE HOT ROD WIN AS NOSTALGIAS SHINE AT WILLOWBANK https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/hard-fought-battles

Nostalgia drag racing has made a formidable return to the Willowbank Raceway quarter-mile at the weekend with 117 racers taking to the track across nine categories in a celebration of the vehicles of yesteryear.
When the last win light was lit for the first of two Nostalgia events at Willowbank Raceway for 2014 – the next will be held on August 10 – nine winners had been found, with Grant Carpenter (Hot Rod), Jake Donnelly (Top Eliminator), Geoff New (Quick Eliminator), Garry Cameron (Gas), Andrew King (Vintage Gas), Shane Waters (US Muscle), Mitchell Bauer (Aussie Muscle), Ethan Wright (Retro Bikes) and Mark Sugars (Nostalgia Super Stock) all emerging victorious. Next up on track will be round two of the Willowbank Raceway Street Series, which will hit the track on Saturday 1 March 2014
For Carpenter, it was a day of hard-fought battles, with no easy opponents found in his four rounds of racing.
“In the very first round I had to race against my brother Lee Carpenter, and then in the second round I faced off against Nigel Elsmore, a real great guy I know from around the track who I always like to see win, but unfortunately when it is you in the other lane it is a case of sorry, but I got to do what I got to do,” said Carpenter, who competed in the Hot Rod bracket alongside his brother Lee Carpenter and nephew Jason Carpenter, who was top qualifier for the bracket before being knocked out in the third round.
“Then it was on to the third round where I faced off against one of my close friends, Steve Falzon, before I went on to line up against another on-track friend of mine Charly Cameron. 
“Charly and I have been up against each other in four finals now, so there is a bit of a ‘here we go again’ feel to our friendly rivalry, we have both taken wins and today it went my way which I was pretty happy about. There were no easy wins out there, so to take victory felt pretty sweet.”
The Sunday 23 February event saw the return to the event of the Hot Rod class which features pre-1949 Hot Rods.
“It was a really great day out there, seeing the Hot Rods back on the track in their own bracket was a really good feeling and we all got in there and raced our hearts out,” said Carpenter.
“For us Nostalgia racing is really about having fun with friends and family and enjoying the great atmosphere and Sunday’s event ticked all the boxes in that regard. All of the Carpenter cars ran well and while it was hard work out there with no easy wins, there was great close racing and that makes for a great event.
“I really want to thank my family and friends, it is a real pleasure racing with them, and also all of the racers and the Willowbank staff for getting together and making this event happen.” 
Nostalgia drag racing will next return to Willowbank Raceway on 10 August 2014.
Next up at Willowbank Raceway will be the second round of the 2014 Street Series, hitting the track on Saturday 1 March 2014.
As the entry level competition for aspiring drag race champions, the Street Series provides an accessible and affordable competition for Sedan and Motorcycle racers who wish to prove their mettle on the race track while chasing a coveted Queensland Drag Racing Championship (QDRC) trophy.
Saturday’s Street Series event will kick off with time trials from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, with racing from 7.00pm. Spectator entry is available at the gate for just $20.00 for adults and $18.00 for students with ID. Children aged 13 years and under gain free admission. For more information, visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
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SHEEHAN TO LEAD LOCAL CHARGE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/sheehan-to-lead-local-charge Nitro_MaxNitro_Max

Mark Sheehan is ready to lead the West Aussie charge against current Top Fuel champion Darren Morgan, 2014 points leader Phil Lamattina, the duel threat of Rapisarda Autosport and former Top Fuel champion Martin Stamatis this weekend at the 43rd Westernationals.
Although the NSW based Rapisarda and Billview teams feature West Australian drivers in Damien Harris, Allan Dobson and Martin Stamatis, Sheehan Racing is WA owned and operated.
“I think to all West Aussie teams the meetings don’t get any bigger than this, especially for the teams that don’t travel,” said Sheehan. “This is home turf and that counts for the fans on the hill watching. (There is) nothing better than winning at your home race track.”
“For me personally, I know how rewarding it is for myself and the whole team when the likes of DMR, LTFR, RAI and Martin Stamatis come to town.”
“There is some stiff competition there for sure, with the years of knowledge and the run data that some of these teams have, not forgetting who some of these teams are linked in with in the US. To steal a win in Top Fuel against these guys is definitely worth all the hard work.”
In the three round format during round one of the Top Fuel ANDRA Drag Racing Series at Perth Motorplex, Sheehan ran a 4.658 in eliminations to beat Stamatis and 4.753 as runner up in the A Final to Lamattina’s 4.651.
Round two the following night was a costly one for Sheehan going through two engines on the way to the B Final. Out of bullets, he was unfortunately unable to make the start but Sheehan acknowledged the damage sustained during those passes was self-inflicted.
Coming into the Westernationals the car has been serviced and replaced with new components and the team is confident of challenging Lamattina despite his consistency at Perth Motorplex.
“One hundred percent (we are confident). This season Phil has shown so far with his consistency that LTFR are the team to beat and we know we can play the spoiler in his hunt for his first Championship.”
“That’s not taking anything away from the other teams entering, there may be only six cars at the next two rounds but all of the cars are capable of running into the 4.50s if the conditions are right.”
“Whoever takes the win light at the next two rounds is going to have to earn it.”
And if it isn't Sheehan himself standing on the podium, he doesn't mind if it’s another championship contender in his place.
“Of course when we hit the race track we will be one hundred percent ready and focused and I would like to be part of the winning action.”
“But I would also like to see DMR finishing strong to make up some ground in the points and hopefully build from there throughout his season and defend his three straight Championships.”
The 43rd Westernationals get under way Friday February 28th with qualifying for round three of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship.
Round three of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series for Top Fuel begins with qualifying on Saturday March 1st at 6:00pm and again for round four on Sunday March 2nd.
Image courtesy Phil Luyer / High Octane Photos
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NOSTALGIA DRAGS FEB 23RD - TEN SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/nostalgia-nationals-10---spot

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SHACKS BACK WITH A NEW CAR AND A NEW DRIVER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/shacks-back-with-a-new-car-and-a-new-driver


One of Australia’s biggest nitro names is back in the game with a new car as well as a new driver. The stunning 1974 Camaro - Shack Attack – is set to land in Australia in a week’s time and it’s full steam ahead for the north Queensland team.
The new car will feature a ‘Shacks’ engine combination and the aim is simple – to be amongst the very fastest cars in the category.
The chassis and body was built by Bob Meyer of Meyer Race Cars in San Diego, CA.
And the new driver? Well, for the first time in a long time the man himself, Paul Shackleton, will drive the car.
“We will be looking at debuting the new car at Palmyra with me attempting to steer it,” laughed the Mackay local.
“It’s been a while since I have driven but I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike.”
“The new car looks great and I’m excited about putting together a combination that is not only reliable, but also quick and fast.
“The rule set for Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars is tight but we can now play around with some modern parts to try and make these cars as consistent as they can be, which is good for the crowd and the show. We don’t want to lose passes by trying to use out-dated technology.
“Watching these cars with flames and great side by side racing is the key to keeping the crowd happy and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the new beast.”
Series Manager Steve Bettes concluded, “We are all mighty proud of how the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars continues to grow with yet another experienced campaigner and a brand new car coming to our show. It’s a great feeling!”
The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car show now heads to Mildura’s Sunset Strip for the April 19 meeting, then to Benaraby Raceway in Gladstone for May 24 followed by June 21 at Palmyra Dragway, Mackay.
Check www.outlawnitrofunnycars.com.au for more details.
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NIGEL JUST WANTS TO HAVE FUN AT WILLOWBANK NOSTALGIA DRAGS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/nigel-just-wants-to-have-fun-at-willowbank-nostalgia-drags  
Fifty six year old Nigel Elsmore of Helensvale on the Gold Coast knows what he wants from this Sunday’s Willowbank Raceway’s Nostalgia Drag Racing event (Sunday 23 February) – he just wants to have fun.
The first Nostalgia Drag Racing event of 2014 for the Raceway comes hot on the heels of the weekend’s opening round of the Queensland Drag Racing Championship – for full event results from that event, please see further in this press release or click here.  
Elsmore is a long time hot rod enthusiast and will compete as part of the Hot Rod bracket – open to pre 1949 hot rods - of the popular Nostalgia Drag Racing event, which celebrates the vehicles of yesteryear both on and off the track.
“The best thing about the nostalgia scene is the laid-back atmosphere, everyone is friendly and at the end of the day they just want to have fun – which is really what it should all be about,” said Elsmore, who is the current Secretary and a past President for custom car and hot rod club the Redneck Scroungers.
“Because of the type of cars we run it also means that who wins comes down more often to the skill of the driver, rather than the technology of the car or the weight of the drivers’ chequebook!
“For all of these reasons nostalgia racing and in particular hot rodding is a real passion of mine, and so Willowbank Raceway’s nostalgia events are a natural place for me as they celebrates the culture which I love.”
While fun may be the name of the game for the Parts Manager and his distinctive self-built HAMBster hot rod, for Elsmore the allure of an event win will also be a strong motivator after three runner-up results.
“I have been the bridesmaid a few times, I want to be the bride for once!” laughed Elsmore, who is supported on track by close friends Murray and Kim Pearson as well as his wife of 32 years Kerry. 
“So far I have lost three Nostalgia Nationals events in the final round, each time by red-lighting at the start line – the worst part is that each time I have beat my opposition to the finish, so if it hadn’t been for that red light I would have taken the win!
“We have made some changes to the car since the last time we were on-track, so we are hoping to set a personal best out there this weekend and hopefully take the event win while we are at it!
“Either way I will be out there doing my best and having fun – really it is all about just getting out there and going as fast as you can, feeding the bug that you get once you are into this sport which drives you to keep on getting out there and giving it a red hot go.” 
Joining Elsmore and his Hot Rod compatriots on track this Sunday will be more than 110 racers across the Top Eliminator, Quick Eliminator, Gas, Vintage Gas, US Muscle, Aussie Muscle, Retro Bikes and Nostalgia Super Stock categories, with all the action set to kick off with qualifying from 9.00am and racing from 1.00pm. Spectator tickets are available at the gate for $25 for adults and $20 for students with ID, while children aged 13 and under gain free entry.  For full event information, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
This weekend’s nostalgia festivities follow hot on the heels of the opening round of the Queensland Drag Racing Championship held at the Raceway on Saturday 15 February. During that event racers from the Modified, Super Sedan, Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas battled it out for QDRC points, with Matt Loy (Modified), Jason Hammelswang (Modified Bike), Darren Doeblien (Super Sedan), Andrew Stathis (Super Street), Tim Barron (Junior Dragster) and Simon Isherwood (Super Gas) taking victory. For full event results, please click here. 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
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WILLOWBANK RACEWAY SIGNS NEW DEAL WITH FUCHS LUBRICANTS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/willowbank-raceway-signs-new-deal-with-fuchs-lubricants
Willowbank Raceway and FUCHS Lubricants are excited to announce the leading lubricants company will continue as the naming rights sponsor of Australia’s largest drag racing event – the FUCHS Winternationals.
Founded as a German family company in 1931, FUCHS Lubricants today has global reach and among the independent producers is the world’s largest independent manufacturer and supplier of lubricants. Its wholly owned Australian subsidiary has been supplying specialised lubricants since the late 1890s and is the leading market player in many lubricant sectors.
FUCHS Lubricants (Australasia) Managing Director Wayne Hoiles said the many benefits enjoyed by the company through its Willowbank Raceway partnership had made the decision to extend the relationship further an easy one.
“FUCHS Lubricants is a long-time supporter of motorsport and Australian drag racing and have so far enjoyed two years of partnership with Queensland’s premier drag racing facility Willowbank Raceway and the largest championship drag racing event held outside of the US – the FUCHS Winternationals,” said Hoiles.
“The event has such a vibrant history as a leading light in the Australian drag racing scene, so I am very excited to be able to confirm that we will be continuing our support of Willowbank Raceway.”
Willowbank Raceway was established in 1985 and is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility. Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson said he was pleased to see the strong relationship with FUCHS Lubricants continuing to prosper. 
“The continuing support of our Raceway and the FUCHS Winternationals by such an outstanding and internationally significant company is really positive,” said Manson.
“As the largest championship drag racing event held outside of the US and a lynch-pin in the Australian drag racing calendar, the FUCHS Winternationals attracts up to 500 racers from all across the country and even overseas, as well as tens of thousands of spectators from far and wide.
“In 2014 the event will return to the traditional Thursday to Sunday format much to the delight of racers, sponsors and fans alike, with four massive days of racing set to be held from Thursday 5 June to Sunday 8 June 2014.”
Tickets for the FUCHS Winternationals are now available for purchase at www.willowbankraceway.com.au and start at $20 for adults, with children 13 and under gaining free admission. For full event information please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
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WILLOWBANK RACEWAY FOUNDING MEMBER SUE SYRMIS STEPS DOWN https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/willowbank-raceway-founding-member-sue-syrmis-steps-down

The Willowbank Raceway Board has today announced that Sue Syrmis has decided to step down from her position as Administration Manager with the Raceway, effective July 2014.
Sue’s involvement with the Raceway stretches back to its earliest beginnings, where she was part of the dedicated team working around the clock to build the Raceway ready for its first meeting in 1985.
As a member of the track’s Management Committee until March of 2013, an official from the very start and a full-time employee from July of 1993; Sue’s influence and contribution to Willowbank Raceway is undeniable.  
“It has been an unforgettable 34 years, starting with the fun and hard work that we all had building the Raceway – no one can ever take away the fact that I can say ‘I built that’, and that is probably my proudest achievement,” said Sue Syrmis.
“Reflecting on my time at Willowbank Raceway, I really must thank from the bottom of my heart all of the officials and staff – without their dedication to this place it would simply not be here.
“We have together enjoyed a lot of highs and lows, from the deep satisfaction we would enjoy together after pulling off a successful major event after months of work to the bitter disappointment of rain-outs completely out of our control.
“Overall, it has certainly been a rewarding journey for me, but now I believe it is time for me to move on and give someone else a go.”
Alongside Sue during the building of Willowbank Raceway was Management Committee member John Winterburn.
“From day one when we went to this block of land in the Moreton Shire and started to mow it to make a drag strip, I was lucky to have Sue and a whole group of committed volunteers working alongside me making it happen,” said Winterburn, the founding President of Willowbank Raceway.
“Together we learnt a lot of new trades to make our dream a reality, and Sue’s motto of never shying away from any job really shone through. Over the years we have spent a lot of time together both at the track and travelling and while she will be missed, I am very glad that Sue will be staying involved with our track as an official and I wish her well for the future.”
Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson said he was pleased to report that Sue would remain involved with the Raceway as an official, and thanked her for her guidance during his first months in the role.
“Sue has really been an integral part of what Willowbank Raceway is all about, not just in her capacity as a staff member but also as a senior official and a key member of Queensland’s drag racing community,” said Manson.
“Her presence in the Willowbank Raceway office will be greatly missed, but I am glad she will remain involved as an official and I look forward to continuing to work with her over the coming months as we look for someone to fill her very big shoes.” 
Sue Syrmis will remain active in the position of Administration Manager until July of 2014. In the meantime, the Willowbank Raceway Board will undertake recruiting for the position and will announce the outcome of that process in due course.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) sue syrmis willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/willowbank-raceway-founding-member-sue-syrmis-steps-down Wed, 12 Feb 2014 00:28:47 GMT
POWERCRUISE POWERPLAY - 10 SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/powercruise-powerplay-10---spot

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) blog powercruise powerplay powerskid queensland raceway turbo v8 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/powercruise-powerplay-10---spot Tue, 11 Feb 2014 09:04:09 GMT
AEROFLOW OUTLAW NITRO FUNNY CAR GROWS WITH MOORE CAR https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-grows-with-moore-car

The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series continues to grow and the newest car on the track will be the
‘Bad to the Bone’ Pontiac Trans Am driven and owned by north Queenslander, Glenn Moore.
The car’s mechanical combination is almost complete and the YBI Creative designed livery is being applied to
the icon Trans Am body for the car’s debut race meeting at the Sunset Strip, Mildura April 19th.
“The car is coming together really nicely,” smiled Moore.
“Nitro racing is something that I have always wanted to do and I think this is the best way that we can go
about it.”
Moore has previously run the car as a Supercharged Outlaws car before taking the car down the nitro path.
“The car is close and the help that Graeme Cowin and his team have provided to help get is up and running is
just fantastic, it means that we should be close to the mark as soon as we debut the car.”
The Mildura event is a part of the Easter Powersports weekend for the region.
The vice president of the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association Robert McDonald said the club was putting a
huge effort into re-launching after the construction the new concrete drag strip.
“This year we have up to 12 Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars coming– they’re the new stars of Australian drag racing
and they just have to be seen to be believed,” Robert said.
“They’re what a lot of people associate with the really spectacular side of the sport,” concluded McDonald.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) aeroflow car funny nitro outlaw https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-grows-with-moore-car Tue, 11 Feb 2014 07:32:02 GMT
CHAMBERS FLAT RACER CHASING AN ACTION-PACKED FEBRUARY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/chambers-flat-racer-chasing-an-action-packed-february  

Chambers Flat drag racer Jason Cocking is set for an action-packed February with the 39 year old driver set to pack three events into just three weekends, the second of which will get underway at Willowbank Raceway this Saturday 15 February.

Fresh from competing at the weekend’s Powercruise Powerplay, Cocking is now preparing his sliver 1970 HG Ute for this Saturday’s opening round of the Queensland Drag Racing Championship (Saturday 15 February), which he will quickly follow up with yet another trip to Queensland’s premier drag racing facility for its first Nostalgia Drag Racing event of 2014 – to be held on Sunday 23 February.

“It is certainly a busy month for me with three events in three weekends, but the thought of passing up any one of these events was just not an option!” said Cocking, who took the Dial Your Own bracket win at Willowbank Raceway’s 2013 February Nostalgias event.

“Willowbank Raceway is a great track and both the QDRC and Nostalgia events really appeal to what I love about the sport of drag racing – great action and entertainment, a fun atmosphere, and the company of like-minded racers and spectators with which to enjoy it all.”

In this weekend’s QDRC opener, Cocking will be one of around 100 racers taking to the Ipswich drag strip across a wide array of championship categories.

“In the QDRC I am competing in the Super Street bracket in my HQ Ute and I am looking to compete at every round for 2014,” said Cocking, who is supported on-track by his 17 year old son Dylan and his wife Krista.

“I am hoping to secure a top five finish in the championship this year ahead of a planned step up into the faster Super Sedan bracket for which I am currently building a new Commodore VZ Ute.”

For the Nostalgia Drag Racing event of 23 February, Cocking will line up in the popular Aussie Muscle category amongst an expected entry list of more than 100 racers.

“I took the win for the Dial Your Own bracket at last year’s February Nostalgia meeting at Willowbank Raceway and it would be really great to back that up with an Aussie Muscle victory,” said Cocking.

“I can’t wait to get on track alongside some great Aussie muscle cars at Willowbank Raceway, the Nostalgia events always have a good atmosphere to them and in my opinion there isn’t anything better than these Aussie born and bred machines battling it out on the track!”

Joining Cocking and his fellow Super Street racers on track this weekend will be competitors across the Modified, Super Sedan, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas categories. Gates will open at 11.00am with qualifying from 1.00pm to 5.00pm and all racing from 5.00pm. Entries are available online at www.willowbankraceway.com.au and will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 February 2014, while spectator entry is available at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, while children aged 13 and under gain free entry. For full event information, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au

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FORCE, BROWN and JOHNSON ARE TOP QUALIFYING LEADERS AT CIRCLE K https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/force-brown-and-johnson-are-top-qualifying-leaders-at-circle-k
Force, Brown and Johnson are qualifying leaders at season-opening Circle K NHRA Winternationals
John Force raced to a national record time of 3.966 seconds at 324.12 mph; Brown led Top Fuel qualifying with a 3.731 at 326.00; Johnson posted a leading time of 6.517 at 212.53.
 Force, Brown and Johnson are qualifying leaders at season-opening Circle K NHRA Winternationals
John Force raced to a national record time of 3.966 seconds at 324.12 mph in his Castrol GTX Ford Mustang to lead Funny Car qualifying at the season-opening Circle K NHRA Winternationals Friday at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona.
Antron Brown (Top Fuel) and Allen Johnson (Pro Stock) also were qualifying leaders at the season-opening NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series event.
Force, the defending Funny Car world champion, opened with a 3.983 second run in his first qualifying attempt and then powered to the national record 3.966 effort in the evening session. If the time holds through the end of the race weekend, Force will earn a 20-point bonus for setting the national record.
“Jimmy Prock (crew chief) has his stuff together,” said Force, who hasn’t held the national record in more than a decade. “I never thought it would run 96. That impressed me. I told ’em, check the clocks. When we saw Robert (Hight, teammate) run that 99, Jimmy knew it was there.”
Brown led Top Fuel qualifying with a 3.731 at 326.00 in his Matco Tools dragster, taking the top spot away from defending world champ Shawn Langdon, who qualified second with a 3.746 at 328.70 in his Al-Anabi Racing dragster.
“The track is phenomenal out there,” Brown said. “We just tried to make a run to get down the racetrack in the first run. The Matco team regrouped. We weren’t sure how far we could push it. They stepped up the power level and gave it more clutch. It spun just a little on the starting line but recovered and ran a great number.”
Johnson, the 2012 Pro Stock world champ, powered his Team Mopar Dodge Avenger to the qualifying lead, posting a leading time of 6.517 at 212.53. Johnson moved from fourth to first with his run in the second qualifying session.
"We missed [the setup] pretty horribly the first run and knew we had a little in the bank there if we could just get it through 2nd gear," Johnson said. "Crew chief made the right decision, and the motor performed. We'd like to get in the .40s here; that would be a dream come true. But I don't know if the weather will get any better tomorrow. If it gets just a tick better, you might see a 6.499 or something."
Qualifying continues Saturday with sessions at 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. Sunday's eliminations are scheduled for 11 a.m.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) BROWN FORCE JOHNSON NHRA USA https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/force-brown-and-johnson-are-top-qualifying-leaders-at-circle-k Sun, 09 Feb 2014 04:28:23 GMT
CARPENTER FAMILY LOOKS TO CARVE OUT NOSTALGIA SUCCESS AT WILLOWBANK https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/carpenter-family-looks-to-carve-out-nostalgia-success-at-willowbank

On Sunday 23 February, the Hot Rod bracket of Willowbank Raceway’s Nostalgia Drag Racing event will play host to no less than three ‘Carpenters.’
Hot Rod winner for the 2006 Nostalgia Nationals Grant Carpenter will be joined on-track for the first Willowbank Raceway nostalgia event of 2014 by brother Lee Carpenter and nephew Jason Carpenter – with all three taking part in the recently re-introduced bracket designed especially for pre 1949 hot rods.
The 34 year old Grant Carpenter, an electrician from Carrara, will be taking to the track aboard his candy apple blue 1928 Ford Roaster which boasts a 308 Holden motor and is well-known in drag racing circles for its multiple nostalgia victories.
“When people ask me how I got into this sport it is a really long story but essentially it all boils down to family. My dad Max Carpenter and my mum Yvonne Carpenter introduced me to this sport thanks to their long involvement and since then everything else is history,” said Grant Carpenter, who lists his most memorable racing moment as claiming his 2006 nostalgia nationals win with his dad – who held the B/HR class national record for 24 years in a 6 cylinder Holden 23 T bucket hotrod – trackside.
“Today not only does dad – at the age of 85 no less – still build hot rods in the shed with me and enjoy the occasional pass in his own 1934 Chevy Coupe, but my brother Lee and my nephew Jason also regularly race alongside me at Willowbank Raceway for the Nostalgia events.
“At the end of the day there isn’t anything better than racing with your family – and to be able to do it in these amazing hot rods at a laid-back and friendly event like the Nostalgia Drags is just a great feeling.”
Forty-nine year old Lee Carpenter of Banora Point, brother of Grant, will be fielding a 1934 Chevy Tourer in the Hot Rod bracket.
“The February Nostalgia event at Willowbank Raceway will be just the second time this car has been on-track after debuting at last year’s Willowbank Nostalgia Nationals in August where it took the runner-up spot,” said Lee Carpenter.
“I am very much looking forward to taking to the track with Grant and Jason – while Jason might be our nephew we like to think of ourselves more as brothers, and while I may not get out to the track as often as I would like, whenever there is a nostalgia meeting we all try and make it a family outing.
“Nostalgia racing is just great and for our family as lovers of all things ‘hot rod’ it is the perfect event for us.”
Representing the third generation of Carpenters on Sunday 23 February will be Mudgeeraba’s Jason Carpenter at the wheel of his 1934 Chevy Pick-up.
“Willowbank Raceway’s Nostalgia events are the highlight of my racing calendar, and the fact that I can go there and share our family’s passion of nostalgia racing and hot rods in a great well-run event just makes it even better,” said the 40 year old Jason Carpenter, who has raced at Willowbank Raceway for 23 years in the Super Street class and Nostalgia events.
“What can be better than celebrating hot rods and enjoying a bit of competitive yet friendly family banter out on the race track – I love racing with them but they can be assured I will be looking to be the highest achieving Carpenter on the day!” laughed Jason, who was runner-up at last year’s February Nostalgia event held at Willowbank Raceway.
Joining the Carpenters and their Hot Rod compatriots on track come 23 February will be racers across the Top Eliminator, Quick Eliminator, Gas, Vintage Gas, US Muscle, Aussie Muscle, Retro Bikes and Nostalgia Super Stock categories, with all the action set to kick off with qualifying from 9.00am and racing from 1.00pm. Spectator tickets are available at the gate for $25 for adults and $20 for students with ID, while children aged 13 and under gain free entry.  For full event information, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) carpenter drags hotrod nostalgia willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/carpenter-family-looks-to-carve-out-nostalgia-success-at-willowbank Thu, 06 Feb 2014 02:33:15 GMT
SCHULTZ BREAKS THROUGH IN PORTLAND SIZZLER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/schultz-breaks-through-in-portland-sizzler
The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car show delighted thousands of fans at Fuchs South Coast Raceway and it was young New South Wales racer Daniel Schultz aboard Supa Charger who got the victories when it counted to take home top honours ahead of series superstar Shane Olive driving LA Hooker.
The warm temperatures threw a curve ball for both the drivers and the crews but the teams not only put down some quick and fast passes but also demonstrated some amazing side-by-side racing.
The eventual event winner was decided on the very last race of the day, with the winner of the Gauci versus Olive match-up needing to have to recorded a better than 4.40-pass as well as the win to surpass Schultz.
Despite the tyre-smoking side-by-side ‘photo finish’ effort from both cars, Olive missed taking the top spot by a few hundredths of a second.
Daniel Schultz explained, “We are just excited and happy to be honest.”
“I said I’d be home in time for breakfast Sunday after the event, I have a present for them when we get there – a winner’s trophy that’s bigger than I am!”
Still buzzing after his race against Gauci, Olive added “What a race that last one was. Neither of us had any idea who had actually won, it was that close.”
The times were a 4.42 versus 4.43-seconds – it was that close!
Queenslander Peter Leahy had a near flawless debut in the Superbad Nova, which saw him line up in the final round against brother Greg to take his position on the podium.
“What a awesome day!” exclaimed Peter.
“A huge thanks to my guys, it was our first event with the Superbad Nova and to come home with third place is totally bitchin’ - and we beat my brother in the last race of the day!” laughed Leahy.
Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series Manager, Steve Bettes, concluded, “I didn't think the racing could get much better than what we saw in Sydney.
“I’m happy to say, I was wrong, once the guys got a handle on the tune-up, it was side by side passes and tyre-smoking madness.
“To see the guys like the Russler, Supa Charger and Leahys put together this combination and then racing it so well makes me proud. I can’t wait for Mildura in April.”
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) AEROFLOW andra coast nitro outlaw schultz south https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/schultz-breaks-through-in-portland-sizzler Mon, 03 Feb 2014 08:21:51 GMT
QUEENSLANDERS TOO GOOD AT PRO SHOW !!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/queenslanders-too-good-at-pro-show

Six times Top Doorslammer champion John Zappia (6.141) went out in the first round to Grant O’Rourke (5.992) and two other West Aussie’s picked up the mantle to fly the flag, but it was two Queenslanders landing the points and the ANDRA Silver Christmas Trees at the Pro Showdown.
Stuart Bishop would take the win in Top Doorslammer from Pino Priolo with a 5.972 from a 6.028 storming past the West Aussie at the half track for his first ANDRA Drag Racing Series victory in 15 years of trying.
After being handed the trophy Bishop said he was in disbelief as the usual suspects were eliminated early allowing the Wallace Bishop Jewellers team to take advantage.
“It’s special, he said. “I’ve usually been out in the first round the last couple of years and Doorslammer feels like I’m always up against Zappia who went out first round. Unfortunately I’m used to that.”
“I don’t get to race every race so Daniel Reed (crew chief) gets to tinker with the car, play with different things and do different things. We came out here to use a race meeting as a test run and we came away with the win.”
Referring to the ANDRA Silver Christmas tree Bishop said, “I’m a jeweller by trade and this is the most expensive piece of metal I’ve ever held!”
Earlier in the night eliminations got off to hairy start with Martyn Dack and Maurice Fabietti opening proceedings in Top Doorslammer.
Fabietti put two wheels in the air turning sharply to the right and over the centre line while Dack posted a 6.442 blowing heavy smoke in the process.
Dack would make it out in time for the semis though his night would end with a big tyre shake and oil down the length of the track as Pino Priolo advanced on a 6.039.
When racing resumed Stuart Bishop propelled his Chevy 67 Camaro to a win in a pedal fest on a 6.408 leaving Grant O’Rourke pedalling out himself to draw his weekend to a close.
Then it was onto that final run to pick up his very first piece of silverware.
Unfortunately in Top Alcohol, the other fairy tale involving Shane Weston came to an end in the semi-finals as Weston blazed the tyres on a 5.726 while Craig Glassby took full advantage going first across the line with a 5.768.
His opponent in the final would be John Cannuli who had his Dudu Funny Car on a rail all night with a 6.667 to defeat a pedalling Steve Ham (8.425) and then taking out 16 times Top Alcohol champion Gary Phillips (5.724) on a pass of 5.650.
In the final Cannuli went across the stripe on a 5.609 leaving Glassby frustrated as his Chevy Monte Carlo funny car came out of the holeshot untidy for a 9.270 handing Cannuli his fourth ANDRA Drag Racing Series win.
Cannuli did not qualify in Top Doorslammer but his priority was always the Top Alcohol championship saying it was a great feeling to beat Gary Phillips and Steve Ham along the way.
 “That’s why we came here to get this funny car in the final and that’s what we did,” he said “It was consistent all weekend; it ran 5.60s and we brought the win home.”
“To beat those guys is really great; to beat the likes of Steve Ham and Gary Phillips is really good.”
“I love the trophy. Any win is good but these Christmas trees are really special.”
From here Cannuli’s plan is to run in Top Comp at the Westernationals to further challenge his fellow Queenslanders Phillips and Ham.
“We’ve got a consistent 5.60 car but we want to run 5.50s so we can chase the likes of Gary Phillips and Steve Ham where they can run 5.40s and 5.50s on a good track. And that’s what we’re going to try to do and go to Easter and try run 5.40s and 5.50s.”
Attention now turns to round two of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series for Top Fuel and Top Doorslammer at the Westernationals back at Perth Motorplex Februay 28-March 2, 2014.
For all the full race results visit www.andra.com.au/series/results.html 
Photo - Dragnews.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) andra bishop doorslammer perth pro showdown zapia https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/queenslanders-too-good-at-pro-show Sun, 02 Feb 2014 00:46:14 GMT
O'CONNOR SITS ATOP TIGHTEST DOORSLAMMER FIELD EVER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/oconnor-sits-atop-tightest-doorslammer-field-ever  
Pro Showdown @ Perth MotorplexPro Showdown @ Perth MotorplexPro Showdown at Perth Motorplex
Big names fell and locals made a name for themselves during qualifying at the Pro Showdown for round one of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series for Top Alcohol and Top Doorslammer.
The Perth Motorplex track proved tricky with numerous teams in both brackets experiencing tyre shake and pedalling out in the first stanza before settling down and finding their groove. Well… most of them.
Heavy hitter Steven Reed failed to make the show in Top Alcohol while the Brays, Andrew Sutton and Peter Kapiris bowed out in Top Doorslammer in what was the tightest field ever split by one tenth of a second.
Murray O’Connor in ‘the little Flacon that could” had a big night finishing as number one qualifier in Top Doorslammer posting 6.072, 5.908 and 5.989 in his three runs.
O’Connor said the car felt good and that some of the other teams didn't perform as he was expecting. He also offered some insight into why that may have been the case.
“The weather was a bit odd tonight,” said O’Connor. “The humidity came in late and even we went a little slower in that last one than we expected.”
“I think a lot of the guys outside of the field had to really push to try and get in and that’s when you over step the mark.”
O’Connor isn't getting ahead of himself preferring to take it as it comes with a strong field missing some very strong competitors on race day.
“(We’ll take it) one lap at a time,” he said. “We’ll go through the car tonight, service it, rock up tomorrow afternoon, put whatever tune up we think is right and it’s in the lap of the gods from there.”
“To sit here and say you are confident in a field as fast as what some of these guys do would be foolish. Any one of those guys can come up and bite you and it’s very easy to make a mistake yourself.”
Stealing the show in Top Alcohol was 21 year old Shane Weston in the CNE Dragster who snuck into top spot ahead of Gary Phillips by three thousandths of a second with a final run of 5.562 at 252.80 mph.
The young gun was feeling pumped with his team’s performance especially as they are running the car on the spares.
“It’s overwhelming; I still don’t believe it at the moment,” said Weston. “All my crew have worked so hard to get where we are.”
“For my team, what parts and knowledge we have its awesome, we haven’t got a big bank balance. We’re running the car on all our spares right now. We haven’t got any big sponsors but we hope to get some so we can do the full series, but at the moment it’s just the local rounds.”
Weston echoed O’Connor’s thoughts in taking it one lap at a time come race day just as he did on his final solo pass of 5.652 to take top spot.
“On the actual run I just had to take it as it comes. I’m racing against all the big guys and if I take it as it comes I’ve got a chance and that chance just happened to pay off.
“I’m not trying to reinvent the world but it’s coming quicker than I expected.”
Eliminations in round one of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series for Top Alcohol and Top Doorslammer take place from 6:00pm on Saturday night at Perth Motorplex.
Image of Murray O'Connor (credit Phil Luyer / High Octane Photos)
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) alcohol andra doorslammer drag falcon motorplex oconnor perth racing top https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/2/oconnor-sits-atop-tightest-doorslammer-field-ever Fri, 31 Jan 2014 22:53:00 GMT
DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR CANNULI AT PRO SHOW DOWN https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/double-trouble-for-cannuli-at-pro-show-down

John Cannuli is all set to pull double duty in the ANDRA Drag Racing Series for Top Doorslammer and Top Alcohol tonight at Perth Motorplex.
Cannuli’s Crossroads Racing Team is living up to their name travelling all the way from Queensland; so, why not put the throttle down in both brackets?
“I love drag racing,” said Cannuli. “I like racing the two cars. It puts a lot of pressure on the guys but as a driver it makes you a better driver.”
“You get double the amount of laps on the race track and I just enjoy the adrenaline racing.”
Cannuli’s plans this year are to race as many rounds as possible in both the Top Doorslammer Camaro and the Top Alcohol funny car but the focus is the ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Alcohol Championship.
“We’ll do as many as we can with both cars,” he said.
“The reason why the Camaro is here is we’re using it as a test session for the Westernationals. We always like to run the Westernationals every year.”
“A lot of preparations have been put into the funny car for this season. We did very well last year, we finished third in the points and this year we’re chasing the championship in the funny car. And we like to take the Camaro along for the ride.”
Pro Showdown qualifying for Top Alcohol is set for the green at 5:30pm tonight with Top Dooorslammer taking the track at 6:00pm. Eliminations get underway on Saturday night from 6:00pm.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) alcohol andra cannuli crossroads doorslammer motorplex perth pro showdown top https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/double-trouble-for-cannuli-at-pro-show-down Fri, 31 Jan 2014 08:43:07 GMT
4 N ROTARY NATIONALS NEW ZEALAND - 10 SPOT - PART 3 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/4-n-rotary-nationals-new-zealand---10-spot---part-3

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 4 dragway extreme factory meremere n new rotary zealand https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/4-n-rotary-nationals-new-zealand---10-spot---part-3 Tue, 28 Jan 2014 11:05:47 GMT
AUSSIE GIRL RACER BECOMES NEW ZEALAND'S QUICKEST 4CYL PILOT ON AUSTRALIA DAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/aussie-girl-racer-becomes-new-zealands-quickest-4cyl-pilot-on-australia-day
Aboard her Jett Racing Datsun 1200 Ute, Queensland girl racer Kelly Corbett celebrated Australia Day at the weekend’s V 4 and Rotary Nationals by becoming New Zealand’s quickest 'four cylinder' drag racer.
Corbett attended the January 25 and 26 event as one of four event-funded feature acts from Australia, convincingly beating the existing New Zealand marker for quickest elapsed time (7.43 seconds) on her very first run at Fram Autolite Dragway (Meremere) with a 7.14 second pass at 178 miles per hour.
Making the achievement even more impressive is the fact the result came despite Corbett’s decision to ‘shut off’ the Jett Racing Datsun Ute before she reached the finish line, as the 29 year old gave herself time to acclimatise to the unfamiliar drag strip.
“To become the quickest four cylinder racer in New Zealand is absolutely amazing, the whole experience of being invited to race at this prestigious international event as a headline act was already mind boggling and this just puts the cherry on the cake,” said Camira’s Corbett.
“When we accepted the invitation to come over, Collin (Willshire, Jett Racing team owner) and I really had one major goal and that was to beat the existing New Zealand four cylinder record.
“To not only achieve that but to do it on the very first run and with an early shut off to boot left us ecstatic to say the least.”
Jett Racing team owner Collin Willshire said Corbett has quickly become a valued part of the team since joining 12 months ago.
“Kelly is an amazing young racer and has proven again and again since joining Jett Racing a year ago that she has the talent and the enthusiasm to really reach great heights both in Australia and internationally,” said Willshire.
“This weekend’s event really proves that, to become the quickest four cylinder pilot in New Zealand after being invited over as a fully-funded headline act really shows how her ability is being recognised and proven on both sides of the Tasman - I couldn’t be more proud.”
Following her crowd-pleasing first round of qualifying, Corbett returned to the track for a second run of 7.34 seconds at 175 miles per hour before moving on to the first round of racing, where a solo run saw the Jett Racing pilot forced to 'pedal' the car after experiencing tyre shake off the launch.
Thanks to the ‘bye’ nature of the run, the 2009/2010 Australian Modified Champion proceeded to the second round of racing and faced off against New Zealand’s Robby Ward, taking the win and a ticket to the semi-finals courtesy of another 7.34 second performance at approximately 175 miles per hour.
Unfortunately just minutes before the Jett Racing team prepared to line-up for the semi-final, Mother Nature brought the 2014 V 4 and Rotary Event to a premature end with a heavy rainstorm.
“It was a real shame to see rain intervene in what was a fantastic event, but even with the premature finish I think the fans which packed out the grandstands still enjoyed a great day out at the track,” said Corbett.
“There was something for everyone this weekend – from our break-through pass to some amazing 'peddle power' runs and some great races, it was an action-packed day.
“While I know the locals were probably not overly impressed with us breaking their ET marker we have enjoyed some great hospitality, and with some track officials remarking they were impressed with the performance of the Aussie visitors this year we hope we can come back again sometime in the future.”
Kelly Corbett will next be on track for Jett Racing at the 15 March 2014 Sydney Jamboree at Sydney Dragway. For the latest on Jett Racing, visit www.jettracing..com.au or www.facebook.com/JettRacing
Jett Racing is supported by Prime Signs Speed Elec, Turbo by Garrett and Motul.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) & 4 4g63 andra autolite collin corbett datto dragway fram jett kelly meremere nationals nzdra prime racing rotary signs ute v wilshire https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/aussie-girl-racer-becomes-new-zealands-quickest-4cyl-pilot-on-australia-day Tue, 28 Jan 2014 04:56:36 GMT
DOORSLAMMER CHASE STARTS HERE: TBR ON ITS WAY TO PERTH https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/doorslammer-chase-starts-here-tbr-on-its-way-to-perth
Team Bray Racing will kick off its 2014 ANDRA Top Doorslammer chase this weekend with the opening round of the championship taking place at the Perth Motorplex in Western Australia this Friday and Saturday (31 January – 1 February).
Father and son racers Victor and Ben Bray are now on their way for their first competitive hit-out of the year, accompanied by the TBR crew with long-time team member Chris Hollingworth committed to providing the team’s fans with regular road-trip updates as they make their way across the Nullabor this week.
The Brays are just two of six racers making the trip from Queensland to Western Australia for this event, with Stuart Bishop, John Cannuli, Russ Pavey and WA ex-pat Grant O’Rourke all making the journey.
Also travelling will be New South Welshman Mark Belleri and Maurice Fabietti as well as Victoria’s Peter Kapiris, with the visitors set to take on nine local racers including reigning Top Doorslammer champion John Zappia.
“Of the 19 racers entered for the opening round of the Top Doorslammer event in Perth, 10 of those will be travelling from interstate to compete,” said Bray.
“We love the Perth track as it is always well prepared and really suits our cars, but having said that all of the guys who race there week in and week out definitely have the advantage of nailing their tune-up whereas the rest of us just have to show up and try and figure it out during qualifying.
“For the guys like Stuart Bishop who have successful national businesses they have to leave to compete in events like this, that can add a lot of pressure, but at the end of the day we all love what we are doing and want to get out there and do our best to put on a show for the fans and also our sponsors like Sidchrome and WA’s K-Trans.”
The last time TBR appeared in Perth Victor Bray walked away with a runner-up finish after facing long-time friend and then series leader Peter Kapiris in the final round of what was round three of the 2013 championship. For his son Ben however, it was a shorter day at the office with a thrown blower belt seeing him out in the first round while in the lead against eventual champion Zappia.
“Our last trip to Perth some ten months ago was definitely one of highs and lows, I was leading Zappia in the first round when I threw a blower belt and that was all she wrote, while dad (Victor Bray) went all the way to the final,” said Ben Bray.
“The last few months have been very busy for TBR, who like a lot of teams, have been working hard to get all our ducks in a row for a successful start to the season.
“Already this year we have appeared at the Summernats so we are definitely in the mood to go racing, hopefully the conditions in Perth are favourable and the track preparation is as good as ever so the entire field can deliver some fantastic racing for the fans to kick off the 2014 title chase.”
Festivities for the opening round of the 2014 ANDRA Top Doorslammer championship – part of the Pro Showdown event at the Perth Motorplex – will get underway from 6.00pm on both Friday 31 January 2014 and Saturday 1 February 2014 with qualifying on Friday followed by racing on Saturday. For full event information including event schedules and entry lists, please visit www.motorplex.com.au or www.teambrayracing.com. 
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) WA andra doorslammer motorplex perth https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/doorslammer-chase-starts-here-tbr-on-its-way-to-perth Tue, 28 Jan 2014 02:47:15 GMT
THE LONG ROAD TO PERTH FOR STEVE REED https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/the-long-road-to-perth-for-steve-reed


Steven Reed is just one of the headliners of a stellar field in the ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Alcohol season opener at Perth Motorplex on January 31-Feburay 1.
The Top Alcohol cornucopia of supercharged dragsters, funny cars and altereds reaching over 400 kph during fierce elimination racing is set to light up the West next Friday in what will be Perth fans first look at Steven Reed in five years.
Making the long 4500 km trek from Queensland, Reed is looking forward to racing in front of the Motorplex crowd once again in what he hopes will be a great start to a successful 2014.
“The last time we were there was 2009,” said Reed. “It was a good outing for us as Debbie (Reed) and I were in the final together with Debbie getting the win.”
“Preparations are done as of Wednesday and we’re just finishing the servicing of the Kenworth and trailer before leaving early Sunday morning for the long drive.”
Reed knows he has his work cut out for an assault on the Top Alcohol Championship but he will give everything he’s got to try and wrest the title away from 16 time champion Gary Phillips.
“To win the Championship, to start with you must contest all the rounds which we haven't done since 2009, but are attempting to achieve this season. It all hinges on funding, if we have more companies which support us we will compete at all the rounds.”
“Secondly you need a consistently fast car. I don't think we will be running in the 5.40s but if we can have a consistent 5.50s car, we have half a chance.”
Fellow Queenslander Gary Phillips meanwhile is looking forward to another title defence beginning at the Pro Showdown but with a talented group of teams and drivers nipping at his heals; he knows it won’t be easy to stay on top.
“We have a few new things to try, but it will depend on the weather as to our approach,” he said. “We hope it’s cool because the car should be fast if it works.”
“There are some really good cars in Top Alcohol, and anyone that qualifies is a threat. As with previous years, I'll certainly be giving it my all to repeat as champion.”
As a multiple winner of the Top Alcohol crown, Phillips knows a thing or two about what it takes to repeat acknowledging it requires lot of hard work and attention to the smallest details.
“It also takes total determination and dedication, not only from me but from Deb (wife) and Cheyne (son), who I could not do this without.”
“You need 100 percent effort before even getting to the track, and a great sponsor/marketing partner in Lucas Oil Products, who I have been with for 17 years.”
“We must be doing something right together.”
Catch all of the action in round one of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series for Top Alcohol and Top Doorslammer at Perth Motorplex January 31-February 1, 2014.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 2014 alcohol allstar batteries feb perth reed steve top https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/the-long-road-to-perth-for-steve-reed Tue, 28 Jan 2014 02:08:37 GMT
4 N ROTARY NATIONALS NEW ZEALAND - 10 SPOT - PART 2 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/4-n-rotary-nationals-new-zealand---10-spot---part-2

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/4-n-rotary-nationals-new-zealand---10-spot---part-2 Mon, 27 Jan 2014 14:39:20 GMT
4 N ROTARY NATIONALS NEW ZEALAND - 10 SPOT - PART 1 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/4-n-rotary-nationals-new-zealand---10-spot---part-1 Massive weekend in the land of the long white cloud. Highlights of the weeknd were Kelly Corbett's from Jett racings Pb straight out of the container and resetting the 4cyl record, And just the reception that all the aussie racers and crew were shown by the Nz public. The roar of the crowd after the start up of Chris Fakinos's R100 was something that will stay with me for a while. This event is a must for anyone in the import and rotary scene. We will break this down over 3 10 posts as we have so much content.



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JOHN FORCE RUNS LOW ON SATURDAY AGAINST ANOTHER FORCE DAUGHTER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/john-force-runs-low-on-saturday-against-another-force-daughter


JUPITER, FL – John Force and the Castrol GTX High Mileage Ford Mustang Funny Car made the last run of the 4th annual PRO Winter Warm-Up posting the quickest elapsed time of the day for the Funny Cars, a 4.013 second blast but for a couple hundred feet it looked like he might not be the first to the finish line. In the lane beside the 16-time Funny Car champion was 2013 Auto Club Rookie of the Year and Top Fuel driver Brittany Force.
It was the first time these Forces have clashed and a quirk in the ladder provided the opportunity for Force to complete the trifecta and race his second youngest daughter. Previously Force had raced daughter Ashley Force Hood and Courtney Force.
“I have raced all my daughters I never knew if I would get a chance to race Brittany. The pairings worked out so we could match up and they asked if we would consider running together. I wouldn’t race anybody else. I want to race my own teams at a deal like this. You want to put on a show for the fans.  It was great,” said John Force. “She said she couldn’t see me when we pulled up to stage because she sits back in that dragster with the canopy. We both flickered the bottom light trying to get shallow. I knew if she went (down the track under power) she would beat me. Even with that 4.01 or if I ran 3.98 if she ran a 3.80 she would have me. I tried to get after her on the light but she actually left on me. It was fun for the crowd. We had great racing all weekend.”
For the soon to be sophomore driver racing her legendary dad came with its own pitfalls and challenges even before they took to the Palm Beach International Raceway track.
“That was pretty crazy. Just running him that one time makes me think I could never be in Funny Car. We had about 100 pep talks. I was fine going up there. I don’t ever worry or try and think about who I am running. He had me so worked up about him being in the other lane. He was just trying to help me but it was a little too much,” said Brittany Force. “It was definitely fun and I want to do it again. I have to beat him. He beat me down there and it was pretty cool for the fans. I didn’t see him until we did our burnouts and then I saw him again when I shook and he shot past me. I was fun to be able to say I raced my dad.”
The Castrol EDGE Top Fuel dragster shook the Goodyears loose at about 200 feet as the Castrol GTX High Mileage Ford Mustang Funny Car raced away to the finish line.
Force was the quickest on Saturday but he had to run quicker than teammate Robert Hight in the Auto Club Ford Mustang, 4.019 at 316.97mph and Del Worsham, 4.014 at 318.17 mph. Force’s first run of the day at the PRO Winter Warm-Ups was an impressive 4.036 seconds which was quickest of the first session. In the first session Courtney Force was second quickest with a strong 4.077 second pass in her Traxxas Ford Mustang.
Photos courtesy of Richard Shute/Auto Imagery and Gary Nastase Photography for media use only.
Saturday Results
Funny Car
First session
1. John Force, 4.036, 314.83 mph
2. Courtney Force, 4.077, 315.49 mph
3. Bob Tasca III, 4.084, 314.39 mph
4. Matt Hagan, 4.085, 317.19 mph
5. Chad Head, 4.102, 311.85 mph
6. Cruz Pedregon, 4.456, 204.73 mph
7. Del Worsham, 7.524, 87.19 mph
8. Alexis DeJoria, 8.540, 82.02 mph
9. Tommy Johnson Jr., 9.443, 79.59 mph
10. Jack Beckman, 9.842, 69.58 mph
11. Robert Hight, 10.312, 64.95 mph
12. Ron Capps, 10.476, 82.98 mph
Second session
1. John Force, 4.013, 318.84 mph
2. Del Worsham, 4.014, 318.17 mph
3. Robert Hight, 4.019, 316.97 mph
4. Matt Hagan, 4.041, 321.81 mph
5. Alexis DeJoria, 4.085, 297.61 mph
6. Jack Beckman, 4.111, 309.77 mph
7. Tommy Johnson Jr., 4.315, 229.55 mph
8. Bob Tasca III, 4.616, 181.59 mph
9. Brittany Force (TF), 8.535, 61.99 mph
10. Cruz Pedregon, 8.620, 85.92 mph
11. Ron Capps, 9.343, 82.18 mph
12. Chad Head, 9.631, 68.50 mph
13. Courtney Force, 10.100, 58.40 mph
Top Fuel
First session
1. Antron Brown, 3.753, 325.37 mph
2. Tony Schumacher, 3.765, 327.27 mph
3. Spencer Massey, 3.794, 321.04 mph
4. Richie Crampton, 3.808, 323.97 mph
5. Khalid alBalooshi, 3.809, 302.21 mph
6. Terry McMillen, 3.827, 293.98 mph
7. Steve Torrence, 7.575, 79.79 mph
8. Bob Vandergriff Jr., 7.649, 78.88 mph
9. Brittany Force, 8.907, 54.51 mph
10. Shawn Langdon, 9.862, 73.87 mph
Second Session
1. Antron Brown, 3.737, 325.85 mph
2. Tony Schumacher, 3.787, 322.96 mph
3. Spencer Massey, 3.795, 320.66 mph
4. Bob Vandergriff Jr., 3.842, 301.81 mph
5. Khalid alBalooshi, 6.457, 92.75 mph
6. Steve Torrence, 8.259, 79.29 mph
7. Terry McMillen, 9.185, 72.38 mph
8. Shawn Langdon, 9.247, 76.55 mph
9. Richie Crampton, 9.462, 72.64 mph
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NITRO RACING HEADS TO PORTLAND !!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/nitro-racing-heads-to-portland

Nitro Racing heads to Portland
Australia’s biggest field of nitro cars is heading to one of the country’s prettiest racetracks with the Aeroflow Outlaw show heading to Fuchs South Coast Raceway near Portland, Victoria for February 1.
With a massive line-up of 11 nitro-burning funny cars, the Portland track will rumble to the tune of some 44,000 horsepower with each car producing approximately 4000 horsepower!
Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series Manager, Steve Bettes, was pleased with the development of the event.
“Working with the team at Fuchs South Coast Raceway has been just fantastic, they are a great group and we are pleased to be able to work on this event with them.
“These cars will be like nothing the fans have ever seen before!”
“Nitro racing is unique to drag racing and if you haven’t seen the spectacle of this type of drag racing before – you can’t afford to miss it.”
The racing cars are one thing but a fan favourite from the Sydney event was undoubtedly the Nitro Sheriff wheelstanding funny car. Powered by a supercharged hemi engine, the ‘Sheriff’ completes the entire quarter mile pass with a wheelstand.
Bettes added, “Everyone loves the nitro cars but the kids love the wheelstanding car more than anything, with sparks and flames and the wheels in the air, it certainly is quite a show.”
The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Show features racing from 1pm and support classes from 11am.
Entry Prices - $29 adult
$20 pensioner/concession
$15 child (10-16)
$70 family
Entry List - 1.Shane Olive NSW / LA Hooker
2.Willy White NZ / Back to the Future
3.Rick Gauci NSW / Nitro Express
4.Paul Messineo QLD / Dark Horse  
5.Peter Leahy QLD / SuperBad  
6.Aaron Hambridge NSW / The Bandit  
7.Anthony Begley WA / Fast Company
8.Justin Walshe QLD /  Lets Boogie
9. Daniel Schultz NSW / Supa Charger
10. Aaron Russell VIC / The Russler
11. Greg Leahy QLD / Harbour City Hustler
PLUS Greg Leahy QLD – Nitro Sheriff Wheelstander
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AUSSIE FAST FEMME NZ-BOUND AFTER SPECIAL INVITATION https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/aussie-fast-femme-nz-bound-after-special-invitation
Jett Racing’s Kelly Corbett is New Zealand-bound after she was selected as just one of four Australian drag racers to compete as ‘feature acts’ in the upcoming 2014 V Four and Rotary Nationals (25/26 January 2014).
The 29 year old Corbett of Camira in Queensland will take the wheel of the Jett Racing Datsun Ute as an event-funded headline racer alongside fellow Aussies Scott Porter, Dom Luppino and Chris Fakinos.
Corbett – who is well-known on the Australian drag racing scene for her exploits at the wheel of the Jett Racing Datsun Ute and also as the 2009/2010 National Modified Champion and holder of multiple national event and local event wins – said she was extremely excited for this watershed moment in her on-track career.
“The V 4 and Rotary Nationals really represents a massive step for me in my racing career – it is the first time I have been invited and funded to compete as a headline act at such a prestigious event and it is my first time racing outside of Australia,” said Corbett.
“I can’t think of a better way to kick off my racing season and the season of Jett Racing than with this amazing opportunity, and I can’t thank event promoter Azhar Bhamji and Jett Racing team owner Collin Willshire enough for this chance.
“I can’t wait to get out there and put on a show for all the fans in New Zealand, and at the same time will be hunting after an event win and the New Zealand national four cylinder record (7.43 seconds at 178 miles per hour) – my personal best in Australia in the ute to date is 7.14 seconds at 192 miles per hour, so I think we can do it!”
Jett Racing team owner Willshire said the invitation to act as a headline racer was a testament to Corbett’s racing spirit and the growing following of the team whose goal is to pursue ‘racing aligned with the next generation.’
“Kelly has been with Jett Racing for 12 months and during that time she has made her racing spirit well and truly clear, she lives and breathes this sport and is so very excited about heading over to New Zealand, as is the entire Jett Racing team,” said Cornubia’s Willshire, who is a racer and committee member for the Factory Xtreme bracket and has been a drag strip regular since 1996.
“As a dynamic young female racer who has the talent to match her enthusiasm, Kelly is really breathing life into our team and I am sure will provide Jett Racing with the perfect kick-off to our 2014 season with this great international event.
“The year ahead is already shaping up to be a big one with Kelly and myself booked in for a full event calendar and the racing debut of our two 2012 Nissan Skyline GTR-35s – two of only three in the world - not far away, so to be heading to such a prestigious event as a headline act is really the icing on the cake.
“I have to thank Kelly for all of her hard work and also Azhar the event promoter for this opportunity to take Jett Racing onto the international stage – I think this is really the start of the next big phase for Kelly and for Jett Racing.”
For their trip Corbett and Willshire will be joined by a strong band of cheerleaders including Corbett’s mother and father Jenny and Steve Bettes – current GM for Australia’s Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series and former GM of Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway – as well as her brother Scott Bettes and the Jett Racing crew.
Updates on Corbett’s progress at the V 4 and Rotary Nationals will be posted regularly on Jett Racing’s website www.jettracing.com.au and on the team’s facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jett-Racing
The 2014 V 4 & Rotary Nationals will include not only drag racing but also a Show & Shine and the NZ Xtreme Games at the ASB Showground (Auckland) and the Fram Autolite Dragway (Meremere) over the 25th and 26th of January 2014. For full event information including schedules and a full program, please visit www.4androtary.co.nz.
Jett Racing is supported by Prime Signs Speed Elec, Turbo by Garrett and Motul
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TUCKERS NEW LOOK FOR THE 2014 NHRA SEASON https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/tuckers-new-look-for-2014-nhra

Tucker and RTR reveal the new look for the Australian Team taking on the USA in the 2014 NHRA season. 



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RECORDS FALL AT PERTH MOTORPLEX https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/records-fall-at-perth-motorplex Nitro_MaxNitro_Max

The numbers are in and despite the heat in Perth no less than six new records were set over 1320ft.
Once the track settled down, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Perth Motorplex crew, records tumbled in the balmy conditions.
Rob Pilkington set the mark for AA/FC with an ET of 5.842 pushing the speed record to 245.23 mph in the process.
Jake & Jamie Chaisty set a new mark for H/MSA with an ET of 9.462 and a new speed of 141.50 mph.
And finally Brenton Baxter reset the ET and speed for A/MR with an 8.420 run at 166.97 mph.
Congratulations to all three teams. 
Photo - Phil Luyer
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LAMATTINA DOES IT AGAIN !!!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/lamattina-does-it-again LAMATTINA DOES IT AGAIN !!!
Pics Phil Luyer
It was hot tonight at Perth Motorplex, very hot! But despite the heat the ANDRA Drag Racing Series top fuel and top fuel motorcycle lit up the crowd while the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship competitors were just happy for dry conditions after the rain out at Portland last weekend.
Early on the Motorplex crew did their best to reduce the track temperature with an early evening spray from the water truck bringing the surface down to a nice and balmy 49.8°C by race time after recording of 62°C on the thermometer.
As the surface temperature slowly dropped, it was the Lamattina show once again with the Fuchs dragster powering to an impressive win for his second ANDRA Silver Christmas Tree in as many nights to continue his great run out West.
Lamattina said he was very happy for back to back wins, particularly in trying conditions, and a big lead in the ANDRA Drag Racing Series.
“What can I say? The car was running consistent again tonight and crew chief Aaron Hambridge showed that he can adapt to different conditions which is great for the Fuchs Top Fuel Dragster Team. And to come out with the points lead it’s great,” he said.
“The track itself, for how hot the day was, held up beautifully. But you’ve got to take your hat off to the Perth Motorplex crew. They manicure it, keep teasing it and have a look. It came up trumps.”
Martin Stamatis went into the fours during eliminations with a 4.830 defeating Allan Dobson who flamed out across the finish line and Phil Lamattina sent his Fuchs dragster down the track straight as a dart with a 4.666 in his solo run.
The final eliminator saw flames once again for Sheehan and Damien Harris but the 5.256 was enough to see Sheehan into a B final he would unfortunately never get to stage running out of bullets in a costly night.
The stage was then set for Lamattina v Martin Stamatis in the Top Fuel A final. Stamatis pedalled out and could only look on as Lamattina took the win with a pass of 4.74.
Unfortunately it wouldn’t be two in a row for Mark Drew as the A Final went to Mark Ashelford running a 6.58 while Chris Porter frustratingly crossed the centre line. B Final action ended in a solo run with Crawford’s bike spitting out two spark plugs in the start-up area resulting in a win for Kevin Gummow running 7.67.
Ashelford said he was more than happy with the win after finishing as runner up on Friday night that included his first two full passes after a recent hiatus. Tonight he went one better, dedicating the win to his mother.
“My dear old mum recently passed away so this weekend was for her,” he said.
“Last night I had a shakedown and it was my first two full passes in a couple of years. Tonight I had a hiccup in the seeding round and was lucky to get in the field. I faced Drewy again who I raced last night for the final and then Chris Porter, he’s not the Australian Champ for nothing so I really had to put my A cap on.”
Mark Drew continued his impressive form early in Top Fuel Motorcycle qualifying in first with a 6.726 while Ashelford shut down after the burnout. Terry Burnett also had trouble with the airline and unfortunately the problems would persist to put an end to his night during eliminators.
There was a hairy moment for Dennis Grant in the eliminators with a heavy lean to avoid the wall but he just kissed the concrete before the finish line earning a DQ. That left Chris Porter (6.905)and Mark Ashelford (6.908) to run a pair of sixes putting themselves into the A final leaving Kevin Gummow (7.641) and Gordon Crawford (7.358) to fight it out in the B final.
Fans also got to see Round 2 of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship.
Adam Marchant posted a quick 5.56 on a 5.82 going down to Rob Pilkington’s record setting (5.84 on a 6.21) in the Top Comp A final and Murray O’Connor (6.08 on a 6.16) bested Pino Priolo (6.48 on a 6.23) in the B final. Super Comp resulted in a win for Jake Chaisty with 9.50 on a 9.76 from Colin Mortimore with 8.41 on a 8.55.
Ross Smith took the honours in Competition Bike running 8.59 on a 8.74 against a 10.54 on a 10.26 for Stan Lisle. Craig Gerdes found himself on the wrong side of the tree in the Supercharged Outlaws final with Greg James claiming victory with 7.35 on the 7.34.
Mike Lanigan was left sitting at the line and could only watch Sam Treasure take the Modified final with a very nice 7.67 on a 7.66. There was a long pre-stage duel in the Super Sedan final only to see Matthew Gullotto red light handing the win to Leigh Fallon posting 9.23 on a 9.25.
The Modified Bike final was won by the consistent Luke Nieuwhof running a 9.64 on an 8.45 from an out of sorts Justin Townson posting a slowing  15.26 on an 8.88. Nicholas Wroe fouled out in the Super Street final won by Craig Caton with a pass of 11.04 on the 11.19. Finally in Junior Dragster, Makenah Begg got the win over a red lighting Jasmine Slamar.
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MR CONSISTENCY LAMATTINA TAKES ROUND 1 IN STYLE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/mr-consistency-lamattina-takes-round-1-in-style Nitro_MaxNitro_Max


Perth Motorplex played host to some world class nitro action tonight in round 1 of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel and Top Fuel Motorcycle.
The ultra-consistent Phil Lamattina set a pair of quick times in qualifying (4.632) before losing a chute and stopping just shy of the sand trap, and again in the eliminators (4.631).
In fact it wasn’t just Lamattina who ran in the fours as Mark Sheehan (4.658), Damien Harris (4.758) and Allan Dobson (4.841) all set the track alight within minutes of each other.
That set the tone for the A Final in the new three race format as Lamattina’s Fuchs top fuel dragster recorded a 4.651 to defeat an engine detonating Mark Sheehan (4.753).
Earlier in the night Mark Drew went under the national record (6.489) on his Top Fuel Motorcycle before taking the final with a 6.653 to defeat the chasing Mark Ashelford (6.753).
But it was Lamattina who stole the show with a trio of high voltage passes electrifying the crowd in warm conditions at the ‘plex.
Lamattina said he was excited to win the first ever ANDRA Drag Racing Series silver Christmas tree and acknowledged the excellent work his team put in during their preparation and throughout the night.
“Pretty stoked the car is running consistently, Aaron is doing a fantastic job on the tune up,” he said.  
“I’ve got to really take my hat off to Fuchs for their support for the team and always the crew, you’ve got to thank them.  They work tirelessly and this win is for them.
“(I’m) pretty excited, we’re in the championship lead and the start of the season is looking pretty good so hopefully we can back it up tomorrow.”
Damien Harris was due to take the track in a solo run during the B Final but failed to make the start meaning he will have to settle for 10 points less in the championship chase.
After going as fast as anyone on a Harley in several years, Mark Drew expected greater things during his Top Fuel Motorcycle A Final against Mark Ashelford. He did what was required by getting the win but Drew was far from happy with his time of 6.653.
“The bike was really good, we ran the 40, but I’m still at a loss as to why we ran a 60 in the last one. I’ll have to go through all the data tomorrow and work it all out,” said Drew.
“I’ve normally got my finger on it, when something happens I know what I’ve done. I might need a bit more timing and bit more fuel in the first stage. When I got to the end I was pretty surprised we only ran a 60.”
Despite his disappointment Drew was happy for the win and thanked his team for their efforts but with the high standards he has set for himself, look out at round 2 tomorrow night!
In Friday’s B Final Australian Champion Chris Porter took the win with one wheel off the ground until the half way point with a 6.916 from Greg Durack running a 7.312.
Tonight’s other action also saw early qualifying for round 2 of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Series commencing on Saturday night.
Russel Ladbrook qualified 1st in the Top Comp with a AA/FC ET of 5.863, Andrew Katavatis is first in Super Comp with a B/AA ET of 7.170, Comp Bike top qualifier is Ross Smith with a C/AB ET 8.470, Jon Ferguson scored an ET of 6.647 in the Outlaws and Michelle Osborn recorded a 7.146 to take top spot in the Modified, Lorenzo Gullotto sits atop the qualifiers in Super Sedan with an 8.093, Modified Bike provisional top qualifier is Luke Nieuwhof on a 8.421 and Super Street sees Bernie Ellerby currently atop the field with an 11.013.
Round 2 of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Series and the ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel and Top Fuel Motorcycle is set to take place in stifling conditions tomorrow night at Perth Motorplex. 
- ENDS - 
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PRIVATE HIRE 10-SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/private-hire-10-spot  

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BURNETT TO RACE AFTER EPIC REBUILD !!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/burnett-to-race-after-epic-rebuild
Photo - Luke Nieuwhof
Nitro is back at Perth Motorplex this weekend with the opening rounds of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series featuring national championship racing for both Top Fuel and Top Fuel Motorcycles.
Western Australian Terry Burnett won the round of Top Fuel Motorcycle last season at the Motorplex but his lead up to this year's version has been anything but smooth.
In testing last weekend, Burnett's motor had a bolt come loose in the bottom end, which got caught up in the camshafts and caused a dangerous nitro 'hydraulic', which lifted the cylinder head off the motor and was so explosive that it bent the top chassis rail of his nitro Harley.
But Burnett said he never considered missing this weekend.
“I always do whatever it takes to make it, even if we have to go 24 hours a day to get there I will do it,” he said.
“This is our only national points event for Top Fuel Motorcycle in Perth this season and I want to prove that last year's win was not a fluke.”
Burnett worked together with Bravo Resources to rebuild the bike and estimates over 100 hours has been put in so far.
“Clyde Carstairs at Bravo has been amazing; the blow up did a horrendous amount of damage,” he said.
“The bike is mostly back together, we've still got to build the engine up as we are waiting for parts from the east coast, but we will be there, no matter what.”
Top Fuel Motorcycle has seen a return to strength for its opening round with ten teams to front the starter across two individual championship rounds over two nights.
Burnett said he was excited to see the big field set to race.
“This is the best race meeting Top Fuel Motorcycles have got in WA this year.,” he said. “I'm very very happy with the field. I've worked too hard all year not to be there. 
“Our goals for this weekend - go rounds on both days and win them.”
Top Fuel and Top Fuel Motorcycle begin from 6pm on both Friday and Saturday nights.
The event also forms the second round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship.
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TV HOST TO RACE AN OUTLAW NITRO FUNNY CAR https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/tv-host-to-race-an-outlaw-nitro-funny-car
TV Host To Race An Outlaw Nitro Funny Car
Glenn Everitt, host of popular television show Man and Machine, is going to take to the wheel of an Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car as the TV star completes his ANDRA licencing procedure.
A long time drag racing fan, Glenn has nearly 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and as a highly qualified automotive technician in the performance industry, this will be the most powerful race car that Glenn has ever raced.
“I can’t wait!” exclaimed Everitt.
“A 4000hp nitro funny car is about as good as race cars get and I’m just excited to have the opportunity to live out one of my childhood dreams.
“Having said that, these are very, very powerful race cars and I’ll be making sure I listen carefully to what Graeme (Cowin) and the crew have to tell me,” concluded Everitt.
The core focus of Man and Machine is Classic and Muscle Cars of all years, makes and models, there is also a percentage of interesting machines featured, the type of powerful and iconic machines we all love to see and learn about – a perfect match to the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car class.
Steve Bettes, Series Manager of Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars added “To have Glenn running in one of these cars is unique not only for us but also for him.
“How hard is it for someone to step into one of these cars and race it down the quarter mile? Well, we are about to see!”
Licencing will be conducted at Sydney Dragway on January 18 and will be open to the public.
Man and Machine can be seen on Monday Nights on Digital TV Station 4ME (C74 Metro, C64 regional) 8.30pm A.D.S.T, 7.30pm Queensland, 8.00pm S.A. and 5.30pm W.A.
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MASSIVE MODEL COLLECTION https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/massive-model-collection Darren Morgans mate Shane's insane model collection. Any think they can beat it?? 

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) collection funnycar nhra topfuel https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/massive-model-collection Wed, 08 Jan 2014 23:34:36 GMT
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM WILLOWBANK RE ANDRA LICENCED VEHICLES https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/important-announcement-from-willowbank-re-andra-licenced-vehicles
The following applies to ANDRA licenced vehicles only.
No Declarations at non-Andra sanctioned events
Due to new ANDRA rules in regard to competitor declarations (page 60 ANDRA 2014 rule book) Willowbank Raceway will no longer be able to accept log book or licence declarations from competitors who are required to hold an ANDRA licence or ANDRA log book at Test ’n Tunes/Street Series and Racer Testing or any event that an ANDRA permit is not held.
Any competitor requiring a licence and/or log book MUST produce their current log book and licence for officials to take part in a Test ’n Tune/Street Series and Racer Testing or any event for which an ANDRA permit is not held. 
With the new ANDRA rules applying immediately, this requirement will apply to all Test ’n Tunes/Street Series and Racer Testing or any event that an ANDRA permit is not held from Tuesday 7th January.
The new rule states “Any competitor that is not able to present a current ANDRA Log book, will be required to complete an ANDRA Declaration Form, and will be required to submit to scrutineering for a full safety inspection and class compliance audit prior to completing any runs". This cannot be accommodated at non ANDRA Sanctioned Events.
We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you out here soon.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 2014 andra willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/important-announcement-from-willowbank-re-andra-licenced-vehicles Tue, 07 Jan 2014 05:30:00 GMT
TOP FUEL CHAMP PREPARES FOR FULL RETURN !!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/top-fuel-champ-prepares-for-full-return
Photo - Hayley Turns
2010 ANDRA Top Fuel champion Martin Stamatis will be back in action at Perth Motorplex this Friday and Saturday when the venue plays host to the opening round of the 2014 ANDRA Drag Racing Series.
Stamatis did make a brief appearance at the Australian Nationals in Sydney in November, but only for one qualifying session, with a rough launch giving him a concussion. On top of illness he had pre-event, the call was made to put team mate Phil Read into the seat instead for the remainder of the event.
“It was awful, my head was just throbbing,” he said. “But we had a premonition I wouldn't be right to drive anyway so we had told Phil to bring his driving gear to the track.
“He did a great job in a car he wasn't familiar with.”
The Billview team has been out testing recently to do some final checks to the 500kmh nitro-fuelled dragster before commencing competition in earnest.
“We tested the car to half track and got some good data despite really hot conditions,” Stamatis said.
“We noticed the engine was scuffing a few pistons at the Nationals in November so (crew chief) Rob Cavagnino had a brand new fuel pump on there and with that comes a new fuel curve he had to try and match up to our combination.”
The opening event in Perth will actually be a double header with two separate championship rounds over two nights on January 10 and 11.
Stamatis is looking forward to the format for the event which will see cars on track as much as possible over the two nights.
“I'm getting to the stage where I am not a big fan of spending a whole day qualifying then a whole day racing and limiting the show on race day,” he said. “I think it is wise in tough times to try and put the best possible show you can, getting all the cars out for all the rounds.”
Stamatis will also be back for the Westernationals in March which plays host to Top Fuel for the first time in the over four decades the event has been running.
“The car is staying in Perth between the events and we will send all the damaged stuff back to Sydney,” he said. 
As for the rest of the season, Stamatis said it was case of what will be, will be.
“We're thinking about the season, it's not about points, we would just like to race for a whole season again,” he said. “But the reality is we are still building a team, we only made this meeting because Jim (Read) is not racing. If Jim decides he wants to go racing he takes his trailer back and his crew members back. 
“It's a tough situation but we will see how the year pans out. For 2015 we are looking at a full blown season. We're definitely back.”
Stamatis will be taking on a tough field including Phil Lamattina, Damien Harris, Mark Sheehan and Allan Dobson. In addition to Top Fuel dragsters, the event also includes the opening round of the Top Fuel Motorcycle series and the second round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship.
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SUMMERNATS SUCCESS FOR TBE AS BEN BRAY OPENS THE SHOW https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/tbrnats

Team Bray has rung in the New Year amongst a cloud of tyre smoke with another successful appearance at the annual Summernats festival.
Held across 2-4 January 2014 at Canberra’s Exhibition Park (EPIC), the Summernats festival is Australia’s largest celebration of the modified car lifestyle attracting an over-subscribed entry list and more than 103,000 fans in 2014.
On-site for Team Bray Entertainment were Victor Bray’s ’57 Sidchrome Chevy and Ben Bray’s 1963 Sidchrome Corvette, with Ben awarded the great honour of completing the very first Summernats burnout of 2014 on Thursday afternoon – a privilege previously enjoyed by his father Victor.
“To be allowed the prestigious honour of turning the first wheel on the burnout pad for the 2014 Summernats was something pretty special, it is a true privilege and something I have enviously watched my dad do over the years,” said Ben Bray.
“The Corvette is still relatively knew so it was very exciting to take her out for her first ever Summernats, and to see her on the front page of the Canberra Times the next day!”
Before Ben opened the on-track show, two hundred of the Summernat’s best entrants were selected to drive into the city and back in a special event parade.
TBE’s own Tenelle Hollingsworth - the daughter of long-time crew member Chris Hollingsworth - and her immaculate Chevy C-10 was selected and flew the flag for TBE during the well-received parade which attracted around 30,000 on-lookers from their offices, businesses and homes.
Friday saw Ben again open proceedings with a burnout demonstration ahead of the official start of championship eliminations, before Victor stepped out onto the pad on Saturday.
However it wasn’t to be for the six-time back-to-back Top Doorslammer champion, with a broken tail shaft seeing him forced to retire early for the first time ever in his 22 year Summernats history.
“Saturday’s show at Summernats was the first time ever that I did not complete a burnout show that I started, and it did not feel good,” said Victor.
“As I told the fans on the microphone, the show must go on, so it was all hands on deck to get the car back in working order but unfortunately the damage was just too extensive and so for the first time in 22 Summernats I was forced to watch from the sidelines for the rest of the event.
“Despite this disappointment, the 2014 Summernats was still a great event for TBE and I was very proud to watch on as Tenelle flew the flag during Thursday’s city cruise and as Ben completed the first burnout.
“It goes without saying that I absolutely can’t wait to come back next year!”
Across the Summernats event Team Bray ran a competition to win a ride with Victor on the Sunday of the event, with Terry Cooper selected as the lucky winner. While Victor’s tail shaft failure meant his car was incapacitated at the time of the ride, Ben stepped in to show Terry the ride of his life in a burnout which also acted as the official start to the burnout championship finals on Sunday.
For more on the Summernats festival, visit www.summernats.com.au. Next up for Team Bray is the ANDRA Top Doorslammer 2014 season opener with the Pro Showdown event to be held at the Perth Motorplex from 31 January to 1 February 2014.
For more information on Team Bray, please visit www.teambrayracing.com. Fans can also keep up to date thanks to the Team Bray app which offers news, image updates, a live webcam and lots more for free for Apple and Android users. 
To download the app, visit http://apps.appmixpro.com/appm/rn5p013f6y47iw on a mobile device to access or alternatively scan the QR code in this press release with a mobile device.
Fans wishing to follow Team Bray can also visit www.teambrayracing.com, follow them on facebook at www.facebook.com/teambrayracing, or interact with the team on instagram (#teambrayracing)
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2014 THE YEAR FOR LAMATTINA !!!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/2014-the-year-for-lamattina  
Former ANDRA Top Fuel Champion, Phil Lamattina, has vowed 2014 will be the year 
he reclaims the Top Fuel title as the FUCHS-powered team prepare for the season-
opening Nitro Max at Perth Motorplex the January 10-11.
“We want it bad, that’s for sure!” exclaimed the Wemen-based carrot farmer.
“The team has left no stone unturned for this season, we have one goal – ANDRA 
“I will be racing a new chassis that should be both quicker and more comfortable. 
Over the last two seasons we have been the fastest car in the field most of the time 
but we haven’t been able to win the races that we needed to win. This year we are 
looking to be both fast and consistent,” added Lamattina.
FUCHS Lubricants Australasia has again joined the team for a record tenth 
consecutive year.
“We have great continuity - same driver, same crew, same sponsors – we need to 
make sure we go one better,” concluded Lamattina, referring to his runner up position 
in last year’s title race.
Aaron Hambridge, LTFR Crew Chief, is also confident of some great results this 
“Last year we won both rounds in Perth, so we would love to the same to start of this 
season. However, it’s not going to be easy, it is a relatively small field but the quality 
of the cars is higher than ever.
“We have some great data and we are going to use everything to try and achieve the 
very best we can at the (Perth) Motorplex,” Hambridge concluded.
Spectator Entry 4.30pm
Sportsman Qualifying 5pm
Main Program 6pm
Top Fuel 6, 8 & 10pm
Spectator Entry 1pm
Main Program 6pm
Top Fuel 6, 8 & 10pm
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60FOOT CONTINUE SUPPORT FOR 2014 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/60foot-continue-support-for-2014

60foot will continue as the supporter of the 60foot Rising Star Award for the Junior Dragster category as part of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship in 2014.
Awarded to the Junior Dragster driver with the best reaction time and dial in ‘package’ during eliminations, the 60foot Rising Star winner will received an exclusive 60foot Rising Star-branded clothing pack to the value of $300 including a large sports/race bag, cap, hoodie, t-shirt, sticker pack, can cooler and medallion.
Expanding on the 60foot Rising Star program this year will be a mini-series across the year, where the top three achievers (using the ‘package’ system) from each event will earn points towards a main prize fund at the end of the season that will be a contribution to either scholastic or driver training.
To check out the awesome range of 60foot clothing, make sure you head to www.60foot.com.


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CRAIG BAKER KEEPS HIS PROMISE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2014/1/craig-baker-keeps-his-promise

Portland, Victoria plays host to the opening round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship this weekend and coming into the event with an expanded family team is Modified national champion Craig Baker.
Baker will be joined by 12 year old son Josh who will be making his first appearance in the Junior Dragster category.
Josh was perhaps the main beneficiary of the family's first national title win, with a promise from his dad that he would buy a Junior Dragster if they won the Aeroflow series.
“Part of the deal was that if we won the championship, I promised Josh he would get a Junior Dragster,” Craig explained.
“It all started when we were in the USA on holiday in 2012 and he wanted an iPad. I said if I won the Australian Nationals I would buy him an iPad and of course then we won the Nationals.
“So then I made another promise, that if I won the championship we would buy a Junior Dragster. My wife is now trying to tell me I promised her some crazy things as well!”
Baker expects that he will be a nervous parent watching Josh hit Fuchs South Coast Raceway for the first time.
“I'm not sure how much it will distract me but it is great having him follow in my footsteps, he knows everything about drag racing,” he said.
“Obviously we want to do well but it's also about having fun and getting Josh going on his drag racing career.”
With a newly acquired championship in hand, the opening round for the season will be no time for Baker to show any weakness with 12 Modified teams all chasing valuable points.
“You feel like you have the target on your back after winning the championship,” he said. “We just have to go out there and do our best with our own team.
“We've made no changes at all to the car, the only thing we have been concentrating on is picking up little maintenance issues.”
Baker will be just one of four new national champions who will be racing at Fuchs South Coast Raceway on Saturday and Sunday, including Super Sedan title holder Johnny Kapiris, Modified Bike champ Gavin Dohnt and Super Gas man of the moment Matthew Forbes.
Photo - Lee Davis
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2013 THE YEAR THAT WAS - DRAGPHOTOS ANNUAL WRAP UP https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/2013dragphotosannual 2013 THE YEAR THAT WAS - DRAGPHOTOS ANNUAL WRAP UP
Well, after I had a read of the apprentice’s post about 2013, I thought I should probably have a crack at doing a post on the year that was 2013, a huge year in the automotive calendar. There were a few major changes in 2013, the first of which was having Clarkie on board pretty much full-time. This opened up the doors to cover twice the number of events. Leaving the responsibilities on another shooter for major publications isn’t something that I have wanted or needed to do in the past so this was going to be nerve racking to say the least. It has taken a whole year but we pretty much have the work flow side of things sorted out with only a few lovers’ quarrels along the way . Anyways, moving along to the interesting stuff…
One of the biggest highlights of the year happened surprisingly early when helping out the old Gupster. I was in the office plodding along and Gup pops his head out from his office and says, “What are you doing tomorrow?” Being Gup and his last minute decisions he comes out with “Let’s take HSV727 to Summernats!” To me this is a dream come true. I’d been shooting for more than 10 years and had never been to this iconic event. The next minute we’re road-tripping down to the ACT to try and find fireworks at some random adult shop to set off at Tuff Street.
The event was out of control to say the least with too many highlights to list them all. However being a Hilltop Hoods fan thanks to G (Gareth Ball) after only having the one CD on an epic road trip, it was mint to see them live.
2013 was always going to be huge after having discussions with Mr. Powercruise it was decided that Drag Photos would be in attendance at all the events. This was going to be the start of a great friendship and business relationship. On top of that it has given me the opportunity to venture around the country and the globe shooting some of the toughest and outright craziest cars in the world. From 12A turbo tubbed Minis in NZ to wheel-standing tractors in the USA. 
The biggest and most out-there thing happened in our own backyard though with Gup deciding he wanted to have his own two-Seater Top Fuel Dragster. The best part of this new venture was getting asked to design and wrap the whole thing the night before the event. 19 Red Bulls, 12 hot chocolates, 6 bags of snakes and 50m of vinyl later we had it finished with 30 mins to spare. Working through the night and having Darren Morgan rock up to see a primed undercoat Top Fueller turned into a fully stickered two-seater monster the next morning was almost priceless.
The second major event for the year was Powercruise Tassie, this year with something new… a burnout pad that needed to be broken in. With that in mind, who was going to be first? After a bit of a discussion, the locals made the decision and ‘nek minnut’ there were tyres fried everywhere.
The best part about Tassie is the sun is up late giving you more hours in the day to shoot. My favourite shot from the weekend was Pete in EVIL XA (being Australia Day weekend) one of the locals offered up a set of tires for a ride. The blue and red coloured smoke just set off the day and the shot went viral around the automotive scene.

Not long after Powercruise Tas’ it was back home to cover the short but sweet Powercruise Powerplay, my favourite of the Powercruise events and being short it’s done and dusted in a day with people going all or nothing as they don’t need to save the car for the remainder of the weekend.
When you live and breathe Nitro, Methanol, E85, Roo16 and the like, it’s always good to clear your head and mind by going out and shooting something completely different to sharpen the skill set. This usually happens around Feb when I fight the bed and convince myself that 5am is a great time to be at the beach shooting and snapping off some frames at the Burleigh Breaka Pro. Its always a great perve and the chance to take some killer shots of something way outside of the norm’.
Next up on the Calendar was the first round of the Stadium Drift franchise at QR. Finding the time to get to these between Powercruise and Willowbank is always a mission but I managed to head out there for the first one when all the cars are at their best.
Mid February usually plays host to the Annual Turbowerx dyno day. Being one of the innovators in the industry and pushing cars to within an inch of their lives, we try and make a point of heading to Graham’s dyno days to scope out feature cars and always aim to get that one shot.
The last weekend for February was Powercruise Sydney. What can I say about Sydney? They are out of control. The atmosphere, the hype, the crazy… it’s all in Sydney and there is no in between. It’s either foot to the floor or not at all. Out of all the venues I have photographed over the last year, Sydney takes first place for just being ‘loose as’. The boys just push the limit with everything they do whether it’s hanging the blower out the bonnet in their limited edition Brock Commodore or putting a 20B into the smallest car they can find, it’s always loose and out of control.
March was filled with a lot of smaller events from Fat Fitment and Kustom Karnival Show, Hard Tuned Track Day, Brisbane Super Car Club Open Day, APSA Round 2 and to finish with, one of the best events I have attended in a long time, the new Santos Cranes Super 3. Those that attended loved it. I have never heard such a great wrap up from an event, short and sweet it was over and dusted in 5 or so hours with Top Fuel, lightshow, fireworks and just non-stop action. 
Taking on the role of Official Photographer for Willowbank Raceway meant having to take the job of driver profile shots and all the media release shots including the shots of Larry Dixon straight from the USA – a definite plus to the job.
It’s also an emotional job especially when things go wrong there’s nothing worse than kids seeing their folks crash a drag car even if they are a-ok it’s still a bit traumatic for them.
Lucky for me April was a bit of a wet month and I managed to have a little bit of time to catch up on the editing and magazine feature cars. Even being wet we still made a weekend trip to Sydney for the Jamboree with Ray Box and Co.
Deep down the passion for my job stems all the way back from my first Jamboree with rotaries, wheel-stands and of course two-step flames. Nothing beats that crack of the two-step, even standing at the wall shooting the ear piercing sound is crazy and more intense than Top Fuel. Top Fuel has that different feel altogether, but I guess I will get into that in June for the Winternationals.
We covered the Queensland Auto Spectacular, Super Sportsman Round, Madaz Burnout Comp, Downshift Track day and half a dozen Test ‘n’ Tunes making it the quietest month of the year. It’s funny to look back at that month and know it was the slowest month, but still averages out at a shoot every 3 days.
May took me all over the place with the first weekend in Sydney for the Nitro Champs, the next weekend all the way to the top end in the NT for Powercruise Darwin, back to Queensland Raceway the following weekend to cover the Powercruise 1 Day Powerplay and the last weekend for the month a few days getaway at the beautiful Hamilton Island with the Powercruise gang.
The Nitro Champs to me was all about Pro Stock. The vibe for everyone to crack that six second mark was on. We talked about the teams that had been chasing it for a long time and a few had made it into the sixes already but within the first round there were another four names to add to the list! Pass after pass and seeing 6.99, 6.98 on the board was just such an intense moment of the meet.
Powercruise Darwin …. What can I say but its f%#king hot and muggy. There are some neat cars up there and some real quick ones too. I have to admit that being a turbo guy it was a bit of a shock to see Powertune cars in Darwin. That’s one hell of a trek to Sydney for a service but as usual they nailed it with the mint R32 and the Sil both repping  the name in style, chopping most cars up there.
Flying back on the red eye is never fun but I guess we do what we have to do. Back into sunny Queensland for the next nights Test ‘n’ Tune was refreshing after being away each weekend for the last few weeks so it was good to be back to normality. Well for a few days anyway. Powercruise Powerplay snuck up the following weekend and the pattern followed an abundance of people with similar interests just wanting to get out and have fun.
It’s a great setup with a good mix of everything and seems to be a winning formula; its even better when Canon decide they want you to try out the new 500mm for the week giving you a completely different aspect of the event.
The most anticipated event on the drag racing calendar in Queensland is hands down the Winternationals. It’s a mammoth fortnight of pretty much shooting every day. From the little media briefs, Winternationals Warm-ups, then of course the main game the Winternationals. I have to say this is the most demanding week of the year.
Shooting all day and into the night, then having a media listing of photos that have to be out by certain times for newspaper deadlines nationally and internationally is always a rush and the last thing you want to be doing after being in the sun for the last 12 hours. The fun part is next to come – getting home and sorting the thousands of images, posting them on the blogs, websites and of course the Drag Photos gallery.
One of the main perks of the job covering the Winternationals is access to the helicopter. It gives a different feel of an event and the enormity of it, and of course being able to shoot from the starter’s box during Top Fuel. It is the most intense moment out there. You are holding onto your breath from the fumes and trying to hold a camera still while 16000hp erupts around you, not to mention the Nitro burning your eyes! It’s such a rush; you need to be there to understand it. If you haven’t seen Top Fuel it’s time you checked it out.
Later in June I got a message asking me to attend a Burlesque Night to raise funds for Breast Cancer. Being a touchy subject in mine and a lot of other people’s lives, I went along and covered the amazing show.
July was the biggest adventure yet for the business and me with Gup inviting me to cover his Powercruise USA events. Was a huge flight over to LAX then to Houston for the first ever PC Texas. From there we travelled from the bottom all the way to the top on the road trip of all road trips, getting to see some of the USA and what it has to offer.
Ten days venturing around, and covering the events was just awesome not to mention we flew in on 4th of July – Independence Day. So of course the first thing I did was hit up ‘the Ball’ to go get fireworks since all the other pansies wanted to sleep. Still think the highlight of the trip was shooting him in the ass point blank with the BB gun.
From America, I came back and shot a few Test ‘n’ Tunes, sportsman rounds and some smaller local events before the Ipswich 500 V8 round that I always manage to get a call at the last minute asking me to cover.
This year was no different so I dragged Clarkie along with the freshly acquired 200-400mm lens that had just been unveiled for the Olympics (number 4 in Australia! Got to love being looked after, haha!) to see what kind of frames I could get. After half a day with the 200-400 I was hooked. Such a mint bit of glass and tracking just as fast as the 70-200 2.8 IS V2.
Time flies and getting to the last half of the year the events become more often and bigger with August managing to squeeze in 26 events. The only month of the year that I had no events to cover in a different state so it was great to have at least 30 days at home.
Mopar Sunday is always a big turnout and action packed and this year was no different with thousands of cars on show and on the track. It has that nice feel about the day like Jamboree and the APSA meets with like-minded people getting along and just having fun. 
The weekend following Mopar Sunday was the Willowbank round of the Aust vs. NZ Nostalgia Drags with a handful of guys making the trek over from the land of the long white cloud. This event was cool to shoot and see some different cars for a change and made the Test ‘n’ Tunes flood with testing cars.
A new event on the August calendar was the Demons on the Park show to raise funds for the local Footy Club. Getting new uniforms for the midgets it was a huge turnout and thousands of people came past to check out some of the tough streeters and even watch Bill Goonan start up his new Doorslammer.
The last event for August was the Benaraby APSA Meet with me thinking “it’s just up the road, not a long drive…” I was wrong! It’s just up the road but when you are stuck behind a convoy of Army trucks this makes a six-hour drive turn into almost 10! It was still one hell of a weekend up there and I had the best pizza at a race track that I have ever tried. I’m thinking Gup agreed as he managed to smash down way more than me, haha!
I think that September comes down to the most draining month out of them all with some of the most time-intensive events all on in that month with more than 90% of the month taken up shooting either Jamboree, Powercruise Queensland, GM Mania, Warwick 6 Banger Nats, Hog Meet, Test ‘n’ Tunes and of course the feature cars.
September started with a blur and ended the same way with a huge 24 hours designing and wrapping the boss’s Top Fueller with Bryce and C-Dizz.
It was epic to say the least climbing all over it like a playground. It came up a treat and had media coverage from channels 7, 9 & 10 there all frothing over how cool it was and going for rides for the TV that night. It’s surreal seeing your work on such a huge scale. I guess the novelty of being published in magazines dies off a little over time but I still love to see the features and events come to print, especially the covers. But it was huge to see a car that was fresh from the mould to full wrap, which was quite an achievement in less than 24 hours.
Jamboree was a little smaller than last year and what it lacked in wheel-stand action it made up for in two-step flames so that was a definite upside. I think the event needs to go to a one-day deal and cram it to the brim.
Even a similar setup to Azhar in NZ with the NZ Nationals having one day show and shine (all cars - drag, street, rods, drift etc) on display at the show grounds and then have the same cars compete on the second day, even the show cars if they want. In saying that I might be a little biased as his event makes it into my top five events ever.
Nothing kicks off a month like 7 Test ‘n’ Tunes… not! *insert sarcasm here* After being on a high from the last few months travelling around the globe, a few weeks home seemed like eternity.
Next on the agenda it was out to Warwick for Dragfest… another one of the events that I’d heard about but never been to. So as usual I packed the bags and headed out at sunrise to get to the track on time. I heard that HPS had a few cars out there and with that on my mind I knew I was up for some killer cars with gas and more than likely a wheel-stand or two. With the track being hot after half a day of nothing, Tim Graham comes out and pops the old darling up on her back bumper surprising everyone. Of course it wouldn’t be an event without the guys from Spot-On Performance thinking it was a burnout comp but that’s what we love about ‘em.
 It wasn’t long before the team was on a plane again with myself heading to Perth for the third biggest Powercruise event of the year and Clarkie on his way to Sydney for WTAC – both huge events in their own right. I personally don’t get the roundy-round events and much prefer sports with the chance of explosions and huge power than down force and aero. Each to their own; but Clarkie digs it so I can’t hold him back. I have tried but that kid is pretty solid.
Perth Powercruise is one of the weirdest events. You have 95% of the cars running sub-11sec street cars 2% shit-boxes and then 3% just mental! It’s always a great event to head to with the crew and there’s usually a great turnout from the locals. This year was no different with a mental twin-turbo S14 baking it at every chance as well as a plethora of classics lapping Barbagello for a weekend of mayhem.
Both heading back from interstate led up to the most travelled month of my life, November. I was away interstate every single weekend of November with the Australian Nationals in Sydney the first weekend of the month, followed by Powercruise New Zealand and Jukebox Diner the week after that. Back on the old 747 to Sydney for the ASPA and Outlaw Funny Car round, home on the Gold Coast for two days and back with the crew at the domestic terminal for the last official Powercruise Powerplay for the year at Eastern Creek.
Flying to NZ is always an epic time as most of the crew are pretty loose and the drive from Auckland to Taupo is usually somewhat entertaining, between Donny trying to run G off the road and Mick snoring and me trying to shove lollies in his mouth and nose there is never a dull moment.
The event itself is always one I look forward to being a fan of the rotary and with the abundance of cuzzy bros that own them, nothing beats the wake up call from my people. That’s right, the dirty 13B being in NZ the majority are PP and would wake up small towns no problems at all. Yet again being the official photographer has its perks. Jetting up in a chopper to get some killer shots of the track and around town was amazing. The waterfalls, the cars, the boss’s almost hole in one, just a beautiful place to be and with Imports, V8s, Rotarys. What more could you ask for?
On the way back from the event we had half a day to spare and stumbled across the Juke Box Diner and upon closer inspection, a car museum. This was the museum of museums with so many cool cars that I had never seen before from classics to exotics! For a full wrap-up check out Performance Garage Magazine.
After heading home for a day and a last-minute decision, we decided that we would drive to Sydney, check in with the Editors at Express and then head out to Sydney Dragway for the first round of the Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars and the Finals of the APSA Pro Street Shoot Out and the Factory Extreme Category.
The rain gods decided to play mind games on the Saturday and had the event postponed to the following day. It was unfortunate but even having some of the teams leaving to head home due to work commitments the event was out of control with constant side by side six-second passes. The highlight of course was Ron Capps over from USA in the LA Hooker funny car showing how to pedal the ride into the 5s.
The following weekend back in Sydney the weather wasn’t that much better but it was still great to get some extra frames from Sydney Motorsport Park at Powercruise Powerplay. The rotaries were out to play as was most of the eye candy from Sydney’s car scene. Unfortunately some pushed too hard and found a wall. Lack of traction or lack of talent we will never know.
The last month for the year is usually just filled with Test N Tunes and a few low key events leading up the festive season with hundreds of Christmas orders coming through even now with a day to go … so not sure how that will handle with the post hahah good luck with that.
This year with the passing of Paul Walker ( FNF ) Downshift put on one of the biggest cruise style events I have ever been to I think the only event I have ever been to was Powercruise followed closely by Powercruise. Easy 4000 + people turned up to support his charity all makes and models on show and even the police showed there support and helped the event run smoothly with traffic controlling and escort. 
On a serious note it has been an epic year for Dragphotos with some major players jumping on board such as Bobby Bennett at Competition Plus, Ray Box at Jamboree, Sam Tatton at Mopar Sunday, Willowbank Raceway, Powercruise just to name a few.
A few stats – 
247 Events Covered
500 000 + Photos Taken
14 Covers
102 Feature Cars
841 Pages Published
390 Online Articles 
7 Country’s Published
1679 Orders
242 Framed Prints
And a hell of alot of happy customers.
I / Dragphotos couldn’t have done all this without the support of the Magazines, The Editors, The Business Owners and of course Clarkie covering the Test N Tunes when I have been away or heading away to cover events when needed or just being the shoulder to vent when I have just wanted to crack certain people in the head. Gup not just a business relationship but a good mate with plenty of time to run ideas by and help me grow and expand what I have not to mention help me put on a few KG with the mad parmy lunches so mad team work on that, even if he drinks Diane sauce like it’s the latest liquid diet. Hodgo what can I say one of my longest serving editors calls a spade a spade and pretty much thinks the world runs around his deadline finger, I NEED A SHOOT DONE NOW MAKE IT HAPPEN….. WHY ARE YOU STILL ON THE PHONE BE AT THE SHOOT… yes yes this happens often but it makes the world go round and its always happy days when we catch up for a tequila olayyyyyyyy. 
Can’t go past DBS crew what can I say the guys have opened their team up to accommodate both Clarkie and I keeping us hydrated and snacked up with Hayleys mad cooking at the track causing much jealousy amongst the camp, Roasts, Burgers, you name it nom nom nom the best part is they are a fan of the bacon… and that’s what makes the world go round. 
On that note wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy and Safe New Year
Dave Reid
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PETRIE ALL SET FOR AEROFLOW OPENER IN PORTLAND https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/petrie-all-set-for-aeroflow-opener-in-portland
The Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship returns to Fuchs South Coast Raceway for two massive days of drag racing action on January 4 and 5, 2014.
Featuring eleven categories from Junior Dragsters to Modified to Competition, the season opener in Portland, Victoria is set to be a scorcher.
Competitors from all over Australia will be attending the event including Jenny Petrie and her 250kmh Wildfire Fiat Topolino.
Petrie first entered the sport of drag racing by accident after her husband Tim bought the Topolino with the intention of driving himself. Unfortunately the cockpit was a tight fit for Tim and so Jenny was thrust into the spotlight without ever even attending a drag racing event because she thought they were “boring”.
“How wrong was I?” she said.
The hot rod-styled car was originally built in New Zealand in the early 1970s and raced across the ditch until 2000. Eventually a couple from Australia purchased it and it raced at Alice Springs for 18 months.
“We purchased it in August 2005 and I was licensed in December 2005,” said Jenny. “We run in the Modified category. My personal best times at this point are 8.34 seconds at 254kmh over a quarter mile (402m) and 5.25 at 207kmh over the eighth mile (201m).”
Petrie is no stranger to South Coast Raceway after competing in this event last January and enjoying the experience with her team.
“As far as tracks go it is one of the best I have raced on and the track staff and crew are second to none,” she said. “Nothing was a problem and they could not do enough for you. We were made to feel very welcome.”
To go rounds in Portland Petrie says competitors have to be on their game as the eighth mile is unforgiving with no room to make up for a bad reaction time to the starting lights.
“If it all comes together it would be nice to come away with a win but as long as we have fun I don't mind either way,” she said.
The action packed weekend begins Saturday January 4 and fans can join the fun when gates open both Saturday and Sunday from 9am.
Qualifying begins from 11am Saturday with eliminations from 10am on Sunday.
Photo Grant Stephens
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AEROFLOW OUTLAW NITRO FUNNY CAR MEET CANCELLED IN ADELAIDE DUE TO LACK OF ENTRIES https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-meet-cancelled-in-adelaide-due-to-lack-of-entries AEROFLOW OUTLAW NITRO FUNNY CAR MEET CANCELLED IN ADELAIDE DUE TO LACK OF ENTRIES
EDIT - Adelaide Aeroflow Funny Car event postponed
The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car event scheduled for Adelaide International Raceway on January 4 has been postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the series organisers and track promoter, Racing Onn Promotions.
Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Manager, Steve Bettes, explained, “We are all really disappointed to have to make this decision but the entry level for the support categories is insufficient for the viability of the event, due in part to the date clash with the Aeroflow Sportsman round in Portland.”
“But the great news is, we will be heading to Adelaide for an even bigger and better event on September 6 in 2014. This is rock solid and we look forward to bringing the best show in drag racing to Adelaide.”
Racing Onn Promotions also added that the new date would have a comprehensive support show to compliment the Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars.
Bettes concluded, “Date changes are a part of motorsport but we apologise to the fans who were looking forward to the show. We will make up for it when we hit the track in September. Our first event for 2014 will now be at FUCHS South Coast Raceway at Portland on February 1 and this will be an amazing event with a strong Outlaw Funny Car entry list already taking shape.”
The statement from Racing Onn Promotions is below:
To All Racers and Supporters,
It is my biggest apology, but I have had to cancel the 4th January’s Bendigo Bank Elizabeth & Virginia presents the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars at Adelaide International Raceway due to lack of entries.
All entrants have been sent an email so if you have entered, please check your emails. 
The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars will return again to Adelaide on the 6th September 2014.
Our next competition event 15th March. Entry forms for thisevent will be released soon.
Once again our apology, but without the racers support, I am not able to run an event. 
Racing Onn will hold a off street meeting, a date to be advised before the March. 
We hope that you all have a great Christmas and a Safe New Year.
Please keep an eye on our website www.racingonn.com.au for future event details and on our facebook page.
Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) adelaide aeroflow air nitro outlaw sydney https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-meet-cancelled-in-adelaide-due-to-lack-of-entries Tue, 17 Dec 2013 11:33:40 GMT
A YEAR BEHIND THE GLASS..WITH DAVID CLARKE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/a-year-behind-the-glass A quick look back at some of the biggest and most memorable events of 2013.
As my second full year of shooting for Dragphotos.com.au draws to a close it's crazy to think the amount of events, feature cars and photoshoots that I have attended. Not to mention the countless hours spent behind the computer in post processing after each event. This year was a massive turning point for me. As if the stress of covering mulitple events per weekend wasn't enough, I went back to basics and decided to teach myself to shoot film as I had only shot digital and learnt everything while using the best gear available while shooting for Dave. I was completely and utterly dumbfounded in what I saw upon picking up the 3 rolls of film I shot at the Winternationals. To my supprise I had not only been sucessfull but had some shots I was well and truly proud of. Below is the one of those shots. This particular image is of Bob Books at the 2013 Winternationals. This was shot on a $25 35mm camera that I had purchased on Gumtree the week before and shot on Kodak 400tx, my firt roll of film. 
Australia Day Drift Festival kicked off this year and for me it was a last mintute decision to head down. With international driver Matt Powers judging the event and 16 of the best drifters in Australia headlining it was set to go off. The event was the first to be held on the South Circuit extension of Sydeny Motorsport Park that had been otherwise reserved for time attack and other grass roots style races. I was dumbfouned by the course. It's something we just dont get in Australia and in my opinion is the best drift track in Australia hands down. 
I was back home the following weekend for Powerplay Queensland. This is a massive day for us as the sheer number of cars and full program means we nearly always have to be in two places at once. The buggy certainly makes life easier :) 
Being in this job I have experienced some massive highs and sometimes forget just how lucky I am to travel to and from the best events in Australia while getting payed to do what I love. Powercruise in Sydney was the second time in as many weeks I had travelled to Sydney for an event and it never disapoints. I can remember standing in the belting down rain in a $2 poncho trying to shoot the crazy powerskids and slides some of the cars were getting along the back straight and I remember thinking there is no way I would be standing in this sort of rain for any other event. Powercruise for me has a special feel, a certain enegry you just dont find anywhere else.
After this event I decided to have a break away from photography for a few months as being somewhere every weekend was taking its toll. Subsquently I missed some of the best events of the year. Formula Drift Melbourne, Santos Super 3 and APSA Queensland. I felt the break is what I needed to make me appreciate what I have been able to do in the past and what I will be able to in the future.My first event back was the Cruising Nostalgia Drags. This event is a mixed bag for me but its a event I enjoy and really get into once I'm at the track. Unfortunately the event was rained out. 
The Winternationals is always massive and this being my second year shooting, I had a fair idea of what to expect. On average Dave and I walk around 13kms a day at events but at the Winternationals you could easily double it. From various shots needed for press releases and other media, it feels like a massive task and we are constantly on the go. This is the weekend, as I said above, that I squeezed in some time to start shooting film. Unfortunately this year's nationals was rained out. I think we were robbed of some serious racing as the weekend was shaping up to well and truly deliver.
After a little break up north it was off to Stanthorpe for the round 4 of Staduim Drift which is easily the best drift track in Queensland and a close second to the South circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park for the best in the nation in my opinion. This track just seems to deliver and with awesome vantage points to shoot from it just makes for a great day shooting. It's a shame this track has such tight restrictions and its future is uncertain with new council regulations. I just hope we get to travel there next year. 
The V8 Supercars at Queensland Raceway is always a good relaxed weekend as we have a small amount of work to do and the rest of the day is ours. Somehow we always end up shooting for most of the day anyway. It's always good to test your skills against some of the big names in photography in the V8 Supercar circles. 
The mother of all Powercruises was next with the 3 day event in Queensland. This year the event was just insane with the addition of Gup's new two seat top fueler. The crowd and atmosphere was electric with what could have been the first ever top fueler fat lap done around the pits. The hype surrounding the event was massive and with some of the best burnouts and powerskids to date, no one was left dissapointed.
Still recovering from Powercruise, I got to choose between GM Mania at Willowbank and the 6 Banger Nationals at Warwick Dragway. Not minding a good drive I decided to head out to Warwick for the day, I love how laid back this track is and just the general vibe of the place. It feels friendly and relaxed which is something you just don't get at most tracks. Some of the very best 6 cylinder cars from all around Australia decended on Warwick for this event and I would highly recommend it to anyone. 
With the last 3 weeks jam packed with some of the biggest events of the year they dont stop coming with Jamboree Brisbane. A personal favorite and in my top 3 events I look forward to along with World Time Attack and APSA Sydney. Ray just has this event dialed and there is nothing like the sound of screaming 20Bs and 2Js, big 2 step flames and some seriously quick passes not to mention the bikini comp and verious other side shows that make this event so successful. I just remember this event being a blur.
Luckly I had a few weeks after Jamboree to rest up in far north Queensland before coming back and covering my favorite event of the year, World Time Attack Challenge. This event is just simply out of control with drivers, teams and cars coming from all around the world to try their luck against the locals. With Australia leaving the Internationals licking thier wounds last year, You just had a feeling the whole event would just be bigger and better this year. I wasn't disapointed as nearly every car had new mods and some of them getting full builds in the year between events.I was also able to blow the dust off the film body and shoot 3 rolls of film at this event. The side show to WTAC is the Techtaloy Internaional Drift Challenge with drivers like Mad Mike from NZ, Tsutomu “THE TERMINATOR” Fujio from Japan and the man I was most excited to meet, Daigo Saito from Japan. With the drifting moved to the south Circuit it made for some crazy backward entrys and super close battles. If you have ever considered going to this event and haven't you owe it to yourself to make the treck.
The week after WTAC I was called and told I had received a ticket to go to Bowdens closed collection and shoot it for Australian Street Car Magazine. This is one of the best racing car collections I have ever seen and done for all the right reasons. The Bowdens have done this so some of these iconic cars are kept in Australia and their history is remembered and passed on. I could not believe that Dan Bowden could walk through the 80+ cars and tell us each of every cars achievements when, where and how they had come across it and why it was important to Australia's short racing history. I do a lot of cool things but it was amazing to see this collection first hand and be asked to do it justice in photos was humbling. 
My final event for the year was one I had been excited about for a while, the Australian Pro Street Finals, Factory Extreme Finals and the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Debut at Western Sydney Dragway. On paper I was not sure how all of this could fit in one day. Sadly it rained on the Saturday moving the whole event back to the Sunday. With the event schedule shortened to one qualifier it left no room for error with some teams throwing massive setups and leaving on the bumper bar and others playing it safe. This event was a great way to end the year and meeting NHRA legend Ron Capps is certainly a highlight, not only of the year but of my short career. The Outlaw nitro funny car event has broken off from APSA and done a solo event in Adelade and the is also one rumoured for Willowbank some time next year. I'm already looking forward to it. 
This is just the tip of the ice berg with countless Test and Tunes, Private Hires, photoshoots and Time Attack days scattered between each of these big events. With this year's events wrapped up, I would just like to thank Dave for his continued support of me and sending me Austrlaia wide and also Internationaly in the new year. I could not have done any of what I have achieved this year with out his support. And also a big thank you to my girlfriend Sarah for being supportive of what I do and for putting up with me being away almost every weekend.  I can't wait to start shooting again in the new year with the first event on my calendar the 4s and Rotary Nationals in New Zealand. 
Catch you all next year! :)
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ANDRA TAKES ON NEW MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/andra-takes-on-new-media-and-public-relations-officer 004296_ANDRA_40YRSTICKER_v2004296_ANDRA_40YRSTICKER_v2
ANDRA would like to announce the appointment of Tim Baker in the role of media and public relations officer.
Tim will be taking over from Luke Nieuwhof in January and comes to ANDRA with a long history working within a range of media.
Tim has been a motor racing and drag racing fan from a young age and has extensive experience working in the print and online environments and ANDRA are confident he has the attributes to assist in promoting the sport of drag racing to our members and fans.
“I’ve been lucky enough to work with or write about most of my interests and I’m very excited to add drag racing to the list, I can’t wait to get started,” he said.
“Working with the media and its various forms whether that be print, online and TV is a passion and the fact that it revolves around this high speed sport is an added bonus.”
Tim grew up in the stands at Adelaide International Raceway and Speedway City and is looking forward to getting to work with drag racing and ANDRA members around the country.
ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley said the addition of Tim to head office comes at a time of growth for the organisation with more resources to promote the sport including the new ANDRA trailer providing a mobile presence.
“We’re excited to welcome Tim to the ANDRA team,” he said. “We‘re very confident Tim will continue to build on the foundations Luke has set over the past two years.”
Tim will be officially commencing work with ANDRA at the Nitro Max Season Opener at Perth Motorplex on January 10.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) AND ANDRAS MEDIA NEW OFFICER ON PUBLIC RELATIONS TAKES andra sydney willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/andra-takes-on-new-media-and-public-relations-officer Tue, 17 Dec 2013 06:19:12 GMT
MOPAR MAYHEM 10- SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/mopar-mayhem-10--spot

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/mopar-mayhem-10--spot Sun, 08 Dec 2013 00:47:11 GMT
DENNIS'S LAST 1/4 MILE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/dennis-s-last-1/4-mile The local Queensland drag racing community as well as family and close friends gathered to celebrate and say their farewells to Dennis before he took on the quarter mile one last time. 



[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/dennis-s-last-1/4-mile Fri, 06 Dec 2013 04:15:16 GMT
THE BENNY BRAY WAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/the-benny-bray-way


Right from the early days on his family's Queensland tomato farm Ben Bray's passion for racing was clearly evident. Just like his father Victor Ben has had a need for speed and a desire to be the best on the race track. The love of drag racing was with him before his teens and at just 17 Ben became the youngest contender ever to win the Australian Nationals. Since that remarkable achievement, Ben and his Team Bray have continued to carve out a distinguished career on the racing circuit. In this interview Ben discusses the past, present and future of what has made him a major competitor. 
As a racer himself, was your father, Victor Bray, surprised when you decided to take up junior dragster racing at the age of 10? Did he try to talk you out of racing and stay on the family's tomato farm? Was his racing the reason you wanted to race - to follow in your father's footsteps?
To take up drag racing dad was more of a supporter than a pusher or a puller - he just offered me a car to drive and told me it was there if I wanted it - I had a lot of love for doing clutches and learning how the cars worked first and guess that drove me to wanting to drive a car - I never did at the start but once I learnt enough how to do it I thought now the next challenge is to get one down the track as a driver and as a crew chief so I don't think I was forced or pushed into it I think I just did it because I fell in love with it."
How many times over the years have you seen your father race? What race of his has impressed you the most?
I guess in the time working for dad in the last 12 to 15 years I've probably watch him go down the track hundreds and hundreds times, easy 500 times with all our testing and eighth mile racing and match racing - 90 per cent of the time I like to be in the lane beside him - I don't get to actually see him because he is always behind me - the most impressive dad is, is when he ever reads an article and someone cans him out, he is definitely a man that can come back and surprise you - it annoys me that he just doesn't do that every weekend. - but that is up to him. Winning the Winter Nationals is probably a pretty big one for me, I've watched dad go out in probably ten nationals now and I think has made six or seven finals and out of them three of them racing me so winning the Winter Nationals is pretty cool to us being our home track - 90 per cent of the time it was our home sponsor so it was pretty good.
At 10 you also had a strong interest in mechanics - how did that interest come about - was it your father's influence or was it something you were instinctively attracted to?
In my younger days of racing junior dragsters dad was always a believer that if I can't make the car run I don't get to drive it. He was like that with motor bikes, go-karts, push bikes - so if my chain fell off my push bike he would give me a 101 lesson on how to put it back on and what to look for and why it fell off and then after that, that was your only shot he then expected you to know exactly how to do it so at ten years old with my junior dragster one day we pulled an engine apart I was fascinated with how it all worked inside there - me and him sat down with one of his good friends Brad Parker who is a motor mechanic, they showed me the ins and outs of it - then from ten years old until I was 17 I was building my own junior dragster motors so that was pretty cool and then one day he gave me a shot at building one of his Doorslammer engines and I think that was the worst thing I have ever done because now I build them weekly.
What memories do you have of those very early days of junior drag racing?
Early memories of juniors are probably just the fun I had. I guess it is like being at school, you don't have a worry in the world, you don't have bills to pay and there is no pressure. Mum and dad were very easy on me with racing; they never expected anything from me. Dad and mum were both proud, as long as I had fun - I won a lot of racing, I did really good in the junior days - If they let you drive at the age of 28 I would probably still be in one because I do have lots and lots of good memories and I really, really do enjoy standing out there on the start line and watching 30 or 40 kids - there just having a ball - I know how much fun they are having. The dislikes of the juniors nowadays is probably the fact that they are all too competitive. For the fathers or mothers around in my day it was all about the kids having fun, nowadays it seems to be about trying to win championships and Christmas trees - I think they need to pull up on that a bit. 
What was it like during your teens to be part of your father's crew for Doorslammer drag racing car - what is so special about Doorslammer drag racing?
Being a 'green' crew member for dad, not knowing a lot about it was very hard because he is the type of guy, as I guess everyone in his industry is, that you are expected to know everything after a one hour lesson, so that was a little bit hard, especially being the son of the father I think it was a little bit harder because I've been around it so long I was expected to know it a lot quicker and a lot easier, but I guess it probably made me a lot stronger and a lot better today than what I could have been. Doorslammers are just a challenge - I've driven tons of cars now from dragsters, Funny Cars to Doorslammers - and there is nothing harder to get from start to finish then a Doorslammer from the tune up to the driving side of it, so I guess that is why the love is there.
What do you think were your father's thoughts when you got your own Doorslammer dragster? Did it give you a feeling of independence? 
I don't know, I think dad's thoughts were pretty cool as I guess a lot of fathers out there in the industry would love their kids to follow in their footsteps but sometimes the financial side of it probably isn't available, at that stage in our lives ours was. Dad gave me a pretty cool opportunity - he told me 'here's a car, if you can get it running you can race it.' So I think the feeling of getting it out there and racing it was pretty cool. Independence? I don't know if there was any as I was led by dad the whole way, I still am today, I still learn every time I get out of bed, he tells me something new, so I guess the only independence was the fact that every time I towed his car back I knew I was never driving it, when I was towing my car back I knew I just drove it so I guess that was the fun side of it. 
At just 17 you won the Australian Nationals, the youngest winner ever of a national championship event - can you recall how difficult that race was to win? What were your immediate thoughts in coming in first?
Winning the Australian Nationals at 17, I don't know, nowadays it is a blur to me because it was a blur then, I had only had my licence for about 28 days and to even compete in the Nationals was just outstanding. Dad gave me an opportunity because the difference between a Group Two racer and a Group One racer entry fee licence fee was thousands of dollars so for me to step up to that level was pretty cool - and I got a lot of lectures from a lot of racers including my father that was 'just go in and have a bit of fun - don't expect too much'. I wasn't in a real competitive car, the fields were a lot further ahead of me and guys had a lot more experience. Dad didn't qualify on the Friday and Saturday, which as a loyal crew member I was devastated to sit back and watch that, the heartbreak between him, mum and his team, because those guys never not qualified, so you have your downs and your lows but we had it all in one. I had a mother and father so proud of me to qualify and to be able to compete at the Nationals but I also had a devastated mother and father because dad didn't , so I don't know, the achievement on the day was brilliant for me but I was hurt, every time I thought that dad wasn't in the field but he kept telling me that day that his car wasn't good enough and he wasn't good enough to make the field so I accepted that. Come race day I thought in my head I could try to do my best and do him as proud as I can because now he has to stand beside me and not sit beside me and race. To compete against the guys I did, I took out Robin Judd first round, Brett Stevens second round and Gary Phillips in the final and every time I hit the start line I was a two-tenths slower car but I tell you now that when the lights flashed I was first off the line, every time." 
You went on to win many other races - what have been some of the highlight?
Highlights after winning the Nationals are - probably within 12 months I was in a top three championship race to the winter Nationals with Peter Kapiris, dad and myself and I came out on top so that was a pretty big achievement to even look back from there because those two names are still racing in the sport and if I had to race those two to a championship again I would probably still be struggling, so that was a pretty big achievement to go into the winter Nationals. 
What was the 'transition' like moving into racing in the Top Alcohol Funny Car class? What attracted you to Funny Cars?
To race a top alcohol car, I don't think I ever had goals to do it, I guess if someone had had one sitting there I would have driven it and then dad ended up buying one from the States more for the fact that it was cheap, we were going to put it together and maybe chuck someone in it and go race a season or two and have a bit of fun in it if we could get a sponsor. I guess I went out to licence the car to make sure everything we had was working in it just so I could say I had driven one and I ended up racing two, three seasons later and won a championship in it so I guess I really did enjoy driving it, it was a little bit different, but the attraction is definitely in Doorslammer for me.
Then you turned to racing Datsuns - first a Ute and then a 1200 Coupe - how did you acquire the cars and what were the major modifications made?
The Datsun 1200 Coupe - I used to watch it out at Willowbank for a very long time and a good friend of mine Rod Harvey and Terry Bowden used to campaign it out at Willowbank for the Jamborees - the car was originally from New Zealand, they brought it over here to race a couple of big events like the Winter Nationals, I fell in love with it - I had a 1200 ute there for a while, just having a bit of fun in and Rod's car came up for sale so I bartered with him for a couple of months until I got to own it. By the time I got it to Australia we probably spent a good three months changing some stuff around, so to make the car better, probably more how I like things, make it drivable, how to make the driver's position a little bit better for my style of driving considering me and Rod are a little bit different in size and height - I put a Lenco in it where they used to run a G-Force - just little modifications like that - I like the fuel tanks out the front and they had them in the back, so just little personal preferences that you go through when you buy a car, when sometimes I guess it is just easier to build one."
What was the attraction to Datsun cars?
Attraction to Datsuns - more the Ute than anything, since I was 14 years old I have owned one, I used to be real big fan of Morris Minors and Minis. I guess it might be the small car thing - I like the fact that they are not so big and on the road you can swing them around and do whatever you want in them - on the race track, I guess when people sit there and look at you running seven seconds in a Datsun Ute or a Datsun Coupe they give someone a bit of laughter and something to smile about but I don't know, I guess it's like dad with 57 Chevs, just one day you see one and you just love it and that's what you drive. 
You have also raced in Toyotas - how does that compare to racing in Datsuns?
To race in the Pro Factory Extreme Class with the likes of Rod Harvey, Joe Signorelli, Scott Porter and all those guys who are out there, Gas Motorsports and Haltech gave me the opportunity to drive one of the gas cars that used to be owned by Gary White in America Titan Motorsports, it was a pretty cool opportunity to go out there and steer it - I don't know about driving a Toyota thing, the badge doesn't suit me, I'm a Nissan man through and through, so I guess a Toyota was a bit of fun and helping some friends out - I definitely don't regret it, it was definitely a good time - I learnt a lot - a lot of input I learnt out of that I put into my Datsuns and all that because I was very 'green' to the turbo world, so after working with Gas Motorsports on that car a little bit those guys taught me a far bit about what I know about turbo cars today.
What do you think of the general standard of motorsports in Australia?
Motorsport in Australia? I guess I wish drag racing was on the top of it but I guess everyone knows that V8 Supercars are definitely up there with the rest of it - in general I guess everything needs to be put in the eye a little bit more of the normal public, they [motorsports] hide a lot of thing - in America and overseas, everywhere we go, when a driver stuffs up they are put on a pedestal for it and everyone laughs at them whereas in Australia we seem to cover up what they do and hide it and make person look good, where as I believe we are all humans so everyone makes mistakes and in Australia motorsports all our drivers are recognised as being 'perfect', whether you go to rugby league or something when they stuff up they are on the front page of the paper and they never do it again so there is a way to learn from your mistakes if no one knows you have made the mistake. 
What do you think of the work undertaken by the Australian National Drag Racing Association [ANDRA]? Can ANDRA do more for drag racing in Australia?
ANDRA - the work they have been doing down there - we spent 20 years as sitting ducks and no one did anything, we never moved forward, in the last five years I think a lot of feathers have been ruffled, a lot of bums have been kicked off seats, a lot of hands have been shaken and there are new people everywhere, which is a good thing for us, instead of looking at dead wood all the time, we are looking at people who can actually make something happen - OK, so we haven't jumped to the top of the totem yet, we've had a couple of new people up there, but the thing is, without change - you can't go forward without going backwards so I guess if you go backwards enough to the bottom there is only one way up and that's how I feel drag racing is, we are on our way up and I would like to see us at the top of the pole.
How does drag racing in Australia compare to drag racing overseas?
Outside Australian drag racing, we're probably not far behind a lot them like Europe and all that are slowly taking off now but I think we've got our anchor hooked in and we are going with them. US drag racing is probably the biggest only for the fact of the population of the country and that they have got the money over there to spend on their cars and they get very good sponsors - and a lot of sponsors, whereas in Australia and Europe and all that 90 per cent of the teams are funded by themselves whereas in the NHRA [National Hot Rod Association] 90 per cent of teams all have sponsors because they have a very good show to sell and I think that's what ANDRA is trying to do to Australian drag racing now is put us on the map with the rest of them.
If you could start your racing career all over again would you change anything?
To redo my drag racing career I think the only thing I would like to do differently is probably not have so much success at a young age and straight up because five years down the track after I won everything and couldn't be beaten when you start losing races and all that you tend to wonder - is it you? Is it the team? Is it what you are doing? How can you change? But I guess it is just a fact that you whooped everyone's arse from the day you let the clutch out and that went on for two or three years and now I have had the next two or three years of getting my arse handed back to me I guess it is a little bit hard but I see now that over probably three years John Zappia really kicked our butts and dominated but now any of the top five cars can win an event pretty easy.
You started your career at a very young age - what advice would you give someone starting out young?
If you were to start drag racing as young as I did and you had a family in the sport it is definitely a lot easier than trying to get into it and start from nothing because like to get into a Group One category, even a Group Two category, and to get to the top is a very long winding road believe me but when you are in the sport, like me, I got handed a lot of good information and a lot of good advice from my father who definitely was at the top of the game when I joined the sport and he still is today, so I got to see the insides and the outsides of the goods and the bads before I even got to sit in the seat of a car - for you to join and do it - the only recommendation I can [say] is do it all for the right reasons, don't do it because you want to be someone or you want to make it on telly, you have got to be passionate about what you want to do and you've got to love what you are about to do because without any of that you are just wasting your time.
Your Team Bray has Sidchrome as a major sponsor - do you think enough is being done in Australia to encourage sponsorships at all levels of motorsport?
With Sidchrome being our major backer we do a lot of work with them, a lot of inside work, and I think they do see our motorsport of drag racing climbing the ladder so with a bit of luck that keeps them happy - to get other sponsors in the sport I think it is a little bit hard at the moment as with top Doorslammer there are 20 cars there and probably only the top ten guys maybe even eight guys are even professional enough to own a sponsor - a lot of the guys don't realise the work that we put into making a sponsor and giving them back what they give use because I can tell you no one is going to hand over hundreds of thousands dollars and nothing in return - and a lot of people think a sponsor comes to a team just because they are winning - no they don't - they come to a team because they can market themselves or they can sell themselves properly - there is no use going to a team that wins every race and won't go and do a promo for you because from a sponsor's point of view a promo is worth $300,000 and winning the race for them is probably worth $10 so you have got to look at the big picture. 
How long have the various members of your team been with you - and what do you look for in a team member?
I guess the longest living member of the team is myself working for dad for this long but dad tells me all the time that I am not a crew member I am part of the ownership so I don't know when I will get that payment of owning it all and getting in and making decisions but I guess I will just keep dreaming - we have a lot of loyal crew members in our team - a lot of guys to it for the passion and being dad's mate and hanging out than they do of trying to make it on television, that's a very big goal that we are very proud of that we don't have big headed crew guys that are only there to try to get on the Channel Nine News that night standing by the car - our crew are all there for all the right reasons - dad calls them a family - we race as a family, we win as a family and we lose as a family - looking for crew members all the time is a very big thing because you don't have to be a mechanic to be a crew member because I can tell you now that out of the ten guys that we have probably only two of them who are proper mechanics - you've just got to have common sense brains because I guess it would be like putting a space shuttle together because you are actually messing with people's lives - you may be able to do a nut and bolts up, you may be able to check things out but there is only one way of doing it, that's Victor's way, you just ask because without doing it the right way people can get hurt very easy.
How can the general promotion of drag racing events be improved?
In the general promotion of drag racing events, I don't know if any of these guys ever look outside their window but a guy by the name of Michael Gilbertson Gup from the Powercruise, he runs a very successful event and me and dad have a lot to do with that, and the way he looks at it is he spends a far bit of money on advertising because if people don't know that there is a show on they are not going to come to it and that is one of the downfalls that drag racing has - if they think that putting a couple of flyers out and an ad in a paper and that they are going to get 20-30 thousand people, I think they are dreaming. You know when a V8 Supercar race is on a month before it is even there, you know the Powercruise is on even two or three weeks before it is there - whereas I think drag racing needs to look out the window and see how these guys are doing it - yes, you might have to spend a bit of money but you will never make money without spending it.
Where in racing would you like to see yourself in a couple of years?
I don't know, I guess we are one race into the championship, nearly two, that's my future I am looking at the next race so, I don't actually look five year ahead I look one race ahead because I'm chasing championships all the time - if I was to look five years ahead I would like to have a four car Doorslammer team and be really successful - I would like to turn up at every race and have all four cars qualify and dominate and probably have dad more as a crew chief then a driver because I know he loves driving the things and I know he wakes up every morning wanting to sit in the seat of one but I can tell you now that when we go testing and he is not steering the car he makes a lot better decisions on tuning because his mindset is all in one goal whereas when the poor guy runs the team he pays for the team, then tunes the car and then he also drives, I think that is a little bit hard on him and the team expects a lot from him and we give him a lot of crap for it - but I guess if there were any goals to have [it would be] a couple more crew members on board - a couple more cars and lots of win lights.
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AEROFLOW FUNNY CAR SHOW TO HEAD SOUTH https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/aeroflow-funny-car-show-to-head-south

Aeroflow funny car show to head south 


The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car show will take centre stage at Adelaide International Raceway as the coolest show in drag racing heads south, January 4, 2014.


With a huge line-up of 8 funny cars, the show is set to be the biggest nitro field ever assembled at the iconic Adelaide venue.


Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series Manager, Steve Bettes, was happy to confirm the announcement.


“The Aeroflow show has received plenty of interest after the event in Sydney, which in all my years in motorsport, is about the most positive I have ever seen the pit area as well as the grandstands.


“The racing was exceptional and Adelaide promises to be even better as many of the crews will be better for the experience,” smiled Bettes.


Driver of the Nitro Express, Rick Gauci, is one man looking forward to getting back behind the wheel.


“Winning in Sydney was a dream and I just can’t wait to go again! It’s just such a cool show and the camaraderie amongst the teams is something else – I just can’t wait to beat them all again,” laughed Gauci.


Series’ star Shane Olive will now step into the LA Hooker funny car (recently driven by NHRA campaigner Ron Capps) for forthcoming rounds and this event will again feature an international flavour with New Zealand’s, Willy White in Back to the Future.


Other driver changes see ANDRA Group 2 heavyweight Justin Walshe take the wheel of Lets Boogie, whilst Anthony Begley will again be back in Shack Attack.


Paul Messineo will again be piloting the Dark Horse and following from his second place in Sydney, the Queenslander will be looking to go one better, as will The Bandit Trans-Am driven by Aaron Hambridge who impressed on debut in nitro racing.


Rino D’Alfonso of Racing Onn Promotions says it can’t come quick enough.


“This will be an evening show, Adelaide’s summer nights are the best in the country and the warm weather and 8 nitro burning beasts are about as good as it gets – bring it on!”


The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Show features racing from 4pm till 10pm. Gates open from 9am.


Entry Prices

$25 adult

$20 pensioner/concession

$10 child

$60 family


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TIME TRAVELLER TAKES PEIRANO TO PODIUM https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/time-traveller-takes-peirano-to-podium


The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Extravaganza at Sydney Dragway was an event that had everything, and at the end of the day, two of the finalists were at completely different ends of the experience spectrum. The Peirano-powered ‘Time Traveller’ had only a few full quarter-mile passes when they had to take on US superstar Ron Capps for bragging rights – and they won!
With a clever crew and driver combination, built around the experience of Supercharged Outlaws competition, Saturday saw the team’s first full pull over the quarter mile in the nitro class, having completed eighth-mile runs to help get the car and driver tuned.
However, driver Nathan Peirano was confident that the team would be able to get the job done and was able to win three out of three races and defeat Capps in their final round to secure the podium result.
Team owner and pitlane celebrity Peter Peirano couldn’t contain his excitement.
“To all our team at Piranha Racing and especially my darling wife Heather, a huge thanks.
“They have given me the chance for my dream to come true.
“With the weather delay, we had to change multiple flights as well as secure extra accommodation for everyone but it was all worth it with a result like this.
"We just can’t wait for another chance to put on another fantastic show.
Peirano senior concluded “Congratulations must go to Ron Capps for the fantastic way he treated us all by giving his time and knowledge unconditionally - he had photos with all our crew as well as the kids and families that travelled with us - I cannot thank Ron enough.”
The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car show is heading around Australia, check the category website for dates and details.
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A TRUE LEGEND OF THE SPORT SADLY LOST https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/12/a-true-legend-of-the-sport-sadly-lost

Dennis Robert Syrmis was born 21st October 1942 at the Mater Hospital South Brisbane.
Dennis attended West End State School and then St Laurence’s College.
His first job was at Woolloongabba Post Office working behind the counter. Following from that he
worked at Channel Nine at Mt Coo-tha in the advertising section, helping to produce the ads. During his
teens and early twenties, he became very interested in cars and his next job was at Michaels Motors at
South Brisbane.
Dennis was an organiser from very early days and he and his friends used to hang out at the local cafe
on the main street in West End. Boys being boys, one thing led to another and as other friends got cars
they ended up down at the river with a quarter mile marked on the road and a stop watch. The original
exercise book with the times recorded for the cars is still in existence today.
Dennis began his involvement in the sport as a competitor and earned fame as the driver of the popular
``Time Machine'' cars, but from the very early stages, he demonstrated an instinct to lead.
While eventually moving on to an administrative role, Dennis still competed at various levels in the sport
from 1965 until the 1990s.
In 1973, Dennis, then the South Queensland Division delegate to the Australian Hot Rod Federation
assisted a number of the sport's leaders to plan and implement a strategy which saw drag racers break
away from hot rodders and form the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA).
With drag racing separated from the show/street activities of hot rodders, the sport blossomed.
Following the introduction of the new governing body devoted solely to drag racing, Dennis strongly
pushed for the implementation of rules that introducing handicap racing. All racing had previously been a
heads-up or even start, giving an unfair advantage to those classes which allowed the biggest engines.
Dennis saw that this was a limiting factor in participation rates and the sport grew enormously after this
change. It allowed all racers a fair chance.
John Storm resigned as ANDRA national director in July, 1974, handing the sport's administration to
Dennis, who had been deputy national director.
In 1975, Dennis conceived and implemented the Australian Drag Racing Series, which created for the
first time a true national series which culminated in a Grand Final event. Until then, the sport's champions
had been determined by winning on one day of the year at the Nationals. The system Dennis created is
still the basis on which Australian drag racing championships are won.
Also in 1975, Dennis instituted the Injured Drivers Fund, which for the first time, provided insurance cover
for drivers, riders and their crews against injury at ANDRA-sanctioned drag racing events.
Jim Anderson, who was South Queensland Division secretary in the 1970s, recalls that Dennis, with great
support from then division director Milton Adey, successfully pushed to have tech inspections included in
drag racing’s safety checks. This was a great step forward for the sport and no doubt led to the saving of
lives and the prevention of many serious injuries.
By the end of the 1970s, it had become obvious that drag racing again was being limited by its class
structure, and in the early 1980s, Dennis drew up draft policies to create Dial-Your-Own eliminators.
These were pushed through by Dennis and implemented in 1981, despite fierce opposition in some
quarters. The subsequent massive increase in entry numbers vindicated the position he took and it is
recognised as one of the reasons grassroots drag racing is stronger here than any other nation except
the US.
Dennis could see that drag racing didn't have entry-level eliminators. Class racing, even though it had
been changed to the fairer handicap starts in 1973, was still expensive for potential entrants to the sport,
with wins still often going to the biggest spender or the most talented mechanic. The DYO eliminators
allowed people to run vehicles in the sport on a limited budget and with as good a chance of winning as
the next team.
Dennis also spent 30 years as secretary of Australia’s largest drag racing club, the Queensland Drag
Racing Association.
Dennis resigned as national director of ANDRA in 1983 to take up the role of manager of Willowbank
Raceway. He left the national body in a secure financial position due to his sound business management.
He was Willowbank manager from 1983 until 2002 when he retired for health reasons.
Dennis was the raceway's only full-time employee until 1993.
As a visionary, Dennis is unsurpassed in drag racing. He modernised and Australianised a sport adopted
from the United States. This process continued right through his roles as both ANDRA national director
and Willowbank Raceway manager. In his own words, he “never hesitated to initiate change when
change was due’’ and often did so in the face of opposition that would have been far too intimidating for
most people. In almost every instance, he was proved to be correct.
All his endeavours for the sport were genuine. Nothing Dennis ever did in the sport benefited him
personally, either financially or in the area of racing competition. Despite pressure from the board of
Willowbank Raceway, over many years he often declined wage increases because that money would
have to come out of general revenue - money that was used to improve the facilities of the organisation,
which Dennis ensured was created as a not-for-profit group so that all profits other than running costs
could be ploughed back into the facility.
He was always scrupulously honest in financial matters, even to the point where he would buy his own
ticket to raceway functions. With Dennis at the helm, the track grew from a basic facility in 1985 to a
multimillion dollar raceway by the 1990s. It was in a healthy financial position when he was forced to retire
due to ill health in 2002.
Willowbank Raceway was built because of the foresight of Dennis and other leaders of the sport in
Queensland. They could see that Surfers Raceway had a limited life, so that unless another track was
built, drag racers in south-east Queensland would be left without a venue unless action was taken.
The construction of Willowbank was a joint effort by a large number of people but all would acknowledge
Dennis's drive, leadership and enthusiasm ensured it happened.
Willowbank's construction meant south Queensland did not fall victim to the closed-track syndrome that
afflicted Melbourne and Adelaide for many years and twice has severely limited the development of
racing in Sydney. South Queensland would have been left without a track when Surfers closed in 1987
but for the actions of Dennis and a number of others in the early 1980s.
Dennis was always alert to the advantages to the sport of technology. He taught himself computer
language. Willowbank was also the first Australian track to have a website, a direct result of Dennis's
work. In 1999, Dennis initiated the use of a secure server to allow the purchase of reserved seating and
corporate club bookings and racers were also able to use their credit cards to enter events online.
Dennis was also responsible for the introduction of a web cam at Willowbank, so that members of the
public could log on and check the weather at the track without having to battle overloaded phone
systems. No outside assistance from computer experts was sought in these advances. Dennis used
whatever information was available to teach himself how something such as a web cam functioned, and
got it to work himself. It was all for the advancement of drag racing.
He purchased the source code for the track's Electronics 2000 timing system, learned how to
comprehend it and then set about improving the system, which was replaced in 2009 (only because
through illness, Dennis wasn't able to continue his work on it). The timing system has been acknowledged
by many as being years ahead of its time.
He became an accomplished writer, penning articles of interest and drafting rules proposals and concepts
to further the sport's development.
The creation of the Wild Bunch group of supercharged sedans, initiated by Dennis, is acknowledged as
one of the most significant developments in the advancement of the sport.
This eliminator eventually evolved into an eliminator called Top Doorslammer that in 1996 became a fully
fledged Group One eliminator. It has gone on to become one of the most successful of the six Group One
Other hugely successful eliminators started by Dennis include Supercharged Outlaws and Super Street.
Split-seeding, a simple and effective manner of managing the huge Group Three fields and avoiding large
numbers of first-round single runs, was also introduced by Dennis.
He fought to have the three-amber Christmas starting tree accepted in Australia. He ran it at Willowbank
from December 1986 but ANDRA refused to accept it for the 1988 Nationals at Willowbank. After that, the
three-amber version was fully accepted and became the standard throughout Australia.
Dennis Syrmis's Achievements and Awards
1993 - Award of Merit - From the Australian National Drag Racing Association
2000 - Australian Sports Medal - From Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
2001 - Recognition of 15 years' Volunteer Service and Dedication to Willowbank Raceway - Board of
Willowbank Raceway
2002 - Lifetime Achievement award - National Control Council of ANDRA
2002 - Recognition from Ipswich City Council
2002 - Paul Harris Fellowship
2005 - Member Nostalgia Drag Racing Hall of Fame
2005 - Honorary Lifetime Director - Willowbank Raceway
2010 – 25-year service award – Willowbank Raceway
2012 – Australian Nostalgia Fuel Association Pioneer Award
2013 - ANDRA Hall of Fame
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APSA FINAL 10-SPOT V2 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/apsa-final-10-spot-v2

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/apsa-final-10-spot-v2 Tue, 26 Nov 2013 07:10:09 GMT
AEROFLOW OUTLAW NITRO FUNNY CAR EXTRAVAGANZA DELAYED UNTIL SUNDAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-extravaganza-delayed-until-sunday
Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Extravaganza delayed until Sunday
The inaugural Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Extravaganza had all the ingredients for an amazing event, except one, the weather.
Ongoing rain made the event untenable by midday on Saturday.
The track did dry somewhat in the afternoon allowing some of the series’ new stars to complete some pre-event checks.
Sydney Dragway Management have committed to running the event tomorrow, with the racing now set to start at 3pm for the nitro cars.
“It’s only a slight delay but it’s going to be a great event,” said Sydney Dragway CEO, Graham Elliot.
“We are committed to finishing the event in the best fashion possible and we believe that running the event tomorrow gives us that opportunity.”
“Out management team would like to thank the fans and the competitors for their understanding, as we believe this offers the best possible result,” concluded Elliot.
The new event details are below –
Sunday November 24
Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Schedule
Racing at 3pm, 5pm, 7pm
Freebies, monster truck rides, fireworks and much more.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-extravaganza-delayed-until-sunday Sat, 23 Nov 2013 10:24:49 GMT
APSA DAY 1 10 SPOT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/apsa-day-1-10-spot

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FAMILY MATRIARCH MARIE BRAY REFLECTS ON THE YEAR THAT WAS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/family-matriarch-marie-bray-reflects-on-the-year-that-was

As 2013 speeds towards its conclusion and plans for 2014 start to fall into place, Team Bray Racing matriarch Marie Bray has taken some time out to reflect on the year that was.
As the wife, mother, grandmother and mother-in-law of TBR’s racers, Marie hasn’t missed a moment of the team’s 2013 campaign from its very first outing of the year at the Summernats through to the thrilling ANDRA Top Doorslammer season finale in Sydney earlier this month. 
It is for this reason that the team is proud to bring you ‘Marie’s highlights’ as they dig out the holiday decorations and put the final touches on their 2014 plans.
Marie Bray’s 2013 TBR Highlights
The 26th annual Summernats, Canberra
“The Summernats are always a perfect start to our year as while it is the largest modified car festival in the country it is not as high stress for the team as some of our other events and of course I love having the chance to go cruising in my cherished 1958 Chevy Impala,” said Marie.
“Making the event more epic than usual this year was the fact that Victor was honoured by being asked to complete the very first solo burnout on the new burnout pad. I was very proud to see him recognised in that way and to hear the appreciation of the fans as he smoked it up.”
Want to hear more about TBR’s Summernats story? Read the full event report at http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news2.html or for a closer look at Marie’s beloved genuine 1958 Chevy Impala, check out this video: http://youtu.be/sQBVVTBAcjM
The Westernationals, Perth Motorplex – Victor takes the runner-up spot to Peter Kapiris and grandson Josh goes along for the ride
“The Perth Westernationals was certainly a special event for us, with three generations of the Bray family heading over to Perth with Victor and Ben joined on-track by their grandson/nephew Josh McClennan in the Junior Dragster bracket,” said Marie.
“Victor faced our long-time friend Peter Kapiris – who was also leading the series at that point – in the final after earlier qualifying third fastest and driving around local John Zappia in the semi-final. Victor and Zap have been sparring partners for 30 years now and the rivalry is certainly palpable at each event we go to – this has been especially so this year as Zap went after Victor’s record six back to back Doorslammer titles. 
“For Ben it wasn’t such a successful day at the office with a thrown blower belt putting him out in the first round while he was leading Zappia, but even so it was still a great day out for our family with three generations at the track.”
For the full TBR event report from the Westernationals, go to http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news9.html
Ben and the team battle adversity throughout Easter and are rewarded with World Sport Compact record in April
“March and April of 2013 saw Ben focusing on his Sport Compact campaign with three major events scheduled for his Nissan Altima, the APSA Pro Street Shootout, the Super 3 Extreme Drag Race and Sydney Dragway’s Jamboree,” said Marie.
“At the Pro Street event he broke a vital part which saw him and the team racing against time to be ready for the Easter weekend Super 3 event, with the parts arriving just 18 hours ahead of the start of on-track action. The team persevered and Ben was able to set his first sub-seven second pass and gain some valuable data which he put to good use just a few weeks later on his way to rewriting the world record books at Willowank’s Super Sportsman event, becoming the quickest four cylinder ‘doored’ car in the world running an SR20 motor, and the quickest four cylinder car outright in Australia – accolades which still stand to this day. To say I was proud of him and the entire team is a huge understatement!”
For TBR event reports about this part of TBR’s 2013 campaign, visit the links below.
Race against time for Ben Bray Easter campaign - http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news11.html
Six second success spurs on Bray to Jamboree this week end  - http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news12.html 
Ben Bray re-writes World Record Books - http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news15.html
46th annual Winternationals sees our son-in-law Dean McClennan and grandson Josh McClennan join Victor and Ben on-track 
“While the dreaded rain may have brought the 2013 Winternationals to an early end, this is still an event that I will remember for a very long time as we took the ‘family racing’ concept to a whole new level with Victor and Ben joined by my son-in-law and my grandson. While they are regular racers, it was the first time in three years that we had all four family members competing at the same event, so it was definitely pretty special for all of us before we even turned a single wheel in anger,” said Marie.
“When it came to on-track performances, things were looking really good for all of us with Victor and Ben getting quicker and quicker with each Doorslammer pass and Dean running very consistently while Josh was enjoying his last Winternationals in the Junior Dragster category – that is one kid who is now looking for a big Christmas present so he can line up against his dad in Supercharged Outlaws in 2014 I can tell you!”
To hear more about the family ties which reined at the 2013 Winternationals go to http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news20.html or read TBR’s Winternationals event report at http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news22.html
Slamfest brings an all-Bray semi-final and a victory for Ben in Gladstone
“As a pet project of ours, the Slamfest Series is always pretty exciting for everyone at Team Bray Racing and the penultimate round of the 2013 Series was no different even before we had the pleasure of an all-Bray semi-final in front of around 5000 spectators,” said Marie.
“Victor and Ben are always angling for the workshop bragging rights and this time around it was Ben who took the win both against his dad and in the final. The result saw the pair tied for third heading to the final round, so there was plenty of playful stirring going on for a few weeks there!” 
For the full TBR Gladstone Slamfest event report go to http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news24.html
Ben takes victory at ANDRA Spring Nationals against John Zappia
“The Spring Nationals in Adelaide may have ended with a win for Ben, but it did not come easy with an all-night rebuild on Friday night followed by having to borrow a door for the final after his own came off in the braking area after his semi-final win!” said Marie. 
“The efforts of the team and the assistance of our fellow racers which made Ben’s victory possible really made this event a stand-out for me. While Victor watched from the sidelines after racing Stuart Bishop in the first round, I know it was a very special event for him as well to see the team succeed after such a chaotic start.” 
For the full TBR event report from Adelaide go to http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news30.html
Building a new burnout car for Bathurst
“Seeing a project you have worked hard on for months come to life at one of the biggest motorsport events in the country is always pretty amazing, and that was certainly the case for us at the 2013 Bathurst 1000 when we brought out the new 1963 DEWALT Corvette burnout car as part of a three-car entertainment program by Team Bray Entertainment,” said Marie.
“We had tested the car out at Sydney Dragway’s Burnout Mania earlier in the week, and we knew then and there the car was everything we had wanted it to be – striking, impressive, different. It was fantastic to see it in action on the hallowed ground of Mount Panorama, and I was pretty pleased to see Craig Lowndes finish up on the podium as well!” 
For TBR reports about the new burnout car, go to http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news28.html, http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news31.html and http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news32.html
Last but not least – the ANDRA Top Doorslammer season finale’
“Who would have thought that the Top Doorslammer title would come down to the final race of the final event of the year, with Victor taking on Zappia in front of an enthralled crowd and a nail-biting Kapiris,” said Marie.
“While Zappia managed to take a narrow win to claim the title, if Victor had taken victory it would have been our long-time friend Peter who claimed the championship so every eye was fixed on the track as the pair of them lined up on the startline. 
“The only word for that final race which seems to sum it up properly is intense. Victor was so very close to taking the win, getting the jump off the startline and leading Zappia down the track before his engine lifted the blower off the Sidchrome 1957 Chev. Victor and Zappia have such a history, taking each other on at drag strips all across the country for more than 30 years now and Zappia is the only one who has come close to Victor’s six back to back Doorslammer titles. 
“It certainly had everyone talking and we were proud to see Victor taking out a facebook poll on who was ‘cooler’ of the two – at least we took the win in that race! It was an impressive event with a great field and great crowds and a close and hard-fought finale, and while it wasn’t the result we were looking for Victor and the entire team was quick to send their congratulations to Zappia and also Kapiris on a great season.” 
For the TBR event report from the season-ending Australian Nationals go to http://teambrayracing.com/news03/news34.html
What’s next....
After celebrating Christmas the team will be right back to work for the annual Street Machine Summernats event across 2-5 January 2014, before launching into what is already shaping up to be a busy season.
From everyone at Team Bray Racing – we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season, and thank you to you all for your support during 2013! We look forward to seeing you on-track in the New Year!
For more information on Team Bray, please visit www.teambrayracing.com. Fans can also keep up to date thanks to the Team Bray app which offers news, image updates, a live webcam and lots more for free for Apple and Android users. To download the app, visit http://apps.appmixpro.com/appm/rn5p013f6y47iw on a mobile device to access or alternatively scan the QR code in this press release with a mobile device.
Fans wishing to follow Team Bray can also visit www.teambrayracing.com, follow them on facebook at www.facebook.com/teambrayracing, or interact with the team on instagram (#teambrayracing)
 Upcoming scheduled events:
Summernats: 2-5 January 2014, Canberra
ANDRA Pro Showdown: 31 January – 1 February 2014, Perth Motorplex
Westernationals: 28 February – 2 March 2013, Perth Motorplex
Sydney Jamboree: 29 March 2014, Sydney Dragway
Pro Series Round Four:  4-5 April 2014, Calder Park
Nitro Champs: 2-4 May 2014, Sydney Dragway
Winternationals: 5-8 June 2014, Willowbank Raceway
Pro Series Round 7: 11-13 July 2014, Hidden Valley
Desert Nationals: 19-20 July 2014, Alice Springs
Spring Nationals: 4-5 October 2014, Adelaide Raceway
V8 Supercars’ Bathurst 1000 (official on-track entertainment): 9-12 October 2014, Mount Panorama
Australian Nationals: 31 October – 2 November 2014, Sydney Dragway
Grand Finals: 5-7 December 2014, Calder Park
Slamfest dates to be advised
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/family-matriarch-marie-bray-reflects-on-the-year-that-was Thu, 21 Nov 2013 07:49:45 GMT
LONG-SERVING WILLOWBANK BOARD MEMBER HONOURED WITH PIONEER AWARD https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/long-serving-willowbank-board-member-honoured-with-pioneer-award

The Australian Nostalgia Fuel Association has honoured Willowbank Raceway board member Lex Swayn for his 35-year contribution to the sport of drag racing by awarding him one of their six Pioneer Awards.
Swayn has been a member of Willowbank Raceway’s Management Committee since 1983 and became a full board member in 1992. He was also the editor of the track’s magazine The Elapsed Times for 27 years and has been the South Queensland correspondent for Dragster Australia magazine since 1979.
Other drag racers honoured by the ANFA Awards at Sydney Dragway over the weekend were Queenslander “Pommie Pete’’ Allen, Victorians Jim Walton and Ian Splatt, and NSW’s Ron and Alan Moore and Bob Honeybrook.
Previous recipients of the ANFA Pioneer Award include Willowbank’s first manager Dennis Syrmis and Queensland racing icons Jim and Nelma Reed.
When accepting the award, Swayn acknowledged two people who had paved the way for his success as a journalist in Australian drag racing. 
“In the late 1970s, when I kept breaking the gearbox and diff in my Falcon at Surfers Raceway, I decided to take a break from racing and accepted an invitation by David Cook, the first publisher of Dragster Australia, to be the South Queensland correspondent for his magazine,” said Swayn, who was introduced by Cook at the award ceremony as the “best drag racing writer in Australia.”
“That opportunity led to me being able to cover the sport, not just from this state, but all over Australia. It meant I got to know people from every category in racing and became friends with many of them. It’s been a great privilege to have been able to do this.
“The second person I want to acknowledge is Willowbank Raceway’s manager from 1983 to 2002, Dennis Syrmis. When Willowbank was being built in the early 1980s, Dennis had a vision that we would have a track magazine called The Elapsed Times and he wanted me to be the editor. That publication grew from a 12-page newspaper in 1985 to a 64-page, full colour, glossy magazine and I’m very proud of the fact that The Elapsed Times was generally acknowledged as the best track magazine in the world.
“My contribution to the sport has not only been in print. Another thing I have found extremely rewarding is funding the reconstruction of the Goodnight, Keith and Williamson AA/Gas Dragster which toured this country in 1966. Preserving the history of our sport is vital and this car played a huge part in the emergence of drag racing in Australia in the ‘60s. It was a special moment when we fired up the Courtesy Chevrolet Special on the start line at the 2011 Winternationals. 
“I have put a lot of passion, and time, into drag racing. I’ve spent countless hours writing about and working for Willowbank. It was like having two full-time jobs, but it has certainly been a labour of love and I don’t regret one moment. To be able to mingle with race drivers of all descriptions, from Top Fuel all the way to Junior Dragster, as well as fans, officials, photographers, stewards and management has been a very enriching experience and I feel honoured to have had my contributions recognised with this award.”  
Willowbank Raceway Chief Executive Officer Tony Manson was pleased to congratulate Swayn on his award on behalf of the entire Willowbank Raceway community.
“Willowbank Raceway was built and set on its path to success by people who were at the forefront of drag racing in Australia and one of those people was and still is Lex Swayn,” said Manson.
“A large part of the reason Lex received this award is for the work he does for Willowbank – his contributions to our facility and to the sport overall are undeniable and so everyone here at Willowbank Raceway is extremely pleased to see him honoured with this award.” 
For more information on the awards or the Australian Nostalgia Fuel Association, go to www.anfa.com.au 
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/long-serving-willowbank-board-member-honoured-with-pioneer-award Thu, 21 Nov 2013 07:46:44 GMT
FLASHBACK APSA 10 SPOT 2012 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/flashback-apsa-10-spot-2012

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/flashback-apsa-10-spot-2012 Tue, 19 Nov 2013 11:07:12 GMT
CHANGE FOR DRAG RACING TROPHY IN STORE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/change-for-drag-racing-trophy-in-store

One of ANDRA drag racing’s traditional trophies will be in for a change next season with the ANDRA plaque to be replaced by a silver version of the iconic gold Christmas tree trophy handed out at national championship events.
The plaques have been awarded to winners of championship rounds outside of national events (the Nationals, Winternationals, Nitro Champs and Westernationals) for several decades of ANDRA’s history.
While tradition is important to maintain in drag racing, it is also important to ensure that the trophies symbolise the efforts put in by racers to earn wins at championship rounds and it was felt the time was right to move to a trophy that better rewards teams.
ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley said the silver trophies would make a great change for racers and quickly become a coveted piece for any trophy cabinet.
“There is definitely some sentimental attachment to the plaques but their time has probably been up for a while,” he said. “These new silver trees will be a trophy to take pride of place alongside the gold trees which are regarded as one of the best trophies in motorsport.”
ANDRA’s gold Christmas tree trophies feature a representation of the drag racing starting lights that goes back to when there were five amber lights.
The silver versions will be of the same size and weight.
The first of the new silver trophies will be awarded at the first round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship, to be held at Portland’s Fuchs South Coast Raceway in January.


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/change-for-drag-racing-trophy-in-store Tue, 19 Nov 2013 10:15:09 GMT
SHACKLETON AND BEGLEY TO ATTACK AT AEROFLOW OUTLAW NITRO FUNNY CAR EXTRAVAGANZA https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/shackleton-and-begley-to-attack-at-aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-extravaganza

Shackleton and Begley to attack at Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Extravaganza
One of Australian drag racing’s nitro wizards, Paul Shackleton, is putting the finishing touches to a brand new car and will team with a brand new driver in Anthony Begley to take on the huge field of Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars on November 23.
Shackleton is a man with a huge amount of experience in nitro racing and he’s looking forward to this event and this style of racing.
“Graeme (Cowin) and I have been talking about this for some time.
“This is a great thing for the sport and I am sure this is going to be a great event, we are happy to be a part of it and help put on a show for the fans.”
Shackleton’s new car will be called ‘Shack Attack’.
Anthony Begley is a driver with significant funny car experience but this is his first time back at Sydney Dragway since the 2013 Nitro Champs, when he was engulfed in flames after the engine exploded in the Chemical Warfare nitro funny car.
“No nerves from me,” smiled Begley.
“I just can’t wait to get back behind the wheel. It’s a new car and we’ll line up against some new drivers and combinations, how good is that? It’s not often you get guys from all these different classes racing against each other – it’s going to be great!
“Ron Capps is a hero to me and to be able to look across and see him lining up next to me is about as good as it gets!” concluded the West Aussie.
The inaugural Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Extravaganza will be held at Sydney Dragway November 23, 2013.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/shackleton-and-begley-to-attack-at-aeroflow-outlaw-nitro-funny-car-extravaganza Tue, 19 Nov 2013 10:07:20 GMT
TOP BIKE BECOMES TOP FUEL MOTORCYCLE IN 2014 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/top-bike-becomes-top-fuel-motorcycle-in-2014

The professional ANDRA category of Top Bike will be renamed Top Fuel Motorcycle for the 2014 season in a rebranding move for some of the most powerful motorcycles on the planet.
With nitro-methane burning, supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous-assisted machines all featuring in Top Fuel Motorcycle, several competitors submitted proposals to alter the name and to build upon the brand of their nitro burning cousins in Top Fuel dragsters.
The rebrand also brings the class into line with Pro Stock Motorcycle in terms of nomenclature for two wheeled racers.
ANDRA competition manager Brett Stevens said while the change would have no effects on the rule set of the class other than in name, he hoped it would better reflect the effort many Top Fuel Motorcycle competitors put into their teams and the bravery it takes to ride one down the drag strip.
“To lie over a nitro-fed motor and accelerate to 350kmh in just six seconds takes a courage not held by many so we hope the name Top Fuel Motorcycle shows that,” he said.
“Competitors asked for this name change so when the last rule changes process went around we were happy to oblige.
“Top Fuel Motorcycle continues to be one of the wildest categories in the ANDRA Drag Racing Series and with some big names rumoured to be coming back this season we can’t wait to see what they bring in 2014.”
Top Fuel Motorcycle has been a mainstay of ANDRA professional racing since the 1980s.
The first round of Top Fuel Motorcycle takes place at Perth Motorplex on January 10-11 alongside the mighty Top Fuel dragsters.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/top-bike-becomes-top-fuel-motorcycle-in-2014 Tue, 19 Nov 2013 10:01:01 GMT
WILLOWBANK RACEWAY CROWNS 2013 TRACK CHAMPIONS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/willowbank-raceway-crowns-2013-track-champions

Following a frenetic day of finals racing on Saturday 16 November 2013, Willowbank Raceway has officially ‘crowned’ its 2013 Track Champions.
Following Saturday’s racing, eight new championship winners were announced with Slacks Creek’s Wade Moran (Knijff Earthmoving Modified), Brassall’s Paul Doeblien (Powercruise Super Sedan), Raceview’s Tammy Goldthorpe (Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike), Redbank Plains’ Blaze Hansen (Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street) and Chris Hall (SuperComp), Jimboomba’s Dylan Leo (Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster), Sheldon’s Bill Fletcher (Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws) and Kallangur’s Simon Isherwood (Super Gas) taking out the honours in their respective brackets.
These racers stood alongside Willowbank Raceway’s Street Series champions Jody Wentworth (Street Series Powder Puff – Surfers Paradise), Josh Fletcher (Street Series Street Sedan - Cornubia) and Anthony Weiland (Street Series Street Bike – Slacks Creek), who were also awarded Track Champion trophies.
For some, the weekend was not the first time they have tasted championship glory, with Wentworth (2012, 2013), Josh Fletcher (2002, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2013), Bill Fletcher (2008, 2010, 2013), Hansen (2009 in Junior Dragster, 2012 in Modified, 2013 in Street Sedan), Doeblien (2005, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013) Goldthorpe (2004, 2005, 2013) and Isherwood (2009, 2012, 2013) all having previously claimed the coveted honour of being named a Willowbank Raceway Track Champion.
Willowbank Raceway Chief Executive Officer Tony Manson was pleased to congratulate the 2013 Track Championship winners and was on-hand Saturday evening to present them with their trophies.
“It was my absolute honour to be able to present the Track Championship trophies for 2013 to our deserving champions on Saturday,” said Manson.
“They have fought hard all season and showed passion, determination, skill and speed; and everyone here at Willowbank Raceway would like to congratulate them on their success.
"Saturday’s action was a great way to finish out the 2013 season, and I’m looking forward to an even stronger 2014 season with the calendar for 2014 now up on our web site."
Also awarded on Saturday evening the race-day winners, with Laidley’s Kevin Morton (Knijff Earthmoving Modified), Dinmore’s Darren Doeblien (Powercruise Super Sedan), Anstead’s Chris Collin (Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike), Redbank Plains’ Blaze Hansen (Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street) and Jimboomba’s Dylan Leo (Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster) taking out victory. The SuperComp, Super Gas and Allstar Batteris Supercharged Outlaws brackets were not run due to insufficient entries, with the Track Champions decided on points (SuperComp, which was tied heading to the final round, was decided on a performance ‘count back’).
For full Track Championship results, including Saturday’s racing results, go to Willowbank Raceway’s Track Championship information page at http://bit.ly/1f1B7gJ or the facility’s live results page at http://bit.ly/180lnJ3
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Willowbank final series street https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/willowbank-raceway-crowns-2013-track-champions Tue, 19 Nov 2013 09:57:17 GMT
REVISED FORMAT FOR FUCHS WINTERNATIONALS AT WILLOWBANK RACEWAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/revised-format-for-fuchs-winternationals-at-willowbank-raceway

Willowbank Raceway’s Board has confirmed that the iconic FUCHS Winternationals will return to a traditional Thursday to Sunday event format from 2014 while remaining on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
In 2014, the 46th running of the largest championship drag racing event held outside of the United States will run from Thursday 5 June to Sunday 8 June.
General Admission and Grandstand Spectator tickets will go on sale from 10.00am on Tuesday 26 November 2013 at www.willowbankraceway.com.au, with multi-day pre-purchase tickets again available (please see below for full ticketing information). Racer entry will also open on this date via the website, with entry fees frozen at 2013 rates delivered via a two-stage entry system, including an ‘early bird’ component. 
New Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson said he was excited to announce the format change ahead of the launch of ticket sales for the 2014 event. 
“I am new to the field of drag racing and to Willowbank Raceway, but it is clear to me already how important the FUCHS Winternationals is to not only drag racing in Australia but to Queensland and to the city of Ipswich thanks to its economic and tourism benefits,” said Manson.
“As the largest championship drag racing event held outside of the US and a lynch-pin in the Australian drag racing calendar, the FUCHS Winternationals attracts up to 500 racers from all across the country and even overseas, as well as tens of thousands of spectators from far and wide.
“In recent years, we have gathered feedback from a wide range of sources including racers, fans and sponsors that a Thursday to Sunday format is preferred, and so we are pleased to be able to announce a return to this format from 2014.”
Full information regarding entries will be posted on the FUCHS Winternationals event page of the Willowbank Raceway website by 26 November 2013. 
For spectators, a range of ticketing options will be available from 26 November 2013 including special pre-purchase online-only multi-day event passes – offering substantial savings over single day tickets.  Students 14 years and over (with ID) and Concession Card holders (with ID) gain discounts, while children aged 13 and under gain free general admission. For full information, please visit www.willwobankraceway.com.au 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Feature racing: Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer, Pro Stock, Top Bike, Pro Stock Motorcycle
Other racing includes: Competition, Super Stock, Super Compact, Competition Bike, Supercharged Outlaws, Modified, Super Sedan, Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Super Gas. 
SCHEDULE – final schedule to be released after close of entries. Approximate schedule (subject to change) as follows:
- Thursday – on-track action from midday to 6.00pm (group three and four competitors only)
- Friday – qualifying for all brackets from 8.00am to 5.30pm (including feature racing brackets)
- Saturday – on-track action from 8.00am to 5.30pm, including final qualifying for feature brackets and racing for all other brackets
- Sunday – on-track action from 8.00am to 5.30pm, with racing for all brackets
TICKETING - please note multi-day passes are available for PRE-PURCHASE ONLINE ONLY up until midday Tuesday 3rd June 2014. Children aged 13 and under gain free general admission. 
Thursday 5 June 2014:
- Adult - $20.00
- Student 14 years and over/Concession – must show ID - $15.00
Friday 6 June 2014:
- Adult - $40.00
- Student 14 years and over/Concession – must show ID - $20.00
Saturday 7 June 2014:
- Adult - $50.00
- Student 14years and over/Concession – must show ID - $35.00
Sunday 8 June 2014:
- Adult - $50.00 
- Student 14 years and over /Concession – must show ID - $35.00
Children 13 and under gain free general admission 
MULTI-DAY TICKETS (AVAILABLE FOR PRE-PURCHASE ONLINE ONLY AT www.willowbankraceway.com.au up until midday Tuesday 3rd June 2014.
- Two-day adult admission – Friday and Saturday (6/7 June) - $70.00
- Two-day adult admission – Saturday and Sunday (7/8 June) - $80.00
- Three-day adult admission (including complimentary Thursday admission) (5/6/7/8 June) - $120.00
- Two-day student 14 years and under/Concession with ID admission – Friday and Saturday (6/7) June $40.00
- Two-day student 14 years and under/Concession with ID admission – Saturday and Sunday (7/8) June $50.00
- Three-day student 14 years and under /Concession with ID admission (including complimentary Thursday admission) (5/6/7/8 June) - $90.00
- Startline Club - $16.00 per day
- Grandstand seating - $12.00 per day
For more information on tickets, scheduling and the event, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/revised-format-for-fuchs-winternationals-at-willowbank-raceway Thu, 14 Nov 2013 02:27:13 GMT
SEASON FINALE SATURDAY BECKONS FOR CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDERS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/season-finale-saturday-beckons-for-championship-contenders

Just days remain until the hotly anticipated Willowbank Raceway Track Championship Season Finale hits Queensland’s premier drag racing facility this Saturday, 16 November 2013.
The event will host frenetic finals racing to decide the 2013 Willowbank Raceway Track Champions for the SuperComp, Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike, Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster and Super Gas categories.
At the end of the day’s racing, the eight title victors will be joined by the three Street Series champions crowned earlier this month – Jody Wentworth (Powder Puff), Josh Fletcher (Street Sedan) and Anthony Weiland (Street Bike) to be awarded with their coveted Willowbank Raceway Track Championship trophies. 
Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson said the event was shaping up to be the stand-out Track Championship outing of the year.
“With the top competitors in some of the categories we will see in action this Saturday separated by only a handful of points, there is no question that the racers will be bringing their A-game for the season finale,” said Manson.
“With a prestigious Willowbank Raceway Track Championship and all the hard work of the year front of mind for these competitors and their crews, the racing is going to be fast and frantic making for some thrilling on-track action across the day.
“Emotions will run high, so spectators should grab the chance to see the last racing of the year and come out to Willowbank Raceway this Saturday for what is sure to be an entertaining day on the quarter-mile.”
Leading the way to the season finale will be Tony Bellert and Christopher Hall (SuperComp – tied on 149 points), Bill Fletcher (Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws), Wade Moran (Knijff Earthmoving Modified), Rick Neilsen and Paul Doeblien (Powercruise Super Sedan – tied on 146 points), Blaze Hansen (Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street), Tammy Goldthorpe (Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike), Dylan Leo (Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster) and Simon Isherwood (Super Gas),with only narrow margins separating some of the top competitors - for full championship points, please click here.
Gates will open on Saturday 16 November 2013 at 7.00am, with qualifying from 10.00am, racing from 2.30pm and finals from 6.30pm, with all track champions to be awarded their trophy that evening at a special 7.30pm presentation on-track. 
Entries are available online at www.willowbankraceway.com.au until 5.00pm Wednesday 13 November 2013. The entry fee, including the $15.40 ANDRA Personal Accident Levy and entry for the driver and one crew member, is $90.00, with extra crew passes available for purchase online at $20.00 each. Spectator entry is available for purchase at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, while children aged 13 and under gain free entry.
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Racing for the SuperComp, Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike, Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster and Super Gas brackets.
Gates Open – 7.00am
Qualifying from 10.00am
Racing from 2.30pm
Finals from 6.30pm
Presentation – 7.30pm - All track champions will be awarded their Track Championship trophy at the Presentation on the night of this event
Adults - $20.00
Students with ID - $18.00
Children aged 13 and under – FREE admission For more information please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/season-finale-saturday-beckons-for-championship-contenders Tue, 12 Nov 2013 07:48:51 GMT
AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS - THE PEOPLE 10 SPOT PART 2 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals---the-people-10-spot-part-2

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals---the-people-10-spot-part-2 Sat, 09 Nov 2013 02:15:43 GMT
AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS - THE PEOPLE 10 SPOT PART 1 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals---the-people-10-spot

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals---the-people-10-spot Tue, 05 Nov 2013 04:38:21 GMT
AUST-FIRST SIBLING RIVALRY NO OBSTACLE FOR SCOTT BETTES https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/aust-first-sibling-rivalry-no-obstacle-for-scott-bettes


Queensland brother and sister Scott Bettes and Kelly Corbett were part of an Australian-first at Sydney Dragway’s Australian Nationals when they lined up against each other in the final for the Modified bracket at the weekend (1-3 November 2013).

It is believed that it is the first time a brother and sister have competed against each other in a final round at a national event in the senior ranks.

While Camira’s Corbett had the advantage of winning experience as a former National Champion and multiple national event winner, it was Regent Park’s Bettes who broke through at Sydney Dragway on Sunday 3 November to claim his first national event win, just two weeks after claiming his first ever event win at his home-track Willowbank Raceway.

“This is just an amazing feeling, it is pretty surreal actually,” said Bettes, who will celebrate his 33rd birthday on Friday 8 November.

“To take this national event win and claim my first ever gold Christmas tree trophy just two weeks after breaking through for my first Modified event win after four years in this bracket is just amazing – what a great early birthday present!

“It was really special having Kelly beside me for that final, they say that you have to run your own race and not focus on who is in the other lane but of course I knew she was there and it added a bit of pressure.

“You always want your family to do well, but in this case there is no hiding I am pretty happy with how things panned out!” laughed Bettes, whose win this weekend saw him collect a prestigious ‘gold Christmas tree’ trophy for the first time in a 20 year drag racing career despite multiple wins in the Junior Dragster bracket which at the time were not considered championship events.

“In all seriousness though, it was really awesome to have her there beside me as I got my first national event win and I am really thankful for her support as well as the support of my mum Jenny and dad Steve, my Uncle Ashley and of course our crew and our sponsors Castrol, Sidchrome and Noonan Race Engineering – I couldn’t have done this without all of their support and I can’t wait to get back on track next year!”

For Corbett, who also competes regularly in the Sport Compact category in the Jett Racing Datsun ute, it was a case of mixed emotions following the final round of the season-ending Australian Nationals.

“It was so very special to be part of Scott’s first national event win, I am obviously so very happy for him to have won himself a gold Christmas tree and to be able to claim that national event win as his own,” said Corbett, the 2009/2010 National Modified Champion and holder of multiple national event and local event wins.

“At the same time, I was really disappointed about red-lighting by one thousandth of a second – but that is racing and looking at the data even if I had pulled a perfect reaction time I think it would have been hard to beat him with how the conditions were and how he was running.

“The overarching emotion is definitely one of pride in my brother, I am so pleased to be able to congratulate him on his win and welcome him to the ‘Christmas tree’ club – we always have fun racing as a family and I am sure there will be plenty more fun times to come.
“I must also send my thanks to the rest of my family and my friends who crewed for me during the Australian Nationals and also to my sponsors Castrol, Sidchrome, Noonan Race Engineering, Speedflow and Performance Wholesale.”

For full results from the Australian Nationals please visit:

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/aust-first-sibling-rivalry-no-obstacle-for-scott-bettes Tue, 05 Nov 2013 03:58:51 GMT
NO MARGIN FOR ERROR: HALL AND BELLERT TO FIGHT IT OUT IN SUPERCOMP 16 NOVEMBER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/no-margin-for-error-hall-and-bellert-to-fight-it-out-in-supercomp-16-november


For Chris Hall and Tony Bellert there will be absolutely no margin for error when it comes time to hit Willowbank Raceway for the Track Championship Season Finale on16 November 2013.

Redbank Plain’s Hall and Toowoomba’s Bellert are currently tied for the top spot in the SuperComp championship chase at 49 points apiece with just one round of the championship left to run.

“I am really excited to be tied for the lead for this year’s Willowbank Raceway SuperComp Track Championship – it isn’t often that a Street 289 Rotor finds itself at the top with all of the high-tech racers,” said the 47 year old Hall, a construction supervisor and pilot of a rotor-driven Mazda RX7 series 7 13B Turbo.

“The highlight for me this year so far would have to be taking an event win against respected racer Christine Steffens in my rotor, it was a bit of an underdog victory for sure and to be congratulated by someone with her credentials was really fantastic.

“Now heading into the final round, the championship is definitely front of mind for me – for a rotor racer like me in my relatively basic race car to take a win against the high-tech competitors of this class who arguably have a bit of an advantage would certainly be a coup for me.

“I will certainly be doing everything I can – it won’t be easy, all the other racers are very fast and consistent and I know Tony is very good when it comes to reaction times at the start line and his car is top of the line. Having said that, I always head to the track with a positive attitude and I believe I can bring home a win for the rotors, especially if I can run consistently and deliver excellent reaction times.”

For Bellert, family will be on his mind when he fronts up for the season finale comeNovember 16.

“The SuperComp Track Championship for me this year has been a bit of a mixed bag that is for sure, as we have been looking to sort out some issues with the car on the way to making more power,” said the 33 year old Bellert, an engine builder and driver of a 2010 Spitzer Dragster who currently holds the Willowbank Raceway track records for Elapsed Time and Speed in the Modified bracket.

“With the season finale now closing in, I really hope I can take a win in honour of my late mother, Bronwyn Bellert, who we lost to cancer in April.

“I am part of a racing family alongside my father Phil and my sister Kellie and we are all proud to race in her honour, so hopefully I can clinch this title for her and for all the people who have banded together to help us this year – especially my crew, my wife Natasha, and everyone else who has helped us out along the way including my sponsors DC Racing and TBRE Performance.

“I am definitely feeling positive and am getting ready to focus on simply competing at my best and being ready to race no matter who lines up beside me.

“Chris has been a consistent competitor throughout the season and there are some great racers throughout the field - some with fantastic racing budgets which I have to say I am envious of - so I am looking forward to seeing where the chips fall come 16 November.”

For Hall, his racing passion is also something in which family plays a key part.

“Racing is a huge passion for me and for my family – I even go circuit racing with my son at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Racing, that is when I can tear myself away from the drag strip!” laughed Hall.

“While challenging there is just something about drag racing that is completely addictive – I am at Willowbank for almost every event including all the Test n Tunes eachWednesday and Saturday, I am a drag racing nut that is for sure!

“The guys that you get to talk with and race with really make the sport fun, especially guys like the reigning champion Peter Zelow. Our bracket is a funny one with cars like mine going up against much more sophisticated vehicles like Peter’s which makes it all the more challenging, but getting to race with guys like him combined with the great format which gives us plenty of track time really makes for a great championship.

“Supporting my drag racing passion day after day is my amazing family so I have to say a big thank you to them as well as the Mazfix Racing crew for all the hard work Archie Kajewski and the boys put into my car; my crew Peter, Brett, Stephen and Tamika; and Battery World at Indooroopilly for their support. And of course I can’t forget everyone at Willowbank and especially the staff and volunteers and also my fellow racers!”

For the 16 November Season Finale, gates will open at 7.00am, with qualifying from10.00am, racing from 2.30pm and finals from 6.30pm, with all track champions to be awarded their trophy that evening at a special 7.30pm presentation on-track. 

Leading the way to the season finale will beTony Bellert and Christopher Hall (SuperComp – tied on 149 points), Bill Fletcher (Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws), Wade Moran (Knijff Earthmoving Modified), Rick Neilsen and Paul Doeblien (Powercruise Super Sedan – tied on 146 points), Blaze Hansen (Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street), Tammy Goldthorpe (Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike), Dylan Leo (Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster) and Simon Isherwood (Super Gas). In all brackets, only narrow margins separate the top competitors heading to the season finale - for full championship points, please click here.

Entries for the season finale event are available online atwww.willowbankraceway.com.au until 5.00pm Wednesday 13 November 2013. The entry fee, including the $15.40 ANDRA Personal Accident Levy and entry for the driver and one crew member, is $90.00, with extra crew passes available for purchase online at $20.00 each. Spectator entry is available for purchase at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, while children aged 13 and under gain free entry.

Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visitwww.willowbankraceway.com.au

Racing for the SuperComp, Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike, Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster and Super Gas brackets.


  • Gates Open – 7.00am
  • Qualifying from 10.00am
  • Racing from 2.30pm
  • Finals from 6.30pm
  • Presentation – 7.30pm - All track champions will be awarded their Track Championship trophy at the Presentation on the night of this event


  • Adults - $20.00
  • Students with ID - $18.00
  • Children aged 13 and under – FREE admission For more information please visitwww.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/no-margin-for-error-hall-and-bellert-to-fight-it-out-in-supercomp-16-november Tue, 05 Nov 2013 03:42:32 GMT
CUSTOM PRINTS AND POSTERS FOR CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAYS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/custom-prints-and-posters-for-christmas-and-brithdays Have to buy for the person with everything or want to repay a workshop or team for all they're hard work and long hours? What better way than a custom print. These can be framed and designed to suit all tastes and use nothing but the best paper and frames to ensure the highest quality. Dragphotos.com.au sells hundreds of these each year, And sends framed prints and canvases Australia wide on a weekly basis. Why not take the stress out of Christmas with the custom 30x20 inch prints starting from $85 delivered.  




[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/custom-prints-and-posters-for-christmas-and-brithdays Mon, 04 Nov 2013 21:00:00 GMT
SPORTSMAN RACERS IN RECORD TERRITORY AT AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/sportsman-racers-in-record-territory-at-australian-nationals


Gina Bullians (pictured above) gave Super Compact a shake up with a new personal best of 6.939 in her BB/SM-classed Mazda RX7, to be 0.22 underneath the national record. Not left shamed was Michael Baghdadi, 0.21 underneath his national record with a 6.984 in his CC/SC Nissan 200SX.
Competition Bike has completed two qualifying sessions with one remaining tomorrow. Corey Buttigieg currently holds a big lead on one of the world’s quickest Harley Davidson V-Rods, with an 8.398 pass almost two tenths of a second underneath the national record.
Supercharged Outlaws is close with Andrew Hodgson just getting the edge on the field with a 6.545. Shannon Gaddes (6.552), Darryl Walford (6.563) and Mal Gower (6.566) are right behind.
Andrew Musgrave is light years ahead in Modified with a 6.550 time not only in number one position but also under the existing 6.610 national record for the AA/MA class. Musgrave is this weekend driving the turbocharged altered more commonly seen with Mark Hinchelwood at the wheel, with Hinchelwood on duty in Top Alcohol.
Super Sedan featured a battle taking place in the six second zone for top qualifying honours. Dallas Whyte emerged atop the standings with a 6.745 from his Chev Camaro. Phil Rillotta’s 1005 cubic inch Camaro meanwhile qualified third with a 6.914 but exceeded the 206.39mph speed record for SS/A with a massive 219.19mph clocking.
In Modified Bike, there was a heartbreaking moment when championship leader Tony Frost took a tumble in the braking area. Frost fortunately escaped without serious injury but his Kawasaki would appear to be beyond repair before tomorrow’s racing. Bob Shaw currently leads the field with an 8.382 from his Kawasaki.
Super Street sees South Australian driver Joe Jurkovic at the top of the qualifying sheets following an 11.044 pass from his classic Dodge Dart.
Junior Dragster is super tight in the top qualifying positions. With 8.00 the cut off for the bracket, Naomi Lightowler leads with an 8.001. Four other drivers have qualified with a time of 8.00, with only the third decimal separating them.
National champion Simon Isherwood has again top qualified in Super Gas, ANDRA’s only heads up indexed category. With 9.90 the perfect time, Isherwood went 9.907 to narrowly qualify ahead of Adrian McGrotty’s 9.908.
Eliminations for the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship begin tomorrow alongside qualifying for the professional categories of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/sportsman-racers-in-record-territory-at-australian-nationals Mon, 04 Nov 2013 01:37:54 GMT
GRUELING CONDITIONS CAP GRUELING SEASON AT AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/grueling-conditions-cap-grueling-season-at-australian-nationals

The Australian Nationals rounded out the longest ANDRA season in decades on Sunday at Sydney Dragway with dramatic final rounds crowning the champions in hot and windy conditions.
American Tommy Johnson Jr earned his first win on Australia soil, adding to his nine NHRA victories.
It was an all-Rapisarda Autosport International final with Johnson using a 4.807 run in the final to defeat team mate Damien Harris’ 4.933.
It capped off a week of good news for Johnson, who found out last week he would be driving for Don Schumacher Racing full time in the NHRA next season.
“Career wise the last three or four years have been real rocky and then the last seven days have been pretty stellar,” he said.
“I’m really thankful for the opportunity the Rapisardas gave me. To come back and finally get a victory in the last time I will race with them for a while, it just fits the way everything is going.
“I don’t think it’s the last time (racing for Rapisardas), it’s just the last time for a while. The people have been great, I’ve had fun, and that’s what racing is about.”
Johnson said conditions challenged the Top Fuel teams.
“It was some of the more difficult conditions we’ve raced in,” he said. “First a hot racetrack and then the wind which covered it in dust and dirt.
“It was figuring out who could go the furthest without getting loose. You could run pretty good early, then we were pulling it back as much as we could.
Top Doorslammer was an epic where John Zappia won not only the final but also a tightly fought championship, earning just enough points to overcome Peter Kapiris.
Zappia’s 6.071 in the final defeated a 6.204 from Victor Bray.
“When Pete qualified number two I thought this would be hard to do but we were just lucky the track conditions were tricky for everybody so no one had a real handle on it,” he said.
Zappia said next season he would like to see a less stressful end to the ANDRA Top Doorslammer series.
“Next season we ain’t giving no one a head start,” he said. “We are going to try and hit it hard starting in Perth to stay in front - it’s too stressful this way.”
Gary Phillips picked up not only a win in the final round of Top Alcohol against Steven Ham but also the quickest time of the event with a 5.497 blast defeating a 5.618.
Phillips said the performance had been at his fingertips all weekend.
“The thing should have been faster all event than what it was but we were just missing the ball a little bit,” he said. “We knew the car had it in there and it was sure a handful to drive in the final.”
Phillips, who wrapped up the Top Alcohol title in Darwin in August, said work on reaction times also proved fruitful.
“I finally cut a good a light, so what we learned in testing showed in racing,” he said. “I’ve always driven on the conservative side but now you need everything so I’ve got to get into it.”
Chris Soldatos experienced one of the more up and down weekends of any racer at Sydney Dragway, starting with going into the sand trap in qualifying but finishing with a 7.130 second Pro Stock win denying Jason Grima his first event victory.
“The weekend started off badly after we damaged our beautiful car, but we fixed it up and thankfully it well – we needed that luck on our side,” he said.
“The wind and the conditions just kills these cars, but we got through, the crew did a good job and I drove it alright I suppose. I never thought I would get a result like this in Pro Stock.”
Soldatos also earned the Greg Flaherty Memorial trophy for his win, recognising a former legend in the category.
Grima did not go home empty handed, taking the championship in an emotional moment for the PC Group team.
“I was ecstatic, I got really emotional, but that is part and parcel with it,” he said. “The first win will come, we’re making it easier and easier on ourselves.”
Chris Porter took a Nationals double, also winning the Top Bike championship as he defeated Graeme Morell in the final, 7.187 to a 7.931.
It came after a frantic engine change after his semi final race against Gavin Spann.
“Graeme has got us two times so it was good to get him this time,” he said. “In the semi final we lifted a cylinder and punched a rod out so we had to do a motor change. The boys flogged and got it done in two hours.”
Finally in Pro Stock Motorcycle, Maurice Allen made up for a disappointing Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams, taking Nationals victory after Luke Crowley red lit in the final.
“We broke the crank in two in Calder two weeks ago, the engine went straight in the bin,” he said. “We weren’t overly confident but we knew we had an engine at least that ran. We wanted to end the season with some representation and do well for Milwaukee Tools.
“We knew we had consistency and good form. We realised the engine was as good as it needed to be. You need to gout there and have belief in what you’re doing.”
Winners in the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship included Greg Leahy (Competition), Darren Parker (Super Stock), Corey Buttigieg (Competition Bike), Dominic Rigoli (Super Compact), Luke Marsden (Supercharged Outlaws), Scott Bettes (Modified), Neil Constantinou (Super Sedan), Sam Taylor (Modified Bike), Carl Taylor (Super Street), Dale Duffy (Junior Dragster) and Matthew Forbes (Super Gas).
National series champions across the board include Darren Morgan (Top Fuel), Gary Phillips (Top Alcohol), John Zappia (Top Doorslammer), Jason Grima (Pro Stock), Chris Porter (Top Bike), Luke Crowley (Pro Stock Motorcycle), Greg Clayton (Competition), Darren Parker (Super Stock), Corey Buttigieg (Competition Bike), Rod Harvey (Super Compact), Luke Marsden (Supercharged Outlaws) who also won the John Storm Memorial Trophy for most points scored in a season, Craig Baker (Modified), Johnny Kapiris (Super Sedan), Gavin Dohnt (Modified Bike), Carl Taylor (Super Street), Brayden Naylor (Junior Dragster) and Matt Forbes (Super Gas).
The ANDRA Drag Racing Series and Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship now wait until January where they will resume in earnest in Perth and Portland respectively.
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WILLOWBANK RACEWAY HONOURED AT IPSWICH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AWARDS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/willowbank-raceway-honoured-at-ipswich-chamber-of-commerce-awards

Willowbank Raceway’s FUCHS Winternationals was honoured this evening at the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Business Awards, in which the event was one of three finalists for the Ipswich Turf Club Tourism/Event of the Year Award.
As a finalist, Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson took the stage alongside representatives from The Workshops Rail Museum and the Tivoli Miracle Centre Drive In, with The Workshops Rail Museum announced as the award winner.
Willowbank Raceway would like to take this opportunity to congratulate The Workshops Rail Museum on their award win.
“What an honour it is has been to be recognised by such an important local institution,” said Manson.
“The Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Awards is a prestigious event and we are very humbled to have been recognised as a finalist. 
“I must send my sincere congratulations on behalf of the Willowbank Raceway Management Committee to our fellow finalists - it has been a great honour to stand alongside them in the running for this award and their contributions to the Ipswich community are undeniable.
“I would also like to send our thanks to the judging panel and the Chamber for their consideration of our event for the award, and also to our staff, officials, racers, spectators, suppliers, sponsors and everyone else involved in the FUCHS Winternationals – our nomination in these awards is a true testament to your dedication, hard work and ongoing support.”
Willowbank Raceway’s FUCHS Winternationals are held annually across the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. For full information, visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/willowbank-raceway-honoured-at-ipswich-chamber-of-commerce-awards Mon, 04 Nov 2013 01:26:12 GMT
AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS 10 SPOT 2013 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals-10-spot-2013

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals-10-spot-2013 Sun, 03 Nov 2013 22:32:17 GMT
QUICK QUALIFYING DAY AS AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS TAKES SHAPE IN SYDNEY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/quick-qualifying-day-as-australian-nationals-takes-shape-in-sydney

Phil Lamattina, John Zappia, Steve Reed, Lee Bektash, Chris Matheson and Luke Crowley lead their respective fields following day two of the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway.
Lamattina used a final session 4.715 to narrowly oust brother John’s 4.719 near identical Fuchs dragster from the top qualifying position in Top Fuel.
“We qualify well all the time so what we need to do is translate that into round wins,” he said. “The championship might be out of our reach but a good consolation would be to win the Nationals with a gold Christmas tree.
“This car is able really to make speed in the top end, it makes a lot of power. It was good to get that number one qualifier and if I had to pip John at the post so be it.”
Phil Read was a surprise late entry, taking over the seat of Martin Stamatis’ Billview dragster with an ill Stamatis deciding to call it a day after one launch. Read will face Lamattina in round one on Sunday.
Meanwhile by making a qualifying pass, Darren Morgan wrapped up his fourth ANDRA Top Fuel championship following his win at Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams two weeks ago in Melbourne.
John Zappia fired the opening salvo in Top Doorslammer with a 5.831, ahead of his championship rival Peter Kapiris.
Zappia will race Sean Mifsud in round one, who has the assistance of US Pro Modified star Mike Janis at this event.
“Sean is improving every run and (Mike) Janis will probably work out what to do with it overnight to make it go so I don’t think it’s an easy run. It’s a big unknown,” he said.
“I just need to worry about my own race and get my first event win for the season. Everyone says they are sick of me winning, but I haven’t won a race all year so I’m sick of not winning.”
In Top Alcohol a personal best pass of 5.563 from Queensland’s Steven Reed put him into the number one spot, though hot conditions ahead has him thinking conservative for race day.
“We had a totally different combination in the car for this event. I hopped it up for the run and hoped it worked and it did,” he said.
“We will probably have to be conservative tomorrow, but it should be similar to this afternoon so we will make the call a few minutes before we run. As long as we don’t discover any damage overnight we are pretty happy.”
Pro Stock again saw a battle royale in qualifying with Mopar driver Lee Bektash going 7.007 on his way to the top of the qualifying sheets.
Bektash said he was actually disappointed not to break into the sixes.
“We haven’t made perfect runs, we’re missing those runs by two or three hundredths. I was hoping we would get a 6.97 or a 6.98 on that last run,” he said.
Bektash is keen for forecasted hot conditions to come into play.
“We’ve done a lot of testing and we would rather the track hot,” he said.
“We believe this car is the best in the country at the moment. It really shined there through the day when no one thought we could run 7.00 in those conditions.”
Chris Matheson made his first competition runs since his massive fall at the Nitro Champs in May, taking top qualifying position in Top Bike with a relatively easy 6.962 pass.
But it was Chris Porter who by qualifying ahead of Graeme Morell ensured he took his first ANDRA Top Bike title.
Another rider to earn a title simply by qualifying was Pro Stock Motorcycle’s Luke Crowley, whose top qualifying pass of 7.228 put a stamp on what has been a very successful season for the first time championship winner.
Early Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship eliminations also took place on day two of the Australian Nationals with a number of series champions decided.
Darren Parker in Super Stock, Rod Harvey in Super Compact, Craig Baker in Modified, Gavin Dohnt in Modified Bike and Brayden Naylor in Junior Dragster were among those to seal titles.
Eliminations continue on the third and final day of the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway with racing commencing from 10.45am.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/quick-qualifying-day-as-australian-nationals-takes-shape-in-sydney Sat, 02 Nov 2013 13:27:39 GMT
AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS FLASHBACK 10 - SPOT 2012 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals-flashback-10---spot-2012

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/australian-nationals-flashback-10---spot-2012 Fri, 01 Nov 2013 01:13:04 GMT
FATHER AND SON TO BATTLE IT OUT FOR OUTLAW SUPREMACY AT WILLOWBANK RACEWAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/father-and-son-to-battle-it-out-for-outlaw-supremacy-at-willowbank-raceway

Willowbank Raceway’s Track Championship Season Finale on 16 November 2013 will host a father versus son showdown in the Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws bracket, with Bill Fletcher taking on son Josh Fletcher in a battle for the title.
Following the penultimate round of the Championship where it was a Fletcher versus Fletcher finale, the fifty eight year old Bill Fletcher currently leads the title chase by just seven points ahead of his 26 year old son Josh. 
If Bill can clinch the title it will be his third in the category. If Josh is victorious, it will be his first SCO title and his second track championship, complementing his 2002 National Junior Dragster title and the four Willowbank Raceway Street Series titles currently taking up the mantel piece – including an addition made just days ago after he clinched the 2013 Street Sedan championship on Saturday 26 October. 
This winning form isn’t restricted to this father and son either – no less than seven family members have competed in the sport of drag racing over recent years, with Bill’s wife Susanne a Street Series champion and Josh’s twin-brother Dan a Junior Dragster Track champion. 
“Dad started racing again when I was about five or six years old, so my brothers and I would spend plenty of time in the trailer pulling apart everything we could find ready for Dad and the crew to put it back together before we could all go home,” said Cornubia’s Josh Fletcher, who was introduced to the sport by his dad and late Uncle who would take him to the drags and speedway at a young age with his brothers.
“I started taking the wheel myself when I was 11 years old after my old brother Ben grew too big for his car – after years crewing and watching dad race it was really a dream come true to experience that feeling first hand. Even better is the fact that I am currently driving dad’s old car, which I grew up working on. 
“Over the years we have had seven family members race - my dad, my stepmother Susanne, my older brother Ben, my twin brother Dan, my step-siblings Sam and Emily and myself – so it really is a family affair we have going!”
For family patriarch Bill Fletcher, a successful drag racing career is highlighted by watching his loved ones succeed.
“I started racing back in 1972 at Surfers Paradise in a VF Valiant station wagon before I took 20 years away from the sport,” said Sheldon Company Director Bill Fletcher.
“Since I made my return to drag racing at Willowbank Raceway I have won two Track Championships and took event wins at the prestigious Winternationals and Tin Top Titles events.
“Even in the face of those stand-out wins I would have to say racing my son in the finals at Willowbank Raceway’s track championship round just weeks ago has definitely been a major highlight, that and watching my wife Susanne and my sons enjoy racing and taking out their own championships.
“When Josh and I lined up against each other on the 19th of October the score board became levelled to two father versus son wins apiece, although I am sure Josh would have something to say about that as one of his losses came when he was shut down with a fuel leak on the start line while waiting for me when I encountered a starting issue!”
Racing against each other in the same bracket, one would be forgiven for expecting some rivalry to bubble to the surface. 
“We are definitely both competitive and like to put in our best performance for all of those that work with us, but of course we are always ready to help each other,” said Bill Fletcher.
“A perfect example of that spirit comes from the recent Winternationals where I had a transmission issue and Josh and his crew stayed back with some of my crew guys into the early hours of the morning to replace the parts so I could be ready for the final qualifier on Saturday morning – being able to band together like that is something very special.”
As far as the season finale goes, both Bill and Josh say it could go either way, with neither giving too much away when it comes to their game plan. 
 “Josh is in the running to take his first track championship in the Outlaw bracket so I know he will very well prepared, and while I have had some engine issues I will be giving it my all as well – no matter who takes the win, it is just an awesome feeling knowing that we are enjoying a sport loved by all the family and we will have fun no matter what the outcome,” said Bill Fletcher.
“As far as what will happen this weekend, we will just have to wait and see, hopefully I can line up against dad for the first round, that should make things interesting, but in the meantime my tip for dad is – enjoy your time on top!” added a grinning Josh Fletcher.
In 2014, the Fletchers will welcome a new sponsor to their team who will be watching November’s season finale carefully.
“In 2014 we are going to be very happy to welcome Redland Service Centre as a new team partner, with my car to be wrapped in the same livery as dad’s car next year which is pretty exciting,” said Josh Fletcher.
“Everyone at the team really wants to say a special thank you to the Redland Service Centre as well as our other sponsors Decarlo Bicycles, Hi Reach Rentals, Lucas Oils, Performance Diffs, The Bolt King Capalaba, David Mullins Auto and Horse Power Engineering as well as our family and dedicated crew – without their help, it would not be possible for us to run a two-car team so we are very appreciative of all of their help and support.” 
For the 16 November Season Finale, gates will open at 7.00am, with qualifying from 10.00am, racing from 2.30pm and finals from 6.30pm, with all track champions to be awarded their trophy that evening at a special 7.30pm presentation on-track. 
Leading the way to the season finale will beTony Bellert and Christopher Hall (SuperComp – tied on 149 points), Bill Fletcher (Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws), Wade Moran (Knijff Earthmoving Modified), Rick Neilsen and Paul Doeblien (Powercruise Super Sedan – tied on 146 points), Blaze Hansen (Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street), Tammy Goldthorpe (Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike), Dylan Leo (Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster) and Simon Isherwood (Super Gas). In all brackets, only narrow margins separate the top competitors heading to the season finale - for full championship points, please click here.
Entries for the season finale event are available online at www.willowbankraceway.com.au until 5.00pm Wednesday 13 November 2013. The entry fee, including the $15.40 ANDRA Personal Accident Levy and entry for the driver and one crew member, is $90.00, with extra crew passes available for purchase online at $20.00 each. Spectator entry is available for purchase at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, while children aged 13 and under gain free entry.
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
Racing for the SuperComp, Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike, Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster and Super Gas brackets.
Gates Open – 7.00am
Qualifying from 10.00am
Racing from 2.30pm
Finals from 6.30pm
Presentation – 7.30pm - All track champions will be awarded their Track Championship trophy at the Presentation on the night of this event
Adults - $20.00
Students with ID - $18.00
Children aged 13 and under – FREE admission For more information please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) dragracing willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/11/father-and-son-to-battle-it-out-for-outlaw-supremacy-at-willowbank-raceway Fri, 01 Nov 2013 00:30:11 GMT
AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS TO BE LIVE STREAMED https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/australian-nationals-to-be-live-streamed

The Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway will be a spectacle not just at the track but also online with the event to be streamed from 12pm Saturday through to finals on Sunday.
As well as the cameras of the AVE-produced SBS Speedweek team linked in, the feed will also feature the ‘big screen’ interviews often only seen live at the event, with roaming cameras set up to add an extra element to the production.
ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley said both ANDRA and Sydney Dragway were excited about the potential of live streaming.
“It’s often said that drag racing is the best kept secret in motorsports - we need to change that and one way is to get as many people to see our events as possible,” he said.
“There’s nothing like being at an event to feel the way a Top Fuel car launches or experience the atmosphere of the crowd, but for those interstate and internationally who want to keep up with what is going on live streaming is the way to go.”
Live streaming is set to form a bigger part of events heading into 2014.
“Sydney has been our test bed this year to see how viable it is to stream events with the Nitro Champs taking a raw feed from the AVE Speedweek cameras,” Bulley said.
“The production values Sydney Dragway is putting into the stream are really going to add to the show.
“The biggest challenge we face for next year is the remoteness of some tracks which sometimes makes internet speeds unreliable so that is a technical issue we will have to work around.”
The stream will be available on the ANDRA website.
Please note that the stream will not be able to be viewed in New South Wales. As a result of telecommunications infrastructure that is beyond ANDRA’s control, some border towns may also be unable to view the stream.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Australia drag nationals racing sydney https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/australian-nationals-to-be-live-streamed Wed, 30 Oct 2013 07:30:19 GMT
CANNULI TO RACE NITRO WITH AEROFLOW NITRO FUNNY CAR SERIES https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/cannuli-to-race-nitro-with-aeroflow-nitro-funny-car-series

Cannuli to race nitro with Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series



ANDRA Top Alcohol and Top Doorslammer star, John Cannuli, has decided to go nitro racing after recently confirming that he and his team would field an Outlaw Nitro Funny Car at the November 23rd event.


Cannuli will be racing his own car at the event and is excited to be involved in this new direction for the sport.


Adding to the modern body styles, Cannuli will pilot a 2000 Pontiac nitro funny car, originally purchased by Queensland racer, Aaron Lynch.


“This is a great car,” states Cannuli.


“We are piecing together everything that we need and we know that the Plueger chassis will be perfect for this application.”


The team has confirmed the conversion of the car to Outlaw Nitro Funny Car specifications has been fairly straightforward.


“It’s simply been a case of collecting a few of the parts that we need and then putting it all together. We have plenty of infrastructure and a great crew, so getting involved was an easy decision.


“Graham Cowin and Brett Ehmer have been fantastic in supplying the Aeroflow plumbing and Brett will be tuning the car on the day – I couldn’t have done it without them, and I can’t thank them enough” concluded Cannuli.


Series Manager, Steve Bettes added, “How good is this? We have some of the best racers in this country taking on some of the best in the world!”


“At the rate this category is expanding, we are going to struggle to find a space to put them all. Lucky Sydney Dragway has a big pit area!” laughed Bettes.


The inaugural Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Extravaganza will be held at Sydney Dragway November 23, 2013.


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/cannuli-to-race-nitro-with-aeroflow-nitro-funny-car-series Tue, 29 Oct 2013 08:06:41 GMT
DOORSLAMMER SEASON FINALE BECKONS FOR TEAM BRAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/doorslammer-season-finale-beckons-for-team-bray

Team Bray Racing will head to Sydney Dragway this week for the final round of the 2012/2013 ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship, to be held at Sydney’s Australian Nationals this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (1-3 November 2013). 
Father and son Victor and Ben Bray – currently third and fourth in the title chase respectively - will be part of a 19-strong Doorslammer field battling for just eight race day spots in the season finale.
As well as intense racing, the Australian Nationals will also host a significant announcement for Team Bray regarding its plans for 2014 and beyond as well as the unveiling of a brand new livery for Ben Bray’s Monaro.
“As the finale for the 2012/2013 ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship you can be guaranteed that this weekend’s racing at Sydney Dragway is going to be intense,” said Victor Bray.
“As far as Ben and I go, we are currently third and fourth in the championship and we want to keep it that way, mathematically I could make it to second but absolutely everything would have to go my way and that just isn’t the way of our sport more often than not!
“Sydney has always been tough when it comes to Doorslammer racing for us despite our successes in Top Alcohol and Sport Compact at the venue, so we will be working hard to try and change that this weekend while putting on a great show for the fans to see out the year.” 
Victor and Ben Bray will make their first on-track appearance this weekend on Saturday for qualifying, but before they do they will be on-site Friday to make a special announcement regarding their 2014 plans while also unveiling a brand new look for Ben’s Monaro Doorslammer.
“What better setting to announce our plans for the upcoming year than at Sydney Dragway as the final championship round for the year comes to life around us?” said Ben Bray.
“I am very excited to be able to take the covers off the new look for the Monaro, I just hope the fans love it as much as I do!
“I am also looking forward to getting back on-track in Sydney – over the last year or so the venue has been undergoing a lot of changes in management and structure and each time we have come here it has just been getting better and better. This weekend will be the first time we get to experience the newly resurfaced breaking area, so I can’t wait to see what the Australian Nationals have in store.” 
As well as the usual suspects on track, there will also be some international faces at the Australian Nationals this weekend.
“With a couple of well-credentialed US tech experts attending the Australian Nationals this weekend as well as an international racer in the form of Tommy Johnson Jr in Top Fuel and well-known Competition Plus editor Bobby Bennet, we have a great chance to showcase this event and our sport internationally as well,” said Victor Bray.
Team Bray Racing will be part of a field of 370 racers on-track at Sydney Dragway across 1 to 3 November 2013 for the Australian Nationals. The event represents the final round of the 2012/2013 ANDRA Top Doorslammer championship, with qualifying kicking off from midday Saturday ahead of eliminations racing from midday Sunday. For full schedules and event information, go to www.sydneydragway.com.au or www.teambrayracing.com 
For more information on Team Bray, please visit www.teambrayracing.com. Fans can also keep up to date thanks to the Team Bray app which offers news, image updates, a live webcam and lots more for free for Apple and Android users. To download the app, visit http://apps.appmixpro.com/appm/rn5p013f6y47iw on a mobile device to access or alternatively scan the QR code in this press release with a mobile device.
Fans wishing to follow Team Bray can also visit www.teambrayracing.com, follow them on facebook at www.facebook.com/teambrayracing, or interact with the team on instagram (#teambrayracing).
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) bray doorslammer nationals sydney team https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/doorslammer-season-finale-beckons-for-team-bray Mon, 28 Oct 2013 09:45:52 GMT
JOHNSON JR RETURNS FOR AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/johnson-jr-returns-for-australian-nationals

Sydney race fans might have their last chance to see nine times NHRA event winner Tommy Johnson Jr in competition in Australia when he competes at the Australian Nationals this weekend.


Johnson will return to the NHRA full time next year, having just been announced as the driver of the Don Schumacher Racing-operated Nitro Funny Car that driver Johnny Gray will be leaving at the end of this year.


Johnson, who now resides in Avon, Indiana, has been a popular addition to recent Australian events including the Nitro Champs and Fuchs Winternationals, driving for Rapisarda Autosport International.


When the call up to race in Australia first came, Johnson said he was keen to observe drag racing down under and how it ranked against his many other international experiences including in the United Arab Emirates, the UK, Finland, Sweden and Germany.


“I follow all drag racing around the world and knew the names, so I was looking forward to meeting the people I have read about on the internet,” he said. “I'd raced in five other countries so I was looking forward to seeing how drag racing in Australia compared to my other experiences.”


Johnson explained that the differences between racing across the world are mainly procedural – the language of two cars accelerating down a drag strip is universal.


“Sure there are a few things that are different but mainly that is registration and procedures,” he said. “The on track action and the competition has been the same throughout the world. The level of competition in Australia was some of the best I have seen outside of the US for sure.”


The veteran racer did note that much more pre-planning is needed by teams to ensure they have the resources ready to go racing.


“One of the things I noticed for the racers that is missing from the US is the availability of parts,” he said. “We think nothing of just running somewhere to get what we need or calling up and having parts the next day. Everyone in Australia has to plan ahead or have a much larger inventory of spares than we do.”


While he was in the southern hemisphere last, Johnson was able to do some limited sightseeing and what he saw, he liked.


“The people were the best thing for sure. Everyone was very friendly and helpful,” he said. “I didn't have a lot of extra time to take in the country but was able to sneak out for a day and take in a few sights of Sydney on my second trip. I wouldn't have a problem living in Australia.”


He might be used to driving Top Fuel dragsters at 500kmh, but the Rapisarda team wasn’t about to let Johnson do the steering of their hire cars.


“Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road. That was only weird for a couple of days and then it became normal,” he said. “Still, nobody was offering up their keys to me to take the wheel when we went anywhere.


“I've actually driven on the left side before in New Zealand and England so I don't know what they were worried about.


“The one thing I did notice is in the US we have signs alongside the road that warn drivers to beware of deer as you drive. It was funny to see signs in Australia warning drivers to be alert for kangaroos while driving. I haven't seen too many of them in the US.”


Johnson will be part of the eight car Top Fuel field set for the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway which also includes former national champions Darren Morgan, Phil Lamattina, Steve Read and Martin Stamatis plus Damien Harris, Terry Sainty and John Lamattina.


The Australian Nationals runs from Friday to Sunday.


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) andra australian fuel nationals sydney top https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/johnson-jr-returns-for-australian-nationals Mon, 28 Oct 2013 09:40:09 GMT
SYDNEY SMOOTHS BRAKING AREA BUMPS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/sydney-smooths-braking-area-bumps


Sydney Dragway smooths the bumps
One of Australia’s best motorsports facilities has undergone some recent upgrades with work undertaken in the braking area at Sydney Dragway, the home of the Australian Nationals.
Originally opened in 2004, Sydney Dragway is multi-million dollar purpose-built facility, tailored for quarter mile drag racing.
With the surface in the braking area recently starting to form some bumps due to some underground plumbing, Sydney Dragway management agreed to make the requisite changes to help keep the cars and bikes more stable when slowing down from the enormous speeds achieved in modern drag racing competition.
“We are very happy with the results,” explained Sydney Dragway CEO Graham Elliot.
“The team has completed the resurface of the braking area, return road and the water box, which will make things better for every single person who runs down the track.”
Sydney Dragway’s Venue and Event Manager, Ray Treasure was on hand to oversee the updates.
“We have used RTA heavy grade material, employed with profilers and laser line finishing. All outer edges are also heat and resin sealed. It means a better and safer racetrack for our racers and we are all happy to see that.”
The 2013 Australian Nationals comes to Sydney Dragway 1 - 3 November 2013.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Andra Dragracing WSID https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/sydney-smooths-braking-area-bumps Thu, 24 Oct 2013 04:37:16 GMT
ANDRA ANNOUNCES FIRST INDUCTEES FOR HALL OF FAME https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/andra-announces-first-inductees-for-hall-of-fame 004296_ANDRA_40YRSTICKER_v2004296_ANDRA_40YRSTICKER_v2

The Australian National Drag Racing Association is pleased to announce the first five inductees into the ANDRA Hall of Fame.
The ANDRA Hall of Fame was announced as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations for Australia’s only drag racing sanctioning body and members had a chance to nominate the people they considered the most worthy to ANDRA.
Rather than recognising only racing achievements, the ANDRA Hall of Fame focuses on those people who have demonstrated creativity, dignity, integrity and accomplishment at a national or international level and enhanced the status or growth of the sport.
ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley said the first induction celebrates the variety of contributions people can make to the sport of drag racing – from racing and promotion to volunteering and sportsmanship.
“The ANDRA Hall of Fame is not solely about racing achievements but those people who have demonstrated a commitment to the association that goes above and beyond what is expected,” he said. “With this first induction, the ANDRA board wanted to show the many ways people can make a contribution to ANDRA and the sport of drag racing.
“You don’t necessarily have to be a record setter or a championship winner, but to show dedication to ANDRA and the sport as a whole is a vital part of being inducted into the ANDRA Hall of Fame.”
The first inductees are as follows:
Mick Atholwood 
A very successful owner, tuner and driver across many of ANDRA’s years. Generous to all racers with his time, knowledge and experience and an outstanding example of the sportsmanship expected of ANDRA members.
George Bailey 
One of the longest serving divisional directors and a multiple record holder in Super Stock. Also served roles in the member National Control Council, National Executive Council and as Executive Director. All of this time was volunteered for the organisation.
Graeme Cowin 
A brilliant racer and a dedicated supporter of sportsman racers and grass roots drag racing. Always prepared to back the sport which has helped build his business.
Paul Rogers Snr 
Paul was at the first meeting of ANDRA and is believed to have come up with the name ANDRA. He has served multiple voluntary roles across the sport as well as competing in Pro Stock and Super Stock. He is also a founding member of the VDRC. Very few people have given as much time to the sport over the years as Paul.
Dennis Syrmis 
One of the most important administrative figures in the sport, Dennis is a former national director of ANDRA and was one of the sport’s most passionate promoters, helping build Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway into the magnificent venue it is today.
These five inductees will be honoured at the 2013 ANDRA Championship Dinner presented by Aeroflow Performance Products on November 4 in Sydney.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Andra Dragracing Willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/andra-announces-first-inductees-for-hall-of-fame Thu, 24 Oct 2013 04:13:20 GMT
‘The Russler’ NEARLY READY FOR NITRO RUMBLE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/-the-russler-nearly-ready-for-nitro-rumble


The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car category continues to gain momentum with Victorian father and son combination, Stephen and Aaron Russell, taking delivery of their Mustang, imported from the USA.

The new car has features some high-tech equipment and will provide plenty of competition for the heavy-hitters in Australia’s newest nitro class.

Currently named ‘Scared Straight’, the Mustang has already begun its transformation to ‘The Russler’.

Whilst father Stephen has years of drag racing experience, Aaron is a former Junior Dragster and Modified racer and will be the taking the wheel of the Mustang.

“I just can’t wait,” beamed 30-year-old Aaron.

“The car looks fantastic and even better, I’ll be driving it with help and guidance from the ‘old man’.

“Having said that, he has bought himself a suit and is hoping to eventually get a steer later — but — he will have to wrestle me out of the seat first,” exclaimed Aaron before both father and son erupted in laughter.

The team plans on testing the car at Sydney Dragway before its debut meeting at Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Extravaganza.

With both Russells having successfully campaigned in the Sportsman ranks and winning a number of ANDRA Gold Christmas Trees, the transition to nitro has been some time coming.

Stephen believes that he has a strong group of people to help develop ‘The Russler’ into a competitive capable of taking on the very best.

“We think we have a great and dedicated crew that boasts some serious experience in the sport. Our crew includes Rod Rainford and Doug Anderson, it’s a challenge for all of us and one that we are excited to be taking on together – bring on November 23!

“I read in one of Graeme Cowin’s quotes that this category is about fun, family and friends. I’m racing with some great mates, my son and I know it’s going to be fun. We’re ticking the boxes!” laughed the 54-year-old. 


The inaugural Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car event will be held at Sydney Dragway November 23, 2013.


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) dragracing willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/-the-russler-nearly-ready-for-nitro-rumble Tue, 22 Oct 2013 01:36:11 GMT
AUSTRALIAN STEVE EASTON NOSTALGIA FUNNY CAR DEBUT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/australian-steve-easton-nostalgia-funny-car-debut
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (Oct. 16, 2013) – The week of the largest nostalgia drag race is finally upon us as some of NHRA’s best nitro drivers, past and present, are set to compete in this year’s California Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, Oct. 18-20. It is a chance for race fans of all ages to see how the world of drag racing has evolved over time.
This is the chance of a lifetime for anyone who competes in this grand event. For Australian native Steve Easton, it’s a dream come true. Easton will be making his Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car debut at this race, running a 1970 nitro-burning Hemi Cuda for Bob Godfrey Racing. This also marks the first time he will be competing in a funny car race in the United States.
“I saw my name on the entry list a few days ago and still can’t believe I am going to be competing in a nostalgia funny car,” Easton said. “With over 30 entries and only two qualifying runs, it’s going to be hard work. Bob Godfrey has a great car and an awesome crew, so the pressure will all be on me to perform. I can’t wait to see how I hold up against the best.”
Easton, who was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, has competed in three different countries racing both blown alcohol funny cars and dragsters. In 2008, Easton had the privilege of racing a front end dragster at this historic track. 
“I was lucky to get a chance to drive a blown alcohol front engine dragster at the California Hot Rod Reunion in 2008 when a friend bought a car to race, but didn’t fit,” said Easton. “The first time I pulled out of the staging lanes and onto the track, it felt like I was rolling onto hallowed ground. Getting to race on one of the most famous race tracks in the world was truly a great experience.”
Round one of Funny Car racing action is set to begin at 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18, with round two of qualifying taking place Saturday, Oct. 19, at 1 p.m. Round one of eliminations will be also be Saturday at 4:30 p.m., while the final three rounds of eliminations will take place Sunday at 11 a.m.
Race fans who are unable to attend the event can follow all the racing action at www.bangshift.com throughout the weekend. Fans can also follow Bob Godfrey Racing on Facebook to stay up to date on Steve Easton and the entire team.  https://www.facebook.com/bobgodfrey.racing 
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/australian-steve-easton-nostalgia-funny-car-debut Tue, 22 Oct 2013 01:31:25 GMT
MORGAN, CROWLEY CLOSE IN ON CHAMPIONSHIPS AT CALDER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/morgan-crowley-close-in-on-championships-at-calder



Darren Morgan and Luke Crowley appear to have a lock on their respective ANDRA Top Fuel and Pro Stock Motorcycle championships after victory at Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams on Saturday at Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway.


In front of over 7000 Melbourne race fans, the ANDRA Drag Racing Series marked its return after 12 years away from Australia’s sporting capital with thrilling action across three ANDRA pro categories.


Morgan defeated event debutante John Lamattina in a close fought final with Morgan’s 4.322 narrowly defeating a 4.556 from Lamattina.


Morgan paid credit to his crew for their efforts not just at Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams but across the whole season.


“This crew has been amazing not just today but every time they go to work on this car,” he said. “(Crew chief) Ben Patterson took a bit of a stab at the tune up today after we had an ignition shut off on one run and then a seized fuel pump in a warm up and sure enough it went down there – he got it right and to do that twice in one day is full credit to him.


“In the run before the final I was on the hand brake trying to keep traction so Ben calmed it down for the final and it sailed on through.”


Morgan defeated chief championship rival Phil Lamattina in the first elimination round and with 74 points now separating the pair, qualifying fifth or better at the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway in two weeks would mean Morgan wraps up his fourth Top Fuel title.


“Championship wise it is what it is, we take the punches as we swing them,” he said.


Luke Crowley defeated Phil Howard in the final of Pro Stock Motorcycle, the Queenslander crossing the line ahead of the South Australian.


Crowley now leads the championship by 83 points meaning if he qualifies for the field at the Australian Nationals he will earn his first ever national championship.


“We’ve needed a win for a long time now, my crew guys have been slapping me over the back of the head all year so it was good to get out and earn another trophy,” he said. “Hopefully we go well in two weeks time and maybe get another win at the Australian Nationals.”


Things did not come easy for Crowley, having to replace a transmission during the day after breaking a thrust washer in his first gearbox.


“We put a brand new transmission in it, a new set up and prayed for the first round to be postponed so we could make it there,” he said. “We didn’t know if it was going to shift gears but it worked so from then we went about hotting it up and tuning it up from there.”


In Top Bike Graeme Morell again proved consistency is king with his small-cube nitro Harley defeating Dennis Grant in the final 6.503 to 6.614.


A glimmer of championship hope remains for Morell but he would need championship leader Chris Porter to have a bad event in Sydney to be in with a shot.


“The championship has flicked through my brain, it makes the finish of the series interesting at least instead of letting someone just tear ahead and win, to be there and be part of it is a good thing,” he said.


“I’ve really got my bike cracking now, the way it carries the front wheel is great and it’s the way they should be ridden. We had the consistency today but we were actually quick too.”


The final round of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series will be the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway fromNovember 1-3.



 Words credit- Andra

Photo credit - Hayley Turns


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/morgan-crowley-close-in-on-championships-at-calder Tue, 22 Oct 2013 01:27:25 GMT
STAGE NOW SET FOR CHAMPIONSHIP DECIDERS AT WILLOWBANK RACEWAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/stage-now-set-for-championship-deciders-at-willowbank-raceway





Following the weekend’s Super Sportsman festivities at Willowbank Raceway, the stage is now officially set for the final hit-outs of Willowbank Raceway’s Track Championship.

First, the 2012/2013 Street Series action will come to a close with the finals for the Powder Puff  (Wednesday 23 October) and Street Sedan and Street Bike (Saturday 26 October) brackets taking place during this week’s Test n Tune events, with the winners of each of the brackets to be awarded a coveted Willowbank Raceway Track Championship trophy.

From there, it will be on to the hotly anticipated 'Season Finale' on Saturday 16 November 2013, where the final round of track championship racing for the SuperComp, Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike, Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster and Super Gas brackets will be held.

Willowbank Raceway President Tony Wedlock said it was an exciting time for all who had been racing hard across the 2012/2013 racing season.

“With the shift to the calendar year for Australian drag racing, it has been an especially long season for our nation’s drag racing competitors.

“The 2012/2013 Track Championship race has been hotly contested, and I know I can’t wait to see it draw to a thrilling conclusion in just a few weeks time.”

The on-track action for the 23 October Test n Tune event, featuring the finale for the Street Series Powder Puff bracket, will kick off at 6.00pm. For the 26 October Test n Tune event, featuring the finale for the Street Series Street Bike and Street Sedan brackets, gates will open from 4.00pm with on-track racing from 4.30pm.

Leading the way to their respective finales will be Tammy Goldthorpe and Jody Wentworth (Powder Puff – tied on 135 points), Ray Ross (Street Sedan) and Kevin Cleeve (Street Bike). Spectator entry is $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, while children 13 and under gain free entry. For full Street Series results and points standings, please click here. 

For the 16 November Season Finale, gates will open at 7.00am, with qualifying from10.00am, racing from 2.30pm and finals from 6.30pm, with all track champions to be awarded their trophy that evening at a special 7.30pm presentation on-track. 

Leading the way to the season finale will beTony Bellert and Christopher Hall (SuperComp – tied on 149 points), Bill Fletcher (Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws), Wade Moran (Knijff Earthmoving Modified), Rick Neilsen and Paul Doeblien (Powercruise Super Sedan – tied on 146 points), Blaze Hansen (Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street), Tammy Goldthorpe (Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike), Dylan Leo (Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster) and Simon Isherwood (Super Gas). In all brackets, only narrow margins separate the top competitors heading to the season finale - for full championship points, please click here.

Entries for the season finale event are available online atwww.willowbankraceway.com.au until 5.00pm Wednesday 13 November 2013. The entry fee, including the $15.40 ANDRA Personal Accident Levy and entry for the driver and one crew member, is $90.00, with extra crew passes available for purchase online at $20.00 each. Spectator entry is available for purchase at the gate at just $20 for adults and $18 for students with ID, while children aged 13 and under gain free entry.

Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visitwww.willowbankraceway.com.au


Wednesday 23 October 2013 
Powder Puff final to be held during scheduled Test n Tune event


  • Gates open 5.30pm
  • On-track action from 6.00pm


  • Adults - $20.00
  • Students with ID - $18.00
  • Children aged 13 and under – FREE admission Saturday 26 October 2013

Saturday 26 October 2013
Street Sedan and Street Bike finals to be held during scheduled Test n Tune event


  • Gates open 4.00pm
  • On-track action from 4.30pm


  • Adults - $20.00
  • Students with ID - $18.00
  • Children aged 13 and under – FREE admission

Racing for the SuperComp, Allstar Batteries Supercharged Outlaws, Knijff Earthmoving Modified, Powercruise Super Sedan, Prime Signs/Speed Elec Super Street, Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson Modified Bike, Donnelly Blasting Services Junior Dragster and Super Gas brackets.


  • Gates Open – 7.00am
  • Qualifying from 10.00am
  • Racing from 2.30pm
  • Finals from 6.30pm
  • Presentation – 7.30pm - All track champions will be awarded their Track Championship trophy at the Presentation on the night of this event


  • Adults - $20.00
  • Students with ID - $18.00
  • Children aged 13 and under – FREE admission For more information please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Dragracing willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/stage-now-set-for-championship-deciders-at-willowbank-raceway Tue, 22 Oct 2013 01:20:15 GMT
FREE SPECTATOR ENTRY THIS SATURDAY AT WILLOWBANK RACEWAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/free-spectator-entry-this-saturday-at-willowbank-raceway



Willowbank Raceway will offer free spectator entry this Saturday 12 October 2013thanks to a special sponsorship arrangement struck with Powercruise to support the day’s Breast Cancer Network Australia Mini-Field of Women event.

Saturday’s Test n Tune event at Willowbank Raceway will be watched over by around 100 Pink Lady Silhouettes this Saturday in an awareness and fundraising venture for the BCNA, organised by Willowbank Raceway regular Terri Sander.

When he heard about Saturday’s activities, Powercruise’s Michael ‘Gup’ Gilbert lept at the chance to support this great cause.

“I really hope our efforts to sponsor the spectator entry fees this Saturday at Willowbank Raceway will help as many people as possible come along and show their support for families affected by breast cancer,” said Gilbert.

Gates will open on Saturday at 2.00pm with the Classic and Muscle Car Club of Ipswich on-track from 2.30pm, before a wide variety of cars and bikes hit the track for the Test n Tune from 4.30pm

Willowbank Raceway CEO Tony Manson said he was very pleased to see the rallying of support for such an important cause. 

“We are really pleased to be hosting the Mini-Field of Women event here at Willowbank Raceway this Saturday, it is an important cause,” said Manson.

“To have Powercruise come on board to allow us to offer free spectator entry is really great, hopefully there will be a great host of spectators here this Saturday night taking advantage of the free entry offer. We hope this encourages everyone to donate to the appeal and to purchase BCNA items which will be on sale at the base of the control tower.” 

For more information on Test n Tune events or this weekend's Mini-Field of Women event, go to www.willowbankraceway.com.au 


Date: 12 October 2013



  • 2.00pm – gates open
  • 2.30pm – 4.00pm – Muscle and Classic Car Club on-track
  • 4.30pm – 9.00pm – Test n Tune entrants on-track


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/free-spectator-entry-this-saturday-at-willowbank-raceway Thu, 10 Oct 2013 05:57:36 GMT
SCOTT WHITE FINDS HIS GAME CHANGER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/scott-white-finds-his-game-changer
Darwin Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Scott White experienced one of his biggest drag racing career moments at the recent Lady Daly Hotel Springnationals by taking his first win in an event he described as game changing.
The Springnationals featured the fifth round of the ANDRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship and as such all the heavy hitters were in the Adelaide International Raceway pits.
White qualified second and then went on to defeat Glenn Wooster, Maurice Allen and Phil Howard in eliminations to earn his second ANDRA Pro Stock Motorcycle victory and 107 valuable points.
“I’m very, very pleased with the results,” said White. “I knew a win was coming and felt confident that this could be the weekend.
“However it didn’t really start off on the right foot. On my first Friday qualifier, the AMPAC Suzuki spun the rear tyre hard on the launch, turned left and pointed me towards the concrete wall.
“We knew we were making good horsepower but were unable to get in another run that night as the track was deemed unsafe because of the dewy conditions.
“On Saturday my first full run down the Adelaide quarter-mile was a 7.328 ET at 174mph, which is a new personal best for me. What a confidence booster that was!
“Then in round two of eliminations I defeated Maurice Allen for the first time in my Pro Stock Motorcycle career. That was a huge race. We both went Pro Stock for the first time back in 1991 and I’ve never defeated him until this weekend. To finally beat him outright was bloody awesome.
“Coming to this event early allowed me to put the bike on a dyno and test a few ideas I’ve wanted to try for a while. The results saw new PB increments in the early part of the run, indicating we are moving in the right direction. The bike was a bit violent on the launch but we will make some changes to the gearing for the next round to calm the bike down.
“The only other issue I had was pulling the bike up at the end of the track. The last time we raced here the racing distance was 1000 feet, but this time it was a quarter-mile. I ended up just touching the sand on a few occasions.
“Overall I’m real proud to get that win under my belt and especially in Adelaide. The last time I had a win was when I was living in Adelaide in 1993 and travelled to Darwin. This time I did it in reverse going from Darwin to Adelaide.
“The bike was very consistent and to top it off I left the track without any broken engines.”
White now moves into third position in the points with the next round at Calder Park for Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams on October 19.
Credit: ANDRA
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/scott-white-finds-his-game-changer Fri, 04 Oct 2013 05:08:41 GMT
TOP BIKE TITLE ON THE LINE FOR PORTER https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/top-bike-title-on-the-line-for-porter
ANDRA Top Bike championship leader Chris Porter is heading into Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams with a near unassailable position in the points but there is still some work to do to ensure his first title is wrapped up.
Sydney-based Porter’s biggest challenger will be second placed Victorian Graeme Morell, who will be racing in front of a home crowd for the first time and has so far proved a thorn in the side for many more fancied rivals during the season.
Porter will need to ensure he either matches or exceeds Morell’s performance at Calder Park on October 19 or else risk taking the fight to the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway in November.
“Calder Park has been a good track to us, we won Modified Bike there at the 2000 Australian Nationals,” he said. “It’s going to be a new track for everyone to experience and get data on but I think that our good runs recently will put us at the front of the field.”
Porter explained that he won’t be treating Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams like another event, with plenty on the line for the rider of one of the quickest nitro Harleys in Australia.
“The championship is definitely on our minds. We can wrap it all up at this event and to earn my first Top Bike championship in front of a big Melbourne crowd would be a great moment,” he said.
Porter went to runner up at the last round of the championship in Darwin but it didn’t come without its share of drama and plenty of time has been spent in workshops since ensuring that his ride is perfect for Melbourne.
“We needed some new wheelie bars after Darwin with the Frasers Motorcycles Harley making plenty of power, enough to cause a break,” he said. “That led to some pretty wild passes so hopefully Melbourne will be all about straight, quick runs. We have to thank Chris Matheson and his crew helping us to make some new ones at his work shop.
“We’ve got an upgrade for our Motec data logger which is going to help enormously in monitoring what is happening with the motor. Nitro is always tough to tune and unpredictable so you need all the help you can get in the data logging area.”
The nitro-fuelled Top Bikes will be joined on October 19 at Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams by Top Fuel dragsters and Pro Stock Motorcycles plus over 150 sportsman teams. It will be the first time ANDRA championship drag racing has been run at Calder Park since 2001.
Credit: ANDRA
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/top-bike-title-on-the-line-for-porter Fri, 04 Oct 2013 05:05:33 GMT
TOP FUEL'S NEWEST DRIVER SET FOR MELBOURNE DEBUT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/top-fuels-newest-driver-set-for-melbourne-debut
When ANDRA championship Top Fuel drag racing returns to Melbourne on October 19 for Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams it will see a first time driver making his competition debut when John Lamattina rolls on to the track.
John, brother of 2009 ANDRA Top Fuel champion Phil Lamattina, has spent recent months earning his Top Fuel licence, already clocking an impressive personal best time of 4.67 seconds at a top speed of 505kph.
The Wemen, Victoria-based carrot farming family is now feeling the excitement of fielding two state-of-the-art dragsters with a little bit of sibling rivalry thrown in for good measure.
“I’d never tell Phil to get out of the car but when we ran the two cars in Adelaide I said to him at the end of the meeting that if we ended up running a second car I’d rather run it than anyone else,” John explained. “So we started the process to get the licence and then racing the last two events of this season was Phil’s idea as it is something he has always wanted to do (racing alongside his brother).
“It’s going to be interesting racing Phil. We’re very excited and it’s probably going to be a proud moment for all of us in the team, Fuchs and everybody involved.
“He (Phil) is a very, very competitive person, so there is going to be a little bit of competition. I’m guaranteeing we’ll be doing our best to beat each other.”
John has formerly raced in Supercharged Outlaws in a Ford Capri (below) that cut seven second times on the drag strip but he said his first passes in a Top Fuel dragster were beyond description.
“A driver can sit there and tell you and you can only imagine in your mind the sensation or feeling but until you actually do it, it is nothing,” he said. “The first time I hit the throttle I got to the other end and the car shut off and I was breathing like I had run a marathon but I was only on the throttle for point-something of a second.”
Lamattina,31, will be a rookie against a field made up entirely of champions including Darren Morgan and Steve Read but he says he will be concentrating on his own game.
“I think it’s just going to be exciting all round being my first time, I just want to make sure I don’t get overtaken by anything and concentrate on what I am doing and staying safe,” he said.
Morgan currently leads the championship with second placed Phil Lamattina gunning for a comeback in the final two events of the season.
Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams will feature not only Top Fuel but also ANDRA championship rounds of Top Bike and Pro Stock Motorcycle plus over 150 sportsman teams. It will mark the first time since 2001 that ANDRA championship racing has been held at Calder Park.
Top image courtesy Grant Stephens/cacklingpipes.com.
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) andra topfuel https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/10/top-fuels-newest-driver-set-for-melbourne-debut Tue, 01 Oct 2013 06:17:24 GMT
JAMBOREE 10 SPOT FILM https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/jamboree-10-spot-film We shot a roll of film on our newest camera a 2004 1V loaded with a roll of Ilford HP5. 


[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) film ilford jamboree sportscompact turbo https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/jamboree-10-spot-film Sat, 28 Sep 2013 06:41:33 GMT
WILLOWBANK RACEWAY APPOINTS EVENT MANAGEMENT EXPERT TO CEO ROLE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/willowbank-raceway-appoints-event-management-expert-to-ceo-role WILLOWBANK RACEWAY APPOINTS EVENT MANAGEMENT EXPERT TO CEO ROLE
The Management Committee of Willowbank Raceway is pleased to announce the appointment of noted events and sports management identity Tony Manson to the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective October 1st 2013. 
Replacing the role of General Manager which was previously held by Steve Bettes, the CEO role will see Manson responsible for all track and event management duties while reporting to the Willowbank Raceway Management Committee and its President Tony Wedlock.
Manson brings 30 years of events and sports management experience to Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, with specialist skills including business analysis and restructuring; operational event planning and management; sports event management; facilities development; and sport series administration and development.
Willowbank Raceway President Tony Wedlock said Manson’s previous employment – which includes high profile motorsport roles across a wide range of disciplines and events – ensures the facility’s new CEO has plenty of motorsport experience to complement his business management know-how. 
“Willowbank Raceway is ready to surge into the future with fresh ideas and new events,” said Wedlock.
“The appointment of Tony Manson to the CEO role is the final piece to the puzzle as we get ready for an exciting new phase at Queensland’s premier drag racing facility.  
“A look at Tony’s resume clearly shows he has the expertise and the know-how in both business and motorsport to skilfully steer Willowbank Raceway into its next chapter and as such, we couldn’t be happier to be welcoming him to our facility.”
Manson said he was looking forward to sinking his teeth into the role at Willowbank Raceway.
“After years working Internationally and in Australia in the events and sports management industry, I am excited about the opportunities presented by Willowbank Raceway,” said Manson.
“The venue is well known across the country plus overseas and is hallowed ground for many drag racing enthusiasts, especially when it comes to the largest championship drag racing event held outside of North America – the FUCHS Winternationals. 
“I am very excited to get to work with Willowbank Raceway’s management committee, employees, racers, sponsors, partners, officials and the local community to take this great venue to the next level!” 
Over the years Manson has been Director of his own event and sports management business (Helter Skelter); Event Manager and Industrial Portfolio Lead for Exhibition and Trade Fairs (part of Staging Connections); Operations Director for Global Action Sports (including promoting and organising extreme sport shows including Crusty Demons and SuperX Australian Supercross events); Commercial Director for Team Australia Motorsport (Champ Car, NASCAR and V8 Supercars); Special Projects Director for Cup Car Australia (organisers of Carrera Cup Series); and Operations Manager for V8 Supercars Australia. For more information on Manson’s skills and a full employment history, please visit http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tony-manson/16/217/b0
Manson will commence his appointment with Willowbank Raceway on the 1st of October this year. 
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) APPOINTS CEO EVENT EXPERT MANAGEMENT RACEWAY ROLE TO WILLOWBANK andra willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/willowbank-raceway-appoints-event-management-expert-to-ceo-role Mon, 23 Sep 2013 04:23:52 GMT
10 SPOT JAMBOREE PART 2 https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-jamboree-part-2

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-jamboree-part-2 Sun, 22 Sep 2013 10:54:18 GMT
10 SPOT JAMBOREE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-jamboree

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-jamboree Sat, 21 Sep 2013 15:05:08 GMT
10 SPOT: JAMBOREE TEASER!!!!!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-jamboree-teaser Here at Dragphotos.com.au we cant wait to be unleashed on Jamboree this weekend. We are going to try and provide as much information, pictures and video as we can from the wall to keep you in the know. So if you cant be track side make sure you like us on Facebook to keep up to date!! 




[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) babes jamboree mazda nissan piston rotary turbo https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-jamboree-teaser Fri, 20 Sep 2013 09:29:47 GMT
10 SPOT: SIX BANGER NATS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-six-banger-nats Awesome day out at Warwick. I love the country spirit this place has. And nearly everyone seems so relaxed and laid back. Some big events coming up out there over the next month including Dragfest, and the VW nationals. Check out http://www.warwickdragway.com/calendar.html for details...




[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 6 Warwick banger ford holden https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/10-spot-six-banger-nats Sun, 15 Sep 2013 09:09:26 GMT
ZAPPIA: IT'S ALL IN KAPIRIS' HANDS https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/zappia-its-all-in-kapiris-hands
John Zappia is used to late season charges to earn his five Top Doorslammer titles but says for this season it is points leader Peter Kapiris’ championship to lose with just two events remaining.
The Top Doorslammer field heads to Adelaide International Raceway (AIR) from September 20-21 for the Lady Daly Hotel Springnationals and Zappia says his Fuchs team will need nothing short of perfection to be in the running.
“I need to do everything possible to win it and it’s all in Peter’s hands to lose it,” he said. “If Peter doesn’t do anything wrong he can’t lose.
“I’d rather be on top but there’s many of our championships we’ve won coming from behind. A couple of first round loses for anyone can turn it all around.”
The season so far has been fickle for Zappia despite his second position in the points. The WA-based national record holder is yet to take an event win for the season while Kapiris has two on the books.
“Not qualifying at the Nationals in Sydney last year put us behind right from the start,” he said. “We’ve had bad luck but then any time Peter has had bad luck I wasn’t there to take advantage.” 
With the tour now heading to AIR, it presents one of the biggest challenges of the season as the first time there has been a championship round over 1000 feet and the first time it has been to AIR since 2000.
“Adelaide is a big unknown, the traction there is the most different out of all the tracks we race at,” he said. “The track is getting better and better and I’m quietly confident I can master it. 
“The 1000 feet is to my advantage because Peter’s big top end speed won’t come into play as much over that distance. If we come out of Adelaide smiling it will mean the championship is doable at the Australian Nationals in November.”
Zappia expects low five second times and with new sponsor Process Resource Group on board the first four second pass over 1000 feet by a Top Doorslammer at AIR may be a possibility.
“We should be able to get it into the fours, it depends on how good that part of the track from 1000 to 200 feet is and what the weather brings,” he said. “The air conditions are going to be killer at this time of year and overpowering the track will be on the cards for a lot of people. It’s working out how to tame it.”
Kapiris is currently 76 points ahead of Zappia, with six times champion Victor Bray also still in the hunt.
If Kapiris can stretch his lead to over 118 points then the championship will be entirely his, while anything over a lead of 98 points means he just has to make a qualifying pass at the season-ending Australian Nationals in Sydney to seal the deal.
The Top Doorslammers will be joined in Adelaide by Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle plus a round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship.
- ENDS - 
Note: ANDRA wishes to issue a correction to the media release sent earlier in the week. Peter Kapiris is 76 points ahead of John Zappia in the championship, not 96 as was written. 
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) ALL HANDS IN IT'S KAPIRIS' ZAPPIA: andra doorslammer pro stock sydney top fuel winternationals https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/zappia-its-all-in-kapiris-hands Tue, 10 Sep 2013 08:49:36 GMT
SUNDAY'S GM MANIA SIGNALS 'NEW APPROACH' FOR WILLOWBANK RACEWAY https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/sundays-gm-mania-signals-new-approach-for-willowbank-raceway
This Sunday’s brand new GM Mania event at Willowbank Raceway (15 September 2013) signals the beginning of a new approach by the facility’s management.
Willowbank Raceway President Tony Wedlock said the event – which celebrates all things General Motors through drag racing, judged show and shine events, dyno competitions, club and manufacturer displays and more – is part of the Management Committee’s commitment to delivering “something different” for motoring enthusiasts.
“This Sunday’s GM Mania event is certainly shaping up to be a great day out for all the family,” said Wedlock.
“I am pleased to report that GM Mania is not ‘just’ a new event for Willowbank Raceway.
“In actual fact, it signals the beginning of a new approach by the Raceway and its Board to offer something different from Queensland’s premier drag racing facility to a wider group of motoring enthusiasts.
“Combining an on-track element with a wide range of off-track activities, the brand new GM Mania is just a sign of things to come next year as the Management Committee continues its work of the past few months to inject some exciting new ideas into our soon to be released 2014 event calendar.”
GM Mania celebrates all things GM – with drag racing, a show and shine, dyno competition, club displays and manufacturer displays celebrating all makes and models of GM vehicles.
Display vehicle entry is just $5.00 per vehicle, while adult spectator entry is also just $5.00. Children aged 13 and under gain free entry. Gates open at 7.00am, with on-track action from 10.30am to 12.00noon and 1.00pm to 2.30pm, judging from 11.00am with the presentation at 2.30pm. 
Entry into show n shine judged categories (GMH pre-1981, GMH 1981 and newer, Chevrolet, Buick/Olds/Pontiac, Torana, Cadillac, HSV, HDT and People’s Choice) is an additional $5.00 (paid at the judging area) and entry to the drag racing events is an extra $25.00 per vehicle paid at scrutineering (drag racing is open to show n shine or display entries only).
All display, judging and drag racing vehicles must be GM bodied - visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au for all the latest information. 
Clubs interested in participating in GM Mania are encouraged to contact Willowbank Raceway’s Tracey Fletcher on [email protected] to register your expression of interest so Willowbank Raceway can reserve the right amount of space for your display – remember, the club with the most outstanding display will be awarded a trophy on the day. Please note, pre-payment is not required however all club members must pay the appropriate fees on the day. Manufacturers or other entities interested in taking part can also contact Tracey Fletcher for more information.
Willowbank Raceway is Queensland’s premier drag racing facility, located 45 minutes from Brisbane or just a short drive from Ipswich, offering a year-round program of events for the entire family. For more information including a full event calendar, please visit www.willowbankraceway.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) andra doorslammer willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/sundays-gm-mania-signals-new-approach-for-willowbank-raceway Tue, 10 Sep 2013 08:37:17 GMT
POWERCRUISE #43 TEN SPOT BLOG https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/powercruise-43-ten-spot-blog After a massive weekend at Powercruise #43 its good to get home and finally sort all the photos. These are our favourite ten photos from the weekend. Thanks to all the people that took us for a strap and bring on the next one in Perth..

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) burnout crowd ford holden powercruise powerskid queensland raceway https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/powercruise-43-ten-spot-blog Mon, 09 Sep 2013 06:33:12 GMT
GUPS NEW 2 SEAT TOP FUELER!!!! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/gups-new-2-seat-top-fueler  




In just moments Gup from Powercruise will fire up his new mental 2 seat top fuel dragster. This is the first of its kind in Australia and is piloted by three time Andra pro series champion and current series leader Darren Morgan.  Darren will be taking a few lucky punters for the ride of their lives around Queensland raceway this weekend. And you have the chance to win a ride. 


How To WIn A Ride In Gups 2 Seat Top Fuel Drag Car

To land yourself in the hot seat all you have to do is help is promote Powercruise Brisbane, 2013. We'll be picking the best promotions that we deem to be the most creative, but the promo' must include the phrase 'Gup's 2-seat Top Fuel Dragster' & 'Powercruise'.


You could:
- Share the Facebook event
- Make a YouTube video
- Take out radio advertising
- Skywrite over Brisbane
- Or something totally different and more unique!

Powercruise Top Fuel Win a Ride Competition

Terms and Conditions:

The total value of the Powercruise Top Fuel Experience is estimated to be $15,000 and is correct within acceptable tolerances, affected by flight costs and other variables. The Powercruise Top Fuel Experience is not comprised of any cash element, and the finer details of the prize including any logistical elements are subject to change at the discretion of the competition promoter, Powercruise Promotions Pty. Ltd. The package is fixed and no one part can be modified, changed, exchanged for cash or varied in any way by the recipient.


Powercruise #43 at Queensland Raceway on 5, 6, 7 and 8th September, 2013. The prize may only be modified or changed at the discretion of the promoter, Powercruise Promotions Pty. Ltd. Second runner-up prizes include ten (10) weekend passes. None of the above prizes are transferable nor can they be on sold, and they must be claimed at the event, Powercruise #43 at Queensland Raceway on 5, 6, 7 and 8th September, 2013, and no other Powercruise event in Australia or internationally. Winners will be notified by private message and the winner will be made public on Monday 2nd of September 2013.  



[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) darren dragster fuel morgan powercruise top willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/gups-new-2-seat-top-fueler Fri, 06 Sep 2013 00:56:29 GMT
PRESSURE ON PETER KAPIRIS AT PENULTIMATE ROUND https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/pressure-on-peter-kapiris-at-penultimate-round
Peter Kapiris is in prime position to earn a second ANDRA Top Doorslammer championship and the Lady Daly Hotel Springnationals at Adelaide International Raceway from September 20 to 21 could be the point where it is wrapped up.
Kapiris is currently 96 points ahead of his nearest rival, five times champion John Zappia. Also still in the hunt is six times champion Victor Bray.
If Kapiris can stretch his lead to over 118 points then the championship will be entirely his, while anything over a lead of 98 points means he just has to make a qualifying pass at the season-ending Australian Nationals in Sydney to seal the deal.
Although now based in Victoria, Kapiris has home town roots in Adelaide and says he will have many supporters and family there to cheer him on.
“I was born in Adelaide but I don’t like to tell too many people,” he laughed. “I will be racing in front of all my family and all my cousins and we’ll probably have over 60 guests there.
“When you have that sort of pressure on you to perform you tend to go harder. We’re going there to try and wrap this championship up and get it done and dusted before Sydney.” 
The Lady Daly Hotel Springnationals will mark the first time Top Doorslammers have competed in championship drag racing at Adelaide International Raceway since 2000, though they have appeared at two very popular exhibition events since.
It will also be the first time Top Doorslammer has been contested over a 1000 feet distance, brought in due to Adelaide’s short braking area.
“Adelaide is definitely a different track to what we normally race with being all bitumen and 1000 feet,” Kapiris said. “But when we used to race there it was always a quick track.
“If the track comes up well and the conditions are good, people will run fast there. It’s probably easier in one way being all bitumen because you don’t have the transition from concrete to bitumen where you can slip up. If the traction is similar the whole way you can tune for that.”
Kapiris said his team including crew chief Mark Brew will be the ones more under pressure than the driver.
“For me as a driver it is no where near as hard as the guys who have to tune the car,” he said. “You want to run a number but you also need to get down the track cleanly. It’s going to be a crew chief’s race.”
The Top Doorslammers will be joined by Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle plus a round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship.
Words and photos supplied by Andra.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/pressure-on-peter-kapiris-at-penultimate-round Tue, 03 Sep 2013 12:08:55 GMT
WILLOWBANK JAMBOREE THE PLACE FOR WORLD-STANDARD PERFORMANCES https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/willowbank-jamboree-the-place-for-world-standard-performances
In less than three weeks (21 and 22 September 2013) Queensland’s premier drag racing facility Willowbank Raceway will play host once again to the annual Brisbane Jamboree – Australia’s premier import car and lifestyle event.
Headlining this year’s 23rd birthday for the popular automotive event will be two world-beaters which will be sure to have an expected 10,000 spectators on the edge of their seats.
Scott Porter and his Nissan Infinity currently hold the accolades of the quickest (6.35s) and fastest (235mph) Nissan in the world, while George Rehayem of the prestigious PAC Performance outfit boasts the world’s quickest (6.47s) and fastest (222mph) rotary in the world.
And that isn’t where the record-holding ends either, with Joe Signorelli also set to impress in his Gas Motorsports Toyota Celica which is Australia’s quickest of its kind (6.275s). 
From amazing racing to a full festival of off-track activities, the Brisbane Jamboree at Willowbank Raceway has a wide array of activities in store for motoring enthusiasts. 
“The Jamboree’s formula for success is rather unique, and offers something for everyone,” said Jamboree organiser Ray Box.
“Is this just a drag racing event? Absolutely not – it is a two-day celebration of all things high-octane that are guaranteed to get your pulse racing!
“There are the country’s best drag cars, the famous Miss Jamboree competition, a motorcycle stunt show from Stunt legend Matt Mingay, club displays, trader stores, stage shows, a dyno comp and a sound off competition.
“There are also no less than two amazing show and shine events in store – the Just Car Insurance New School Show-n-Shine on Saturday for post-1985 vehicles, and the Shannons Old School Show-n-Shine on Sunday for pre-1985 beasts.
“Then of course there is the on-track action, from the Pro Turbo bracket which represents the most high-tech form of quarter-mile racing in the country, to round three of the popular Factory Xtreme bracket, there will be no shortage of breath-taking quarter-mile performances across the weekend.
“In this respect the sport is evolving in leaps and bounds, every year we think there is no way these cars can go faster and every year they come back and blow us away – I can’t wait to see what these racers have in store for the spectators over September 21 and 22!” 
For more information on the Brisbane Jamboree, please visit www.jamboree.com.au
Event participants
Those wishing to compete or display in any of the Brisbane Jamboree’s events should go to www.jamboree.com.au for full information including how to enter, scheduling information, rules and so on.
Schedule – 21 and 22 September 2013
Across the weekend, spectator gates will open at 8.30am – for a full schedule please go to http://www.jamboree.com.au/brisjam/program/. 
Please note:
Full-Time Student ID will be required at gate to use a student ticket.
2-day tickets are only available via online pre-purchase. Online ticket sales close 16 September 2013.
Children aged 13 and under gain free entry
Pre-Purchase Ticket Prices – available online until 16 September 2013
Adult General Admission – 1 Day - $30.00
Adult General Admission – 1 Day – with Grandstand seat - $40.00
Adult General Admission – 2 Days - $55.00
Adult General Admission – 2 Days – with Grandstand seat - $75.00
Student General Admission -  1 Day - $25.00
Student General Admission – 1 Day – with Grandstand seat - $35.00
Student General Admission – 2 Days – $45.00
Student General Admission – 2 Days – with Grandstand seat - $65.00
At-gate ticket prices
1 Day Adult General Admission $35
1 Day Student General Admission $30
Children 13 and under free.
For more information, visit www.jamboree.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) jamboree rotary turbo willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/9/willowbank-jamboree-the-place-for-world-standard-performances Tue, 03 Sep 2013 11:58:09 GMT
DRAGPHOTOS IS NOW ON INSTAGRAM !! https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/dragphotos-is-now-on-instagram













Dragphotos.com.au has joined instagram so its even easier to get a daily drag racing fix. User name @dragphotos

With hundreds of followers and photos online its a great way to pass the time when your bored or to amp you up for that next race meet.

Even updates from events live ... so as your waiting in the staging lanes for your run ... check it out and get out the old Like Finger...

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) compact doorslammer drag instagram prostock racing sports topfuel willowbank https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/dragphotos-is-now-on-instagram Fri, 23 Aug 2013 12:01:38 GMT
FUCHS NITRO THUNDER TO POWER INTO MELBOURNE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/fuchs-nitro-thunder-to-power-into-melbourne  




ANDRA is proud to announce Fuchs and Crow Cams have joined as the naming rights partners for Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams on October 19 at Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway.

All bodes well for the return of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series to Melbourne, with Victorian motorsport fans set to enjoy national championship rounds of Top Fuel, Top Bike and Pro Stock Motorcycle for the first time since 2001.

ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley said he was proud to have Fuchs and Crow Cams on board for the historic event.

“Fuchs are a great supporter of drag racing already through their backing of the Fuchs Winternationals, Top Fuel driver Phil Lamattina and Top Doorslammer racer John Zappia plus many more,” he said.

“Crow Cams have been a favourite of Australian performance enthusiasts for a long time and their brand is another perfect fit for this event.

“When it came to returning to Melbourne, it was an event Fuchs and Crow Cams really wanted to be a part of and we are looking forward to Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams being an action-packed day and no doubt even a little emotional for Melbourne drag racing fans.”

Fuchs Lubricants managing director Wayne Hoiles said the event was a natural fit for one of Australia’s biggest and best lubricant companies.

“Fuchs are proud supporters of drag racing, where we can test our products in a competitive environment,” he said. “Coming on board with Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams will give us the chance to demonstrate our brand and our products in front of many Victorians who will be seeing ANDRA championship drag racing for the first time.”

Crow Cams marketing manager Robert Henty said their partnership with the event was a continuation of a long connection with the sport.

“Crow Cams have always had a strong relationship with drag racers and have worked closely with Calder Park in the past,” he said. “Crow Cams are excited to see the return of ANDRA championship drag racing to Melbourne and we are very happy to support the event alongside Fuchs Lubricants.”

The event, plus a number of preliminary events including street meets and test and tunes, are being run as a “dry-hire” of the venue and a joint venture. ANDRA and its JV partner, Peter Pisalidis has agreed to take on the role of third party promoter, providing much needed stability for the return to Calder Park.

“We recently met with Rodney Jane and the venue’s management team to outline some final points in our contract and everyone is very positive about the return of ANDRA Drag Racing to Calder Park,” he said.

“The challenge now is getting all the logistics sorted before October and we would love to hear from anyone who believes they can assist in any areas of the event.”

Progress continues to be made around the venue including a recent inspection and upgrades of the Compulink timing system. Walls for the braking area have been sourced and are expected to be in place by early October.

Top Fuel dragsters, Top Bikes and Pro Stock Motorcycles will all feature at Fuchs Nitro Thunder presented by Crow Cams, competing in ANDRA championship rounds.

Top Fuel will be running the three round format first seen at Adelaide earlier this season. There will be a compulsory qualifying session at 5pm, an elimination round at 7.30pm and a final at 10.00pm.

Top Bikes and Pro Stock Motorcycle will use the traditional eliminations format with two qualifying sessions during the day to determine the field before their first round at 5.15pm, semi finals at 7.15pm and finals at9.45pm (please note times are subject to change).

As part of increasing the flow of information before the event, a new website has been set up atwww.calderparkdragracing.com.au to provide all the details competitors and spectators need to know.

Racers will be able to enter online through the site while spectators will be able to purchase tickets to the premium viewing area as well. General admission tickets will be available at the gate.
Credit : andra.com.au
[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) Melbourne andra drag fuel nitro racing top top fuel https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/fuchs-nitro-thunder-to-power-into-melbourne Fri, 23 Aug 2013 11:40:35 GMT
COMPETITION PLUS - BRAINERD RECAP CPTV https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/competition-plus---brainerd-recap-cptv






























CompetitionPlus.tv recaps the  Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals where Spencer Massey (Top Fuel), Ron Capps (Funny Car) and Mike Edwards (Pro Stock) captured victories in race No. 17 of the 24-race NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series.




Be Sure to bookmark http://www.competitionplus.com to your bookmarks for all your Drag Racing Needs.

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 2013 bobby bennett brainerd competition plus competitionplus.tv dart https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/competition-plus---brainerd-recap-cptv Tue, 20 Aug 2013 06:03:01 GMT
5.990 @ 252.95 MPH FOR MOUYAHET ON 10.5 SETS RECORD https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/5-990-252-95-mph-for-mouyahet-on-10-5-sets-record



















Paul Mouhayet who is know for for driving his Ford Mustang in the APSA and Jamboree series had a few hickups in testing at WSID but still managed to punch out Australia's first 5 second pass in the 10.5 in Outlaw class and took the World Outlaw 10.5 Speed record at the same time.

Full info from this mint Video from Rotorg33k and interview with Adrian Hodgson.



[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 105 2013 andra moits mouhayet record sydney turbo world https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/5-990-252-95-mph-for-mouyahet-on-10-5-sets-record Tue, 20 Aug 2013 05:50:49 GMT
HAM TWO UP AS PHILLIPS CHINCHES TITLE https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/ham-two-up-as-phillips-chinches-title














Steven Ham took his second career win as Gary Phillips wrapped up his 17th ANDRA championship title on a pivotal night of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series at Hidden Valley Drag Strip in Darwin.

Ham’s 5.645 second pass in the final defeated a close but losing 5.732 from John Cannuli and in the process moved to second in the championship, albeit out of reach of Phillips’ points lead.

The win did not come without its share of drama for Ham, with the team enduring a run of gremlins interfering with the 3500 horsepower East Coast Lubes Funny Car.

“A lot of hard work went into it just to get us to the last round here tonight,” he said. “We had no working data logger, no tachometer, oil pressure problems, it was just drama central and we had to put it all out of our minds and just go for it.

“We just had to tune from looking at the spark plugs and what each run looked like on the video camera.”

Ham explained the tropical conditions meant the team needed to ramp up the power in order to keep up with the excellent Hidden Valley track surface.

“We’ve had to really step on the motor a lot to make the power we need to get down the track; it wasn’t making that much power in this humid air,” he said.

Phillips meanwhile enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate his 17th ANDRA title. It was his 16th in Top Alcohol, adding to his single Top Doorslammer championship.

“We’re over the moon to win, every season is still a challenge and that is why we keep coming back,” he said.

“Mathematically we are now out of range of Steven (Ham) in the points and that means we can breathe a bit easier for the final round in Sydney.”

The stories on the track weren’t just limited to Top Alcohol with Western Australian rider Greg Durack earning a first win at what became his debut event.

Durack expected to race at the Fuchs Winternationals in June and qualified well, but rain meant no racing could be run and he had to put off his dreams until August, where Darwin made up for the Brisbane weather in spades.

“We’re rapt to come to Darwin and get a win in Top Bike, we top qualified and had a perfect weekend, we couldn’t ask for anything more,” he said. “Everything worked pretty well, it was all consistent and I think we’ve still got some more performance potential yet to come.”

Durack used a 7.092 pass to defeat points leader Chris Porter who sent sparks flying as he tried to keep his nitro-fuelled Harley in his own lane.

Top Alcohol is now left with just one round remaining, the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway in November, while Top Bike’s penultimate championship round will be a part of the return of ANDRA Drag Racing Series action to Calder Park in October.

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 2013 andra darwin funny car top alcohol https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/ham-two-up-as-phillips-chinches-title Tue, 20 Aug 2013 05:47:06 GMT
DEBBIES DARWIN DRAG RACING DEBUT https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/debbies-darwin-drag-racing-debut
















Australia’s quickest current female racer Debbie O’Rourke is hoping her first trip to race at Darwin’s Hidden Valley Drag Strip in the ANDRA Drag Racing Series goes off without a ‘bang’.

O’Rourke is one of the most experienced racers in the Top Alcohol category and knows the highs of 400kmh passes down the drag strip as well as the lows when things go wrong.

Like most of the other teams attending the historic event, the O’Rourke Motorsport outfit, supported by KTrans WA and 1320 Race Cars, says they will be taking a softer approach to initial runs to get to learn the Hidden Valley track’s intricacies.

“From a track point of view obviously it is pretty good with Scott Maclean running those quick times recently,” she said. “The heat will have an effect, but we have raced in Perth before where it gets hot and I have my ice vest so I will be ready.

“Getting it down there is the number one priority. We had a bit of an issue at the last event so we’ve taken a more conservative approach for Darwin, put some new gear ratios in it and looked at the fuel system to make sure it doesn’t repeat what it did (backfiring the supercharger).

O’Rourke began in the entry level category of Super Street back in the nineties and ever since then has progressed up through the various categories of drag racing including a stint in what was the world’s quickest Holden Torana, capable of reaching 350kmh in under seven seconds.

With hundreds of runs down drag strips around the country, incidents like her 3500 horsepower Funny Car backfiring the supercharger at Willowbank Raceway in June are now part of the game, with more concern about being ready for the next round of racing. Such backfires are basically a small explosion on top of the motor and can have some serious concussive force.

“It’s happened too often, more than we’d like, and now it’s more about frustration than fear,” she said. “The first time I had a fire, which was a few years ago now, it was ‘oh my god, when do I pull the fire extinguisher’, but now the incidents are more about getting back for the next run. It’s not until you are back in the pits and see some of the damage that it hits you.

“In June at the Winternationals we tore the body and the windows to pieces. We’ve given that some tender loving care since and now it is looking brand new.”

Drag racing requires teams to be aggressive with their tune ups to get down the track quickly and O’Rourke explained that their approach was just a little too much on the aggressive side as they search for the balance.

“We have been running some quick launch times but the motor is getting away from the wheels and it is often getting out of control before I can reel it in,” she said.

O’Rourke will be facing the cream of Australian drag racing including reigning national champion Gary Phillips, former national champion Steve Reed, Queensland powerhouse Steven Ham, John Cannuli, Gary Busch, Rob Pilkington, Frank Intini, Jay Henning, Mark Probst and Scott Maclean.

Joining Top Alcohol will be the nitro-fuelled Top Bikes of Australian championship leader Chris Porter, Terry Burnett, Greg Durack, Dennis Grant and Gordon Crawford.

[email protected] (Dragphotos.com.au) 2013 andra car darwin funny top alcohol https://www.dragphotos.com.au/blog/2013/8/debbies-darwin-drag-racing-debut Tue, 20 Aug 2013 05:43:59 GMT